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So, you’re looking to move to Queens but you happen to have a pet. There are places in New York City where your pet will enjoy their time more in comparison to other places. That’s why we’ve comprised a list of some of the best Queens neighborhoods for pet owners. Make sure that you read through all of them before you decide on your choice. It’s important for your pet to be situated in a location where they will feel comfortable and happy. Fortunately, Queens has a lot of neighborhoods that are great for pets. We are going to tell you about four of the neighborhoods that we think your pet might find the most attractive. Of course, you should also take into consideration some of your own preferences, so don’t rush with your decision. Take your time and think about where you will be moving to in Queens.

The best Queens neighborhoods for pet owners depend on the type of pet you have

Before you hire commercial movers Queens or your residential moving company, make sure that you think about the fact that different pets will like different environments. If, for example, you have a house cat, then you don’t have to worry about whether or not the neighborhood you choose will be good for them, as it makes no difference. House cats and other house pets don’t leave the house, so there is no need for you to change your moving plans because of this. Focus on yourself in this case.

A person who moved to one of the best Queens neighborhoods for pet owners is petting their dog
Our list of the best Queens neighborhoods for pet owners doesn’t really apply to house pets

On the other hand, if you happen to have a dog or a pet that goes outside, then we recommend that you take a break from looking up moving and storage NYC so you can decide on where you’ll be going. As we have already mentioned, there are many neighborhoods in Queens where your dog will enjoy their stay. But, you will need to consider your budget limitations as well, so you will need to choose wisely. It is pivotal that your pet feels safe in their new environment, but you should never exceed your budget limitations because of that.


If you’re looking for a place where both your pets and children will feel happy and safe, then we recommend that you hire Glendale NY movers so you could come to Glendale. We’re talking about a very peaceful neighborhood that can offer you a lot. There are many pet owners in Glendale, and you can always see the love that people have for the animals here. Apart from that, Glendale can boast of some great schooling options. If you happen to have kids, then this is a really good choice where you’ll both make them happy and your pet as well. If you don’t have kids, then you might find Glendale a bit boring. Even though it has a lot of restaurants, theaters, and other places for entertainment, you won’t be able to experience some of the nightlife that Queens can offer. This can be a drawback.

A dog chasing after a tennis ball
Glendale is a perfect place for your dog. Exploring your new environment will be very exciting once you start going on your walks

Forest Hills

Another great place for your pet would be Forest Hills. It is one of the best neighborhoods in the whole city. There are many places for you to visit and experience. A lot of people own homes their homes in Forest Hills, and they are very hospitable. Your pet will enjoy all of the parks that this neighborhood has. You will be able to take walks with your pet a lot of times before you explore all of the parks. You will be able to meet other pet owners are make you friendships very easily. If you think that you’ll like living here, we recommend that you look up movers Forest Hills NY. Your pet will love you for choosing this as your new neighborhood to live in. Many folks truly believe that this is the best neighborhood in NYC, and we can most definitely see why that is.


There are a lot of Astoria NY moving companies, and we can most definitely see why that is. It is a perfect neighborhood for a young adult who is looking to move with their pet. It is a perfect place for someone who works professionally in Manhattan, as you are only going to be a 20-minute drive away from your workplace.  Astoria is considered to be the best place for young adults who wish to find a cheap place to live, while still being close to the center of the action. There are a lot of parks which you can visit with your pet. It is a very safe neighborhood and so you also don’t have to worry about that. You will find it very difficult to get bored here, as there are many things to do here. You will find it very easy to meet new people.

A bridge
Astoria is definitely one of the best neighborhoods in New York City

Long Island City

Our list of the best queens neighborhoods for pet owners must include Long Island City. This is a perfect place for someone who wishes to be away from the crowd, while still being able to traverse to Manhattan with ease. A lot of people move over long distances so they could come to live in Long Island City, as it’s a very good place to live if you wish to be in New York City without having to worry about heavy traffic and crowds. Your pet will simply adore this neighborhood, and we can most definitely see why that is. Apart from beautiful greenery and parks, you will notice that there are a lot of pets here as well, just like in Glendale. People love animals here and that is why we believe that this place would be extraordinarily good for you and your pet.