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When you hire a reputable moving company after doing some research, the payoff will be more than worth it. If you’re planning a move and trying to find reliable movers in New Jersey, but you don’t know where to look, know that you’re not alone. Everyone, at least once, heard bad stories about moving experiences at one point or another. To avoid telling these stories yourself, you must learn where to find reliable movers for New Jersey relocation. Unless you opted for a DYI move, finding a quality moving company you can trust should be a priority on your moving checklist if you have one. There are many great moving companies NYC can offer you, and Teddy Moving is one of them. With our simple tips for finding good movers in NYC, you’ll be more likely to find a company you can trust with your items and money.

The best and most simple tips for finding reliable movers for New Jersey relocation

Every person that’s about to move should know the best ways to find movers they can rely on. With a licensed, pro moving company, your items are in safe hands, and you’re safe from moving scams. Without further ado, let’s look at some ways to find and inspect the movers you are about to hire.

man thinking of how to find reliable movers for new jersey relocation
There are many ways to find reliable movers for New Jersey relocation, all you have to do is learn them!
  • Before anything, get moving estimates, as many as you can! The more you get, the better: however, three estimates are an alright number. Be wary of lowball estimates, and also be alert if the moving company gives you an estimate over the phone or online only. The company should ALWAYS send somebody to check out your home and discuss things in person.
  • Movers asking for large deposits are a huge red flag. Reputable movers Jersey City NJ has to offer shouldn’t ask for deposits that are more than 20% of the total moving estimate. Some companies won’t ask for deposits before moving day at all, either. A rule of thumb is to pay with your credit card so you can get your money back if the whole thing turns out to be a fraud.
  • FMCSA and DOT are your best friends when it comes to looking for interstate movers with a license. Using the Company Snapshot web page, you can check your company’s DOT and motor carrier numbers. Intrastate movers must be licensed by the State Division of Consumer Affairs, according to New Jersey’s State Law.
  • Another tactic to find good movers is checking reviews and ratings online, or ask for recommendations from friends or coworkers. Other people are a good source of info.

More common red flags found in fraudulent movers and scammers all over the globe

If your mover has no license and is not registered with BBB, you’ve most likely run into a scam scheme. To avoid becoming a victim of a scam, learn what scammers and legit movers often do so you can find reliable movers for New Jersey relocation without a problem.

blocks with the word "scam" on them
Learn how to stay safe from people who want to scam you!
  • A legit moving company, such as movers Hoboken NJ will be very thorough and take inventory of your possessions. This goes hand in hand with the fact that they’ll send at least one worker to do an in-person check-up.
  • Speaking of which, good estimators ask questions about what you plan to take from your current home. You should already have an approximate idea of what you will take with you.
  • On the moving company website, you should be able to find a physical address lying around somewhere. If you can’t find an actual office of the company, chances are it’s a scam company and you should stay away from it. Don’t hire them- hire us instead. Our office hours are from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm!
  • Aside from being able to find the company on verified websites, you should be able to see some awards on the mover’s website too. For example, when visiting our website and scrolling down, you’ll see that we’re an Accredited Business according to the Better Business Bureau. Look for things like these in other moving companies.
  • Expect extra fees everywhere, every time. Of course, there are times when movers Weehawken NJ has to offer just have to charge you extra. But even then, you MUST discuss everything with your movers, in detail. It’s normal to be charged more if you’re moving to or from a two-story house or building. However, it’s not normal for these fees to be out of the blue and with no prior warning.

All in all, finding reliable moving companies isn’t that hard

Time has passed and things have changed over the years. As easy as it is to run into a scam, luckily for you and many others, it’s also easy to find good movers you can trust. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a pleasant, good move. In case this happens to you, you might be thinking of what to do. Whether you’re the type of person to just search “movers NYC to NJ” and look at the first company or if you do thorough research before you hire, you can end up being unhappy with a move. If you have any troubles with your movers, just file a complaint with the BBB or FMCSA if it’s an interstate move. You may file a complaint with the American Moving & Storage Association also if the company is a part of it.

two movers loading up a van and using a checklist
It’s your right to be kept safe from scams and to have the best possible move ever.

Many people want to know where to find reliable movers for New Jersey relocation, so you are not alone. All movers and sites out there will tell you to look at the FMCSA database or to ask people around you. On top of that, once you learn what makes scammers and real movers different, it’ll be easy to tell who to trust. That being said, Teddy Moving is a company you can trust. Our movers have the right skills to move your home in no time. So, don’t waste any more of your precious time: call us and hire our movers today!