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Moving out of your Queens home or office can be difficult, stressful, and quite time-consuming. At Teddy Moving and Storage NYC, we aim to make your relocation the complete opposite. We want to make it easy, stress-free, and quick. Thus, we have searched for and found long distance movers Queens loves, and we have grouped them in a team that you can trust. While in the paws of our movers, your items will be safe, secure, and protected. Therefore, don’t waste a minute longer pondering what to do. Instead, contact our company and provide yourself with the high-quality moving assistance that you have been searching for.

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Your relocation can be a zero trouble endeavor with long distance movers Queens residents gladly recommend

Leave Queens and move to a different location without a worry in mind

Leaving the home that you have been living in for quite some time isn’t only difficult physically – it’s also quite complicated emotionally. At Teddy Moving and Storage, we have a very simple mission. Namely, we want to make your upcoming relocation as simple as possible. Therefore, we have thought long and hard about our assistance options and we have opted for the following moving services in NYC:

We are a full-service moving company that is fully competent in taking care of all of your relocation tasks. However, we understand that most of our customers have different needs. That’s why we let you choose your moving services based solely on your needs. Our Queens long distance movers can handle all of your relocation tasks or we can take care of driving the moving truck only. So if you can’t bear the thought of handling some moving tasks, simply put them in our hands.

Use the chance to store your items in our safe storage solutions

If you are our customer who has decided to give us his/her trust, then we have a way of saying thank you. Teddy Moving and Storage puts our monitored storage solutions in NYC at your complete disposal. Our storage units are tailored to fit all of your household or commercial belongings for as long as necessary. With a month-to-month storage rental, you get to avoid signing any contract that might not work for you in the end. Our team is always open to discussing all of our storage options with our customers, helping you make the best decision for your relocation, your finances, and your items. After all, we consider your relocation and satisfaction to be our top priority.

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Contact Teddy Moving and Storage and give yourself the pleasure of a trouble-free move.

Experience first-class customer service with long distance movers Queens loves

Do you know what it feels like when someone caters to all of your needs, no matter how complex they might be? More importantly, do you know what it’s like when someone does so with complete devotion and your best interest in mind? Even if you don’t, you are going to find out by working with our Queens long distance movers. Our moving team is committed to providing first-class customer service to all people who book their moves with on of the best moving companies Queens has. Moreover, we do so at a price that you will be able to afford.


To receive a five-star moving experience that you deserve, you need to start with a free moving estimate. Our professionals are happy to provide you with an accurate quote that will help you plan your moving budget. You just need to enter basic pieces of information about your upcoming long distance relocation and let us do the math. We will gladly help you calculate the cost of your relocation by showing you that our cost-effective prices are a reflection of our care for you.

Teddy Moving and Storage has more than ten years of moving experience combined

Experience is one of the most important things you will want your long distance movers in Queens to possess. With more than ten years of experience in the moving industry, as well as all the necessary licenses, Teddy Moving and Storage is a company that you can trust. We are registered with all the important organizations, such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and we gladly use our rich knowledge of the moving industry in your favor. Having a team that knows what they are doing means having someone who will know how to handle all of your belongings, no matter their fragility.

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Moving fine china and/or bulky items? Then you need our experienced Queens long distance movers.

Since we have so much experience in the relocation industry, we also understand the importance of a good moving plan. The optimal plan comes as a result of a thorough assessment of your residential or commercial relocation. Moreover, such a plan is also a result of refined moving skills, as well as vast knowledge. Rest assured that our team will take care of complete relocation planning and organization, making sure there are no problems along the way. Of course, it’s impossible for our team to predict any mishaps that could happen along the way. But what we can say with certainty is that our movers will know how to solve all problems and surpass all obstacles. That’s our promise to you, as we have done so many times in the past.

Your relocation will feel like a walk in the park with our long distance movers from Queens

Teddy Moving and Storage has taken it upon ourselves to show you how enjoyable your relocation can be. Thus, we have composed a team that is made up of some of the best long distance movers Queens has to offer. Simply give us a call the next time you are in need of some relocation assistance and let us move your residential or commercial items. It will be our goal to see your smile at the end of the day.


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