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In case you’ve lived in a small city, you won’t have a problem with furniture disposal after your move to Long Island. In smaller cities, there is usually a number of junk removal services. So, it is enough to give them a call. They will come at any time and haul away whatever surplus you have. But, handling leftover furniture pieces after your move to Long Island is not that simple. Certainly, there are always solutions. This or that way, your furniture will be removed. But, there are limitations too. And, there are rules that you will have to follow. Moving companies NYC can help you to understand the furniture disposal procedure on Long Island.

What to do with the furniture after your move to Long Island

Maybe you have just relocated from one part of NYC to Long Island. If so, you already know all about furniture disposal. It can be also that you’ve moved from another big city. In such a case, you probably had similar ways of furniture disposal. So, you will easily adjust to Long Island’s way of disposed furniture collecting ways.

On the other hand, maybe you’ve just used the services of interstate movers NYC. And you’ve moved to Lang Island from a smaller community. In such a case, you will have to face many changes. Among them is also furniture disposal. There are actually several ways to get rid of unwanted items.  For example, Long Island offers free curbside removal services. However, they come with some limitations. For example, you can’t do it when you want. But, you have to wait for pickup days.

a sofa dumped by the street
You may leave the old furniture curbside, but only on certain dates.

You may leave old furniture on the street during specific dates

Leaving furniture curbside, when living on Long Island means that you will have to respect the local community statute. More precisely, you will have to wait for certain dates to place the old furniture curbside. Those dates are announced by the trash collecting company. And, you have to respect those dates.

Otherwise, you will also breach the community statute. This document, besides other things, is regulating this issue. Which is perfectly understandable. You can just imagine the street with various pieces of furniture pilled up around for days. So, this document is protecting the environment. And nice, tidy looks of the community. Although you are having a problem with old furniture, you will for sure agree with this regulation.

Can you discard your old furniture on your own?

Well, that is allowed. And it is theoretically possible. However, you will need to have a suitable vehicle and a disposal site nearby. That way, you will be able to discard the surplus furniture when it is convenient for you. But, this may also depend on which part of Long Island you are living in. Simpler said you might live rather far away from the disposal site. In such a case, the costs of self-disposing the old furniture will be too high. So, it doesn’t look like the best possible option.

You may also discuss the issue with Long Island City movers. Working in the area for a long period, they know who, when, and how. So, they can come up with some useful advice. For example, they can recommend you some reliable and affordable junk removal companies.

After your move to Long Island, you may contact junk removal companies

This is also one of the possibilities for furniture disposal. For example, such junk removal companies will haul your old furniture, on your schedule and per your preferences. Such an arrangement could speed up the whole process. You will not be obliged to keep the furniture until you are allowed to place it curbside, for garbage collectors to remove them. 


two people by the moving boxes talking about furniture disposal after your move to Long Island
You may pay additional fees to delivery staff who accept to take away your old furniture.

All that is nice, but hauling your old furniture will cost. And, the price will depend on the number of items. And how far away the junk removal company has to drive the furniture. So, in the end, it might be a too costly solution. If so, you will have to find some other solutions.

Furniture disposal after your move to Long Island can also be arranged with moving or delivery companies

When you are purchasing the new furniture for your Lond Island home, you will have a delivery service bringing it to you. In case the shop is not providing the delivery, you will have to engage the moving companies Queens. As the new furniture is arriving, it will be ideal to get rid of the old one. Otherwise, your home will be very crowded for some time.

So, you can try to negotiate with the delivery crew. Although it is not a practice of the companies, some crews will accept to load and take away your old furniture. Of course, you will need to pay an additional fee for such a service. But, you will have your home free from the old furniture.

If your old furniture is well preserved, you can sell it

This can also be a good solution. The buyers will organize the transportation of the old furniture. Moreover, you will earn some money by selling it.

But, there might be some problems. You might not be so happy with unknown people going through your home and checking furniture. And, maybe the interested buyers will not be able to take the old pieces before the arrival of your new furniture. If so, selling the furniture will not solve the main thing you want. And, that is to have enough space at the time of arrival of the new furniture.


Two red seats on a street in Berlin.
Well-preserved furniture you can sell.

You may finally decide to send the old furniture to your relatives

In case you have relatives back home who are on good terms with you, you may decide to present the furniture to them. Of course, under the condition that the furniture is well preserved. And that is it looking nice. In such a case, you may book services of the long distance movers Queens, and send the furniture back home. So, you will make your relatives happy. And you will get rid of surplus items.

There are various ways to handle furniture disposal after your move to Long Island

As we could see, furniture disposal after your move to Long Island is not as big a problem as it looked. There are many ways for solving this issue. And, besides presenting it, selling it, or throwing away, you can also donate it. The good thing is that the companies collecting donations will also organize the transport. So, this could be also a good solution for you.