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Moving doesn’t always have to be hard and stressful. If you have experienced dedicated moving professionals by your side, then you know that relocation can be a pleasant and enjoyable experience. If you want to ensure a safe and stress-free relocation, Teddy Moving and Storage NYC is at your disposal. We have experienced movers, state-of-the-art equipment, and modern vehicles ready to assist you. No matter whether you are moving your home or an office, we are here for you. Contact us today and your relocation will be handled by one of the best and most experienced movers Brooklyn has to offer.

mover carrying boxes next to a van
Only the premium moving service awaits at Teddy Moving and Storage NYC.

Reach out to us to get a free online quote or schedule an on-site estimate

First, start by contacting us. You can choose whether you want to get an online virtual estimate or you would rather have our team visit your premises and do an on-site estimate. The first option requires you to gather as much info as possible and provide it to our moving representative via chat or a phone call. The second option is lucrative and highly sought after. Let our moving team pay you a visit and evaluate everything on site. They can secure the perimeter, establish a loading dock, and weigh your cargo. Upon the evaluation, you will be presented with the best moving services for your relocation project and a precise moving quote.

Can’t Bear to Throw it Away? Let Us Move it Today!

Get a Quote

Although, whatever you decide, you will get a precise estimate with all the fuel, mileage fees, parking tickets, and tolls included in the price. Moreover, our estimates include unlimited plastic wraps and moving blankets intended to keep your items safe during transport. And if necessary, Brooklyn movers will supply you with all the packing materials required. We are proud to be one of the most trustworthy moving companies in Brooklyn. There are no hidden fees or unexpected surprises if you choose our moving services. We include all our expenses in the initial estimate.

help desk representative
Our moving representatives are there for you. Give us a call whenever you are ready.

Teddy Moving and Storage will plan your move from start to finish

Once you send us your query, our logistics professional will review your request in order to make a detailed plan of the process and precisely estimate the price for your move. Every detail of your relocation will be planned according to our safety standards and your personal requirements. Starting with the number of movers that need to be involved in the process, the amount of packing supplies required, as well the best route to your desired location. Our goal is to make your relocation process as smooth as possible. That is why we invest so much planning and preparation into it. If you decide to accept our offer, you will get a confirmation letter via e-mail or fax that will include all important details as well as the full interpretation of the pricing and our policies. Make sure to enlist quality moving assistance from:

We have specialized moving teams for all sorts of relocations. Our commercial moving team is specialized in business relocations. This is something most people who are relocating a business can recommend. With all the tools, knowledge, and experience, we will relocate your business with zero downtime and even assist you in your new office layout. You shouldn’t worry for a second because all your assets and investments are safe with our commercial moving team. Most importantly, the workflow will be unobstructed, and you’ll be able to swiftly establish your new base of operations. All with the help of the best Brooklyn moving company on the moving market.

As one of the best movers Brooklyn has, we have first-class customer service agents and are ready to assist you throughout your move

If you have any questions before, during, or after your relocation, you are free to contact our movers Brooklyn consultant. They will be constantly on the line with the team on-site and with you in order to properly govern your relocation. We will inform you of all the details regarding the process. And you will be able to make slight modifications and give guidelines throughout the move. Also, we will make it possible for you to supervise the entire process and make suggestions on the go. Our moving representatives are patient and willing to explain how each step works. This will give you a better insight into the moving process and you’ll be assured that your items are handled properly.

a man and a woman carrying moving boxes and waiting for movers Brooklyn to arrive
We work closely with our customers. Feel free to ask questions and we will provide the answer.

Remember, at Teddy Moving and Storage NYC your satisfaction is the most important thing. That is how we became one of the most highly-rated Brooklyn movers.

You have a number of moving services available to choose from

How our movers Brooklyn handle and organize your relocation, of course, depends on many factors. One of the most important factors is the type of service you choose to purchase. And at Teddy Moving and Storage NYC, we provide residential, commercial, local, long-distance, and interstate services. Additionally, you can decide on our packing services and fine art movers. Or if you have valuable items you need to relocate, you can use our Teddy GOLD™ Service. Not only that we are one of the most trusted, but we are also one of the most versatile movers in Brooklyn. Turn to us if you need one or more of the following services:

All services are equally important. It all depends on what our customers need. If you want to relocate an artwork collection, fine art movers are for you. If you have no time to pack by yourself, packing services will cover everything. And for all other requests you might have, we can combine several services into one amazing moving package. It is up to you to make a list of demands and we will give our best to make it happen. All safely and affordably.

Teddy Moving and Storage has some of the best residential movers in NYC

If you are moving your home to one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn, our Brooklyn moving company and the residential moving team are ready to assist you. We can deal with all sorts of household items. We can disassemble your furniture, handle your appliances, fragile dishes, books, clothes, etc. Our movers are experienced and skilled professionals specially trained to handle these types of moves. No matter whether you are living in a house or in a 5th-floor apartment in a building with no elevator.

We have the equipment, patience, and knowledge to handle all your precious belongings without damaging them or the surrounding properties. This is extremely important when you must trust strangers to handle your most precious possessions. Luckily, you can trust our movers Brooklyn completely. We are transparent and honest, and our purpose lies in customer satisfaction. It is the only way to create a long-lasting friendship for future years to come.

mover carrying a couch
Enlist residential movers and be sure that your belongings will be relocated swiftly and safely.

We can move your business professionally and efficiently

As we have briefly explained before, we take great pride in our business moving services. When it comes to commercial relocations, whether it’s local or long distance office relocation, we will send our team of the most experienced professionals to handle them. They are specially trained to deal with all types of commercial items and they know how to execute commercial moves with utmost precision and efficiency. Ensuring that your business suffers as little downtime as possible. We will even visit your new offices to make sure all your equipment can reach its destination unharmed. It is one thing to get everything out of your home but completely another to unload the truck in the new environment.

We know that in business time is money. And we will fully commit from one side to the other to make sure your business-related items are safely relocated and assembled properly. So, if you want to have your business transferred to a new location quickly and professionally, call one of the best moving companies Brooklyn has to offer for commercial relocations – Teddy Moving and Storage NYC.

Ease your move and provide your items with perfect protection by obtaining our packing services

Our Brooklyn moving company understands that packing is something that bothers our customers the most. It is physically hard, time-consuming, and requires certain knowledge and materials in order to do it properly. Most importantly, to do it safely. If you do not want to risk your items’ safety and spend days packing, ask our moving company in Brooklyn to provide you with a packing service. If you decide on this option, your relocation will start a couple of hours before schedule with a team of packers arriving at your premises. We will bring quality packing materials and pack everything you have for transport including furniture. As a premium service provider, we will even unload and unpack everything upon demand. Give us a call and make arrangements today. This service is exactly what you need if you dislike the packing process.

Our movers Brooklyn provide the best packing services on the market
Our packing services are impeccable. Give us a chance to pack you completely.

Consider going for Teddy GOLD™ if you must relocate delicate and expensive items

If your inventory includes luxurious items and furniture, you have Teddy GOLD™ services at your disposal. This service is especially intended for the relocation of your valuables. Usually, it is unique and antique furniture, artwork, sculptures, and even a home safe. This service includes a team of the best movers in Brooklyn, professional packing and unpacking service, as well as custom crating. We are fully aware that some of those items have high monetary value as well as emotional value. But we treat them all the same. With respect and devotion. You won’t have to worry for a second because we will relocate your valuables like we would relocate our own. And this kind of approach is exactly what gave us the reputation and made us climb high on the moving industry ladder. Everything we can provide is there for you to utilize.

Therefore, if you want to have your luxurious items delivered to your new space unharmed and on time, Teddy GOLD™ service is what you should consider.

Contact us to ensure a safe and smooth move

If you are satisfied with the offer and the approach our Brooklyn movers have, get in touch with us. Choose the contact method most comfortable for you and go with it. Whether it is a chat, email, or phone call, we will heed your call. Schedule your onsite estimates today and enjoy the professional moving process and let it unfold in front of you.

If you want to have an easy and stress-free relocation, Teddy Moving and Storage NYC is the moving company to have by your side. As one of the best movers Brooklyn has, we have the means, knowledge, and experience to provide you with the moving services you deserve. Contact us, get your free quote today, and let your relocation be handled by one of the most trusted movers Brooklyn has to offer.