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Are you on the verge of making a business move that you have been waiting for for the last couple of years? If you happen to be relocating out of your Queens headquarters and relocating into a bigger office (or a smaller one), the one thing you need to make it all come together is a good moving team. By contacting Teddy Moving and Storage NYC, you will get connected with a team of commercial movers Queens residents recommend and love. Such movers will make sure that all of your items are relocated quickly, effectively, and at an affordable price. Ask us for a free moving estimate and reap all the benefits of a streamlined relocation.

truck by commercial movers Queens
Give yourself the luxury of partnering with a team of commercial movers Queens loves

Teddy Moving and Storage will help you relocate your Queens business to any location

Not everyone will decide to relocate an office to a building that’s in the same block. Moreover, not everyone will necessarily move a business within the borders of the same city. But one thing remains a certainty – no matter the current and the future whereabouts of your business, the one thing you need is help. And lots of it. Since we want to provide you with as much help as you find necessary, we are happy to put the following teams at your disposal:

It certainly helps to know that you can easily move to a location of your choice by directing a simple phone call to Teddy Moving and Storage. The only thing that you really have to do is tell us a bit more about your upcoming business move. The reason why we need accurate details about your relocation is a simple one – it helps us create the perfect moving plan.

Get a perfectly crafted moving plan with the help of our commercial movers Queens loves

If you find it difficult to craft a solid plan for different events, then you are like most people. It takes a lot of experience, as well as great organizational skills to create a moving plan that will allow you to transport your belongings with ease. Luckily, making such a plan won’t be an issue after hiring our Queens commercial movers. Our first point of order is tailoring a relocation plan that will help you go through your move with minimal complications and lots of pleasure.

A man writing in a notebook.
Teddy Moving and Storage will approach your relocation with a unique plan of action.

After you request a free moving estimate from our team and book your moving day, our Queens commercial moving team will proceed to assess the needs of your relocation. We will look at all the little particularities, such as the different types of items you have to transport and their weight. It’s only after we have all the important details that we will sit down and tailor a moving plan that will inform everyone involved in the process of what needs to be done and when. Simply put, everyone will know their role at every stage of the move, which will result in a seamless relocation. Your business certainly deserves nothing less.

Safely relocate all types of items you have in your office

From IT equipment to industry-related machines, one business can own many different items. It’s superfluous to mention that some of them could cost a great deal of money. That’s why relocation is such a risky event, as even the smallest damage could result in a huge financial loss. But when working with our company, you won’t have to worry about lost money and damaged items. We can safely relocate all types of items that you currently have in your office.


Of course, some types of items will be more challenging than others. But that’s precisely why we begin by tailoring a unique moving plan, as it covers the relocation of problematic items. It’s safe to say that the vast experience and rich training of our commercial movers in Queens will allow our movers to move your items from point A to point B in the safest and most optimal manner. We have no doubt that you will find our team to work quickly yet efficiently, providing you with a mix of qualities you can’t beat.

We have all the important equipment that’s necessary for a business move

To be a moving business, one company needs to possess two things – trained movers and high-quality moving equipment. Not only does our company possess a fleet of moving trucks, but we also have different pieces of equipment. From moving straps and dollies to furniture sliders and packing materials, you will find us to be fully equipped for the job. It’s due to the numerous equipment pieces that we can also offer different moving services in NYC, such as:

With our Queens movers being at your complete disposal, you don’t have to worry about a thing. In fact, the biggest problem during your move could be which moving services to opt for. But you can be certain that you are in for a stress-free move even with the basic relocation package. After all, we are fully aware of the fact that different customers come with different budgets.

Office furniture to be relocated by commercial movers Queens.
Our extra moving services are there to remove any stress associated with your move.

Obtain commercial movers in Queens you can trust with a simple phone call

You shouldn’t let your upcoming business relocation be a nightmare. What you should do is contact Teddy Moving and Storage NYC and find yourself fully assisted during your upcoming move. We will be more than happy to not only create the optimal relocation plan but also execute it to perfection. Thus, don’t hesitate to turn to us and get to work with some of the best commercial movers Queens has to offer. We certainly won’t hesitate to take care of all of the most difficult moving tasks.

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