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Moving your home is a difficult and stressful task. So why don’t you let Teddy Moving and Storage NYC handle it for you? Our clients consider us to be some of the most experienced and versatile residential movers NYC is offering right now. And we are ready to assist you regardless of whether you are moving locally, long-distance, or even across the country. Contact us now to get a free online quote or schedule your on-site estimate. We will make sure to show you that relocation can actually be an enjoyable and carefree experience.

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We want to make your relocation a memorable and enjoyable experience

Sail through your relocation effortlessly with some of the best residential movers in NYC by your side

We are here to help you relocate as easily as possible. Teddy Moving and Storage NYC has the experience, knowledge, teams of well-trained movers, all the equipment, and vehicles to turn every relocation, regardless of its complexity, into a smooth and stress-free process. Here is how your relocation can look:

  • First, get an estimate. Our relocation consultant will consider all the factors to prepare a logistics plan and form a price for your move.
  • If you accept our offer, you will get a confirmation letter via email that will confirm the pricing details and include the date and time as well as all the other details regarding your move.
  • Your relocation might start a few hours earlier if you decide to hire our packing service. Our packers are well-trained and skilled professionals that will apply high-quality packing materials in order to provide your items with perfect protection. Moreover, our packing service includes unpacking – a significant detail that can only be found with the most highly rated residential movers NYC has to offer.
  • Our supervisor oversees the whole process and stays in constant communication with you and the crew making sure that everything is going well.

Teddy Moving and Storage can offer a wide array of moving services

Moving with Teddy Moving and Storage will surely be a straightforward process. Of course, we are aware that every relocation is different. That is why we have prepared a wide selection of moving-related solutions. Here is a list of moving services we can offer:

Move with ease regardless of how far you are going

We are here to assist you regardless of the length of your move. If you are moving locally, a team of local movers that know every part of NYC perfectly will handle your relocation. If on the other hand, you are moving long-distance or interstate, you will get our best vehicles and most experienced movers working on your move.

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With some of the best residential movers NYC by your side, you will be enjoying your new place in no time

Let our packers simplify your move and protect your items

Packing is the most difficult part of the moving process. That is why we have prepared a few options to help you out. If you do not want to have anything to do with packing, our team of professionals will handle the entire process, packing your clothes, books, kitchenware, appliances, and furniture. If, on the other hand, you want to pack your belongings on your own, we can supply you with quality packing materials as well. Opt for our packing service if you wish to avoid this tedious task and move along with your relocation.

Teddy Moving and Storage is one of the rare residential movers NYC has, ready to handle last-minute relocations

Last-minute relocation is more common than people think. And when they happen people need to have a team of quality last minute movers in NYC that can respond to that call. If you end up in a situation where you have to move suddenly, do not forget that we always have a team of professionals ready to jump in.

Our NYC household movers can handle your most difficult and delicate items

Every home has a different setup, different furniture, and items needed to be relocated. All your belongings need to be handled carefully by experienced residential movers in NYC. However, we are aware that some items are more difficult to move than others. And that sometimes there are some very delicate items that require a special approach and precision in order to be moved properly. That is why we have special services aimed at handling those most difficult and delicate parts of the move. When, for example, you have a piano or some expensive pieces of art that need to be moved, do not forget to contact Teddy Moving and Storage NYC.

Be sure to get in touch when relocating your office

If, along with your home, you are moving your company as well, do not forget that we also have some of the best commercial movers NYC can offer. We have teams specially trained in handling corporate relocations of all types. Your company will be relocated professionally and quickly in order to ensure as little downtime for your business as possible.

No hidden fees and a moving coordinator to ensure a time-effective and an affordable move

Our company values your time and money. That is why we try to provide honest and cost-effective moving services in NYC. If you choose to move with Teddy Moving and Storage, there will be no hidden fees. The estimate you receive will include all mileage fees and even tolls and potential parking tickets. Additionally, a moving coordinator will ensure your relocation ends according to schedule. That is something that differentiates our NYC residential movers from all the others out there.

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Move with ease and start enjoying your new home as soon as possible

Contact us to ensure a smooth and safe move of your home

If you have any questions before or even after your relocation, our customer service will be glad to help you. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us in person, via email, or by calling us. We are dedicated to providing you with the most enjoyable relocation experience. Your residential relocation in NYC will never be difficult and stressful with Teddy Moving and Storage NYC by your side. We have all the means, experience, and knowledge to turn every potentially complex move into a simple and memorable experience. We will give you a free quote and ensure that some of the finest residential movers NYC conduct your move.

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