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Being a parent is probably the most responsible role in life. Parenting can’t be taught in school, but rather from trial and error. For this reason, many women decide to become stay-at-home moms and dedicate themself to their kids and their upbringing. So, when you are staying at home and taking care of your family, you deserve to be in a nice home. After all, you are the one who will spend most of the time at home. When you are moving to NYC, you should choose a suitable neighborhood where you will enjoy yourself and have other women to hang out with. As NYC has over 300 neighborhoods, it’s not very simple to find one that suits your wishes. According to our local movers at Teddy Moving and storage, there are some great NYC neighborhoods for stay-at-home moms.

What are the best NYC neighborhoods for stay-at-home moms?

You might think that it will be easy to find a good home in a big city such as NYC. After all, with such a size, there must be a lot of offers. However, the situation is not this simple. While there are many homes on the market, there is also a big demand and high prices. Additionally, not all parts have a good reputation or living conditions. As you might know, NYC has five boroughs: Manhattan, Queens, Bronx Brooklyn, and Staten Island. All boroughs have something specific to them which makes them special in some way. Also, all boroughs have a few neighborhoods that might interest you. For example, movers in Brooklyn can list at least ten suitable neighborhoods in a minute. Therefore, some of the best neighborhoods in NYC for families and stay-at-home moms are the following:

  • Astoria
  • Williamsburg
  •  Park Slope
  • Forest Hills
  • Battery Park City
  • Upper West Side

Why should you choose Astoria?

Astoria deserves to be the first neighborhood motioned on this list. As our Astoria NY movers like to say there isn’t a better neighborhood in NYC for families with kids. Astoria is a part of Queens and it’s a pretty big neighborhood with almost 100 000 residents. Additionally, Astoria is one of the most popular neighborhoods for families with kids. First, the cost of living is a bit little lower compared to the NYC average, and it has plenty of choices of houses and apartments. There are both good public and private schools in this neighborhood. When your kids are at school, you can spend your time outside in one of the many parks or shopping at local stores. On weekends, you can ride bikes with your kids along the waterfront and take a small break at one of the authentic restaurants from different cultures.

wide angle photo of buildings and water
NYC is a huge city with many good neighborhoods and Astoria is one of them.

What are some other good neighborhoods in Queens for stay-at-home moms?

Queens is the largest borough of NYC by area with a population of almost 2 500 000. Additionally, Queens has 91 neighborhoods and many of them are good for families, moms, and kids. You already know about Astoria and a few others are Forest Hills, Bay Side, Long Island City, etc. As our movers in Queens can testify that Forest Hills is one of the most popular neighborhoods among housewives. The neighborhood is mostly residential and it’s located in the central part of Queens. Moms in this neighborhood are pleased with the school system and overall safety. You won’t have to worry about letting your kids play at parks or run around the street. Additionally, there are plenty of activities and attractions for your kids such as a zoo, parks, amusement parks, etc. People here are very friendly and you won’t have a problem blending in.

Kids in one of the best NYC neighborhoods for stay-at-home moms
Kids playing outside is a common sight in Queens neighborhoods

What makes Williamsburg a good neighborhood for you?

Williamsburg is a growing neighborhood that is changing for the better. It’s a large neighborhood with a population of around 150 000. However, despite the size, Williamsburg has one of the strongest communities which is rarely seen in NYC. For this reason, crime rates are low and violent crimes rarely ever happen. If you are looking for a peaceful and quiet neighborhood, then Williamsburg is not for you. This is a loud place where something is always going on and you can always hear children laughing and playing while moms are talking nearby. Additionally, just like our movers Williamsburg NY relies on residents many times during their career, you can also rely on them to help you with adapting to a new home. There are many local restaurants where you can spend your free time or go to celebrate special events.

What neighborhoods are the best in Manhattan for moms?

This list wouldn’t be complete without at least one neighborhood in Manhattan. While there are many good neighborhoods in Manhattan, Upper West Side takes the number one spot according to many moms. Upper West Side alongside Upper East Side is the two most soughed neighborhoods in Manhattan. Just the location of the Upper West side is amazing as it borders Central Park on the east and the Hudson River on the west. For this reason, it’s a very affluent neighborhood that is also a cultural and intellectual center of Manhattan. It’s home to many important and popular institutions and buildings such as Columbia University, Barnard College, the American Museum of Natural History, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, etc. Additionally, there are many fun and educational things to do with your kids here. The only downside of moving to the Upper West Side is the cost of living.

A picture of two people standing near water
Upper West Side is one of the best NYC neighborhoods for stay-at-home moms

How to make your decision?

NYC has a place for everyone no matter the age, occupation, education, etc. For this reason, you will also find a perfect home for you and your kids. Now, finding your perfect home can be challenging. The biggest problems are the high prices and huge demand. However, don’t be discouraged right away as there are many good NYC neighborhoods for stay-at-home moms. There are at least ten good neighborhoods in every borough.