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Engagement photos are very special and they mark the beginning of a new chapter in each couple’s life together. In the past few decades, especially with the advancement of cameras and the use of social media, couples around the world have started capturing this moment. It’s important to share our happy memories with our loved ones. And getting engaged is one of those crucial moments in everyone’s life. Teddy Moving and Storage will give you some advice on places in New Jersey for engagement photos that no one will ever forget. Discover some of the best locations in NJ to capture your special moment.

Deep Cut Gardens

Located in Middletown, NJ, Deep Cut Gardens is a facility devoted to educating future gardeners and those who love horticulture. Amazing natural displays, gardens, and greenhouses take up 54 acres of land. This location is open for visitors all year round. If you and your partner are nature lovers, you will enjoy the amazing scenery at Deep Cut Gardens. Aside from that, your photos will turn out amazing, since the nature here is mesmerizing. The Gardens are part of Monmouth County’s park system. You should check their schedule before booking your photo session, just to be safe.

A couple making a heart with their hands
Deep Cut Gardens are one of the places in New Jersey for engagement photos.

Jersey City Waterfront and Murals

Located in Jersey City, Waterfront District is another great location for engagement photos. With a great view of NYC in the background, this location looks spectacular in photos. The artsy murals stretch throughout the area, coming clutch for a very cool background as well. Movers Jersey City NJ advises you to take your photos at this location if you and your partner love hippy, artsy motives. Also, you can have your photos taken during the day or at night when all the light looks pretty.

Pier Village at Long Branch

Probably one of the most beautiful places in New Jersey for engagement photos. With the amazing beachfront views and the luxurious Victorian-inspired establishments, your photos will look like a million dollars. This location also served as a wedding venue for many couples. You can use this chance to also tour around the 24-room bridal suite and maybe consider having your big day here as well. Many movers NYC to NJ have seen young couples who moved from NYC here have their photos and weddings at the Pier Village.

Allaire State Park is another beautiful place in New Jersey for engagement photos

Located in Wall Township, New Jersey, Allaire State Park welcomes many couples each day. This location is known for the Allaire Village, a historic 19th-century iron-making town. This park offers different colors depending on the season. The background always looks spectacular in engagement photos, without much effort. A good feature of this location is the public bathroom that allows you to change your outfit quickly. This way you can add variety to your photos. Movers in New Jersey say that many couples that have moved to New Jersey have chosen this location for their engagement as well as wedding photos.

Couple taking photos at one of the places in New Jersey for engagement photos
Allaire State Park is the perfect place to capture your engagement.

Asbury Park Boardwalk

Located in Asbury Park, NJ, this is the most famous landmark in the state, as far as Jersey Shore goes. This is for sure one of the most fun and colorful places in New Jersey for engagement photos. The Convention Center and the old casino, which are now covered in murals offer a great background and many photographers take advantage of it. Natural sunlight during the day and bright lights during the night are special effects on their own. Not only do couples come here to have their engagement photos taken, but many have the actual engagement at Asbury Park.

Hoboken Brownstones is among the unique places in New Jersey for engagement photos

If you and your partner are looking for an urban vibe to your engagement photos, we have an idea. Hoboken brownstones are an excellent location for a city feel without having to go all the way to New York. With many old-school-looking buildings and hippy restaurants and cafes, you can make your engagement photos look magazine worthy. This is one of those places in New Jersey for engagement photos that you maybe haven’t considered, but your should try.

Fort Lee Historic Park

Located in Fort Lee, NJ, atop Hudson Palisades and Burdett’s Landing, this historic park is a beautiful location. Native Americans have lived here for thousands of years, and the spirit of history is very present here. If you’re a history-loving couple, your engagement photos look amazing. If you live in Englewood and you’re not looking to travel far to take your photos, Fort Lee Historic Park will be convenient for you. All the movers Englewood NJ residents hire say that couples who had their photos taken here had nothing but great stories to tell.

A woman showing her engagement ring
Not far from Englewood, NJ, Fort Lee Historic Park is another great place for engagement photos.

Fantasy Island Amusement Park

Located in Beach Haven, NJ, and opened in 1984, this location has been a Jersey Shore staple since the day it opened. People come from all over to enjoy the rides and lights at this amusement park. If you’re into old-fashioned carousels, your engagement photos would look amazing here. A lot of couples who appreciate nostalgia and old-school themes loved taking their photos at the Fantasy Island Amusement Park.

Plenty more places in New Jersey for engagement photos to choose from

This list of places in New Jersey for engagement photos could go on and on. New Jersey is rich with amazing locations that the camera loves as well as beautiful couples that deserve the best photos they can get. We have given you a few ideas about the perfect location for your special photo session, but there are plenty more. Movers Weehawken NJ has to offer, recommend that you take a drive around the state and look at places that you have not considered or even knew about. This way you could find something unique and special for just your partner and yourself. Good luck and smile bright!