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Your move to Jersey City could become one of the most enjoyable processes of your life. To make sure you move with ease and peace of mind, you ought to pick up your phone and contact Teddy Moving and Storage. With more than ten years of experience in the moving industry and a team of movers Jersey City NJ residents trust, we have all the resources that are necessary for the safe and smooth relocation of your belongings. Give us a call to request a free moving estimate, wait for us to calculate the exact price of your move, and start planning your move with our team of high-quality moving professionals.

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By contacting Teddy Moving and Storage you get access to moving expertise and knowledge

Teddy Moving and Storage gives every relocation a professional touch

Every person would like to get first-class customer service at a price that they will be able to afford. Of course, most people don’t believe that such a combination can be found. While it’s definitely not easy to find Jersey City movers that you can trust and afford, it’s safe to say that it is nowhere near impossible. Teddy Moving and Storage is the perfect example of the fact that top-notch movers can come without a luxurious price tag.

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We will employ our finest professionals on the task of finding the perfect moving solution for you.

The first task of our company was to find and hire movers in Jersey City NJ with sufficient training and appropriate skills. After rounds of interviews and mandatory safety checks, we believe we have hired the right people. Our second task was to create a list of comprehensive moving services that will be able to provide you with the assistance you seek. Thus, our customers can rely on us for:

Just because we have provided you with plenty of options doesn’t mean that you have to opt for all of them. You can feel free to include only those moving services you find to be necessary. Our job is to provide you with premier moving assistance – your job is to tell us what it is that you need.

Safely move and store your items with some of the finest movers Jersey City NJ currently has

Moving and storage are two processes that have become somewhat infamous nowadays. Due to their complexity and the chance of damaging your items, a lot of people feel anxiety once they have to relocate their belongings. But with Teddy Moving and Storage and our complete set of quality moving services, you won’t have to feel worries of any kind. Since we have hired the right team, we can keep all of your items safe and sound. Whether you need to move and store fragile items or bulky furniture, you can count on the expertise our Jersey City movers have.


By working with our Jersey City moving team, you also get to store your items with Teddy Moving and Storage. We offer spacious storage solutions for all of our customers, as our units can comfortably fit all types of items. Bear in mind that our units are clean, fumigated, and monitored at all times. We have taken all the necessary measures of precaution to ensure that your items get the care that they deserve.

Our team is fully equipped for moving endeavors big and small

There are many different ways to categorize your relocation. There’s the division between local, long-distance, and interstate moves, the division between residential and commercial moving endeavors, and the division that relies on complexity. Whether you are moving only a few items which makes your relocation a simple one, or are having to relocate a bunch of heavy possessions making for a more complex process, you can count on our movers Jersey City NJ loves and respects.


Teddy Moving and Storage is a licensed and insured relocation professional that has fully equipped our moving teams. They have a fleet of moving trucks at their disposal, but they also handle all the necessary moving equipment. From furniture sliders and dollies to moving straps and packing supplies, our Jersey City movers will come fully ready for the day ahead.

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Day or night, you can always depend on our team of movers in Jersey City NJ.

We continue to invest money into our moving resources, as we care about keeping up with the latest technologies in the moving industry. Due to our capable movers and our modern moving equipment, moving jobs of all types, sizes, and complexities become like a walk in the park. Additionally, we have crafted Teddy Gold™ special service for the relocation for your most praised items. Make sure your upcoming relocation feels like a breeze by giving us a call.

We are experts in the Jersey City area

The beautiful City of New Jersey is an area that we service with great pride and joy. With countless successful relocations in this area, we have become experts in the city’s streets and roads. Thus, our movers from Jersey City NJ can create the best plan that will result in a quick and effortless relocation. After all, we will keep your items off of Jersey City’s busiest streets, which will make the entire moving process that much faster. So if your goal is to have a quick and stress-free relocation, our number is the one to dial.

With our movers from Jersey City, there won’t be a problem in sight

Don’t waste your time with the second-best movers Jersey City NJ has to offer. Instead, go straight for the gold by contacting Teddy Moving and Storage. Our job, as well as our pleasure, is to help you move with ease and simplicity. We will gladly handle your moving needs, no matter how complicated they might be. For a company as experienced as ours, nothing is too difficult or complicated. After all, we have more than ten years of experience in the moving industry, and we will put that experience to good use.

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