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So, you’re thinking of moving to NYC, that is specifically the Brooklyn area? You will see that there is no shortage of amazing neighborhoods in Brooklyn. There is a Brooklyn neighborhood for everyone’s specific needs and wants. But, this could make the choice a bit harder than it needs to be. Just imagine getting a bunch of recommendations (which is likely to happen if you’ve asked anyone you know) and each sounds better than the last! That’s why we as one of the best moving companies NYC have decided to share our top 5 best neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

So, what are the 5 best neighborhoods in Brooklyn?

First, let’s start off with a short, clear list:

  • Williamsburg
  • Bushwick
  • Brownsville
  • Greenpoint

And now, let’s go into the details.

A photo of Brooklyn bridge
Choose one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn to move to.


The famous Williamsburg is first on our list. Over the past decade, this neighborhood has evolved like no other. With a lot of restaurants, cocktail bars, and trendy boutiques this is the perfect place for those who enjoy affordable luxury. Williamsburg has recently got the nickname “the new Soho” because it is the place to be if you’re an artist, writer, or designer. You can expect a lot of diversity. This neighborhood is home to a large population of Hasidic Jews, as well as Puerto Ricans and Dominicans. Many of these people fled during difficult times in history and have since created their own little cultural hubs.

This area is the most convenient if you need to commute to Manhattan. It’s bordered by a lot of other really good quality neighborhoods, and since everything is so close, you can go visit whatever you wish at any time. To the north is another one of our contenders, Greenpoint, to the south it’s Bedford-Stuyvesant, and to the east and west, you can see Bushwick and East River, respectively. Movers Williamsburg NY  are trained to relocate you with the least amount of stress, so relocation shouldn’t be occupying your mind.


Dumbo is one of Brooklyn’s most up-and-coming residential areas. The whole area is covered in charming cobblestone streets and an amazing waterfront that’s kept its 18th-century industrial style. What you can expect to see in Dumbo is a really laid-back neighborhood with incredible modern amenities. This includes parks, fine dining, and, of course, the insane waterfront. Even though Dumbo is located near lower Manhattan, it still keeps its pedestrian-friendly streets. The community is very active in trying to better everyday life in Dumbo, so if this neighborhood ends up as your choice, you will get to feel like a part of the community.

As soon as your movers Dumbo NY leave you at your doorstep you have endless options before you. We recommend trying out an organic approach when exploring Dumbo. Let yourself wander, look around, and enjoy all the scenic views. Dumbo will leave you dumbfounded, pun intended.
Streets of NYC
You’ll see, Dumbo has everything you could wish for.


Lately, there’s been an influx of young residents who are drawn in by Bushwick’s low cost of living. Just to keep everything transparent, NYC is extremely expensive. But, if you compare some of the most expensive Manhattan neighborhoods with Bushwick, the difference is startling. Due to all the young “hipsters” moving to Bushwick, it’s becoming a very art-oriented neighborhood. A lot of abandoned warehouses have been transformed into music venues or art galleries, and some even into residential places. Your movers Bushwick will be able to give you some tips on renting or buying a home. Be sure to ask!

The multiculturality of Bushwick is reflected in the number of diverse restaurants. Anything from a small Italian joint with good pizza, to an amazing vegan restaurant. For foodies, this might sound close to heaven. Even though the young people who’ve moved to Bushwick have left a mark on the culture of the neighborhood, Bushwick still remains true to its roots. The long-term resident’s culture is mixing with the new emerging culture, creating a perfect mix of the two and a very unique vibe of Bushwick.


Brownsville is an amazing place to live in if you’re looking for a neighborhood with direct access to transportation. Almost anywhere you go you can catch a train and the commute won’t take too long. Brownsville had a bit of a bad reputation, but in the recent decade, things have changed drastically. But, the important thing stayed – lower cost of living! Due to its bad reputation, it stays as one of the cheapest neighborhoods to live in. Brownsville is one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn because it has some amazing scenery and top-notch restaurants to visit. Movers in Brownsville will give you their honest opinions of the neighborhood and any tips you need. This neighborhood just had a rough patch and is on its journey to becoming one of the biggest hotspots for young professionals just starting their careers.

A man exiting the train in the metro
Brownsville will provide you with the quickest commute to Manhattan.


Greenpoint is an affordable North Brooklyn neighborhood with an up-and-coming, vibrant art and fashion scene. For this reason, it is next on our list of best neighborhoods in Brooklyn. For young professionals or lovers of art, this might be the perfect solution. Due to the lower cost of living, many younger people relocate right to this neighborhood. The neighborhood has a generally laid-back vibe. Everyone seems like they’re going by their pace and just enjoying their time. In Greenpoint, there are many music venues, bars, restaurants, and more to visit. With an easy and quick commute to Manhattan, even more youngsters are drawn to Greenpoint.

As far as the housing market goes, a lot of new condos have appeared, mostly converted from warehouses on the north side. Your movers Greenpoint will most likely give you some tips on where exactly to search for the most affordable housing. With their help, your relocation will be seamless. You’ll see, Greenpoint will always surprise you with hidden gems at every corner. We hope our list of best neighborhoods in Brooklyn will prove to be of use. Good luck with moving!