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Moving to, from, or in Astoria, NY can make you feel nervous and anxious for what’s to come. After all, going through relocation, whether residential or commercial, can indeed add lots of unnecessary stress to your life. At Teddy Moving and Storage NYC, we don’t think that you should let yourself experience so much stress that you become unable to enjoy your relocation. That’s why you should feel free to give us a call and inquire about all the assistance options our Astoria NY movers can provide you with. Our team will be in charge of complete relocation planning, organization, and execution, leaving you with enough free time to enjoy your everyday activities. Thus, request a free moving quote and get our experienced team by your side.

queens mover
If your goal is to have a simple and easy move, then proceed to contact Teddy Moving and Storage.

Work with Astoria NY movers that  you can trust with your belongings

When it comes to personal, as well as business relationships, trust is an integral part of success. However, while you gradually build trust in your personal life, you don’t have the luxury of doing the same with your movers in Astoria NY. You need a trusted and reliable moving professional that has proven its worth once or twice before. As a company that has more than ten years of moving experience, Teddy Moving and Storage is the relocation professional you have been searching for. There isn’t a shortage of reasons why you ought to trust our moving professionals. After all, all of them are:

  • Trained – hours upon hours of safety training are necessary for a mover to enter our team.
  • Professional – our movers in Astoria NY respect your time, which is why they are punctual.
  • Friendly – first and foremost, our movers are good people who understand the difficulties of relocation.

One of the main things to know about Teddy Moving and Storage is that we take no chances. We have taken all the necessary measures of precaution to ensure that you work with people who are worthy of your time and money. With a successfully passed background check and lots of moving experience, you’ll find our movers to be just what the doctor ordered.

Can’t Bear to Throw it Away? Let Us Move it Today!

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Our team can relocate all types of belongings

With every relocation being a unique and different endeavor, we knew that we had to master every single aspect of the art that’s relocation. After ten years of experience in the moving industry, we have successfully dealt with all types of items one can imagine. Today, we are the right team when you have to relocate household and office furniture, but also special items. We have successfully handled antiques, musical instruments, industry-related equipment, household appliances, as well as many other types of items.

Wine glasses and living room furniture for Astoria NY movers to relocate.
Whether you are relocating fragile pieces of bulky furniture, you won’t have to worry about a thing with our Astoria NY movers.

Besides having rich experience, our moving equipment also plays a significant role in the success we have had thus far. Teddy Moving and Storage has purchased a fleet of moving trucks that we maintain on a regular basis. Moreover, count on our Astoria NY movers to arrive at your property armed with all the accompanying equipment, such as dollies and furniture sliders. We don’t want you to worry about a thing.

Teddy Moving and Storage provides you with additional moving services

Whether you decide to opt for our movers Astoria NY loves or you choose to proceed with some of our other teams, you should know that Teddy Moving and Storage will be happy to provide you with all the help you need. Our company offers a range of NYC moving services, and you have the following teams and assistance options at your full disposal:

By working with our Queens movers on your upcoming moving or storage project, you will get to see how easy moving can be. After all, there will be nothing for you to worry about once our capable movers are on the job. We’ll do all the heavy lifting so that you can relax and fully enjoy your household or office relocation.

Explore our storage solutions

We can’t predict whether you are downsizing or moving into a bigger home in Astoria, Queens. But what we can predict is the fact that you will most likely need a good storage solution. As an individual that is moving with the help of our movers Astoria NY recommends, you are also fully entitled to rent our storage solutions.

Bear in mind that our storage units in New York City are monitored and clean, providing the perfect conditions for the maintenance of your belongings. Our units are also spacious enough to fit all of your items, and you can rent a unit for as long as necessary. Simply explore our short-term and long-term storage options and find the perfect plan for you.

Bedroom furniture.
Store everything from household furniture to different knick-knacks.

If you opt for our moving and storage services, feel free to request a commitment-free moving quote. We will provide you with an accurate estimate that’s going to help you get ready for what’s to come. We never include extra fees and hidden costs into our estimates. As a transparent moving company, our goal is to be 100% honest with our customers.

Rely on our movers from Astoria NY and don’t worry about a thing

Relocation could be an event that will be enjoyable, quick, and simple. In order for that to happen, you need to work with some of the best Astoria NY movers around. If that’s precisely what you intend to do, then simply contact Teddy Moving and Storage. Our company has more than a decade of experience and thousands of satisfied customers. With modern moving equipment and cost-effective prices, we’ll be the right solution for your upcoming relocation.