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Moving within the same borough is much easier than moving to another, city, state, or country. However, some things need to be done no matter the distance. Even when moving from Brownsville to Williamsburg, which are both in Brooklyn, you need good tips to make this move smooth. You probably want to know more about moving and storage NYC now that you’re planning a move. Teddy Moving and Storage is here to provide you with the best advice for your move.

Brownsville vs. Williamsburg

Brownsville is a residential neighborhood located in eastern Brooklyn. Most of the residents in this neighborhood are renting their apartments or homes. Only 14% of the inhabitants are owners. You can expect to see a lot of parks, coffee shops, and restaurants in Brownsville. It’s a diverse neighborhood where different races and ethnicities live together. Brownsville is considered to have fun nightlife. A downside of this neighborhood is that there is more crime than in other Brooklyn neighborhoods. This is the reason why gentrification hasn’t touched Brownsville much. In 2019, the median household income in this area was 32,940, about 55% less than the rest of the city. These are some of the reasons why movers in Brownsville have seen many moves from this area to another. On the other hand, Williamsburg is a bit different. We will talk about it more soon.

Skyline with buildings in New York City
Even though both are in Brooklyn, these two neighborhoods are quite different.

Why is Williamsburg different?

Williamsburg is another neighborhood in Brooklyn. In the recent past, this neighborhood has become one where fashion trends are emerging and pop culture is evolving. The community in Williamsburg is very laid back and creative. Most people living in this area go by the flow and let others do their thing. With a Brooklyn lifestyle but still close to Manhattan, this neighborhood is a great place to relocate to. If you enjoy events and activities that are ongoing all day and night, this is the place for you.

Also, if you like shopping, especially in boutiques that have hip and unique clothes, you’ll love Williamsburg. Neighborhoods closest to Williamsburg are Clinton Hill, Bed-Stuy, Greenpoint, and Bushwick. A lot of young and creative people are moving to this area. Some in hopes to kick start their careers and some simply because they like the spirit here. If you are one of them, movers Williamsburg NY is here to help you figure out your move.

Before moving from Brownsville to Williamsburg

Even though this is a short distance move that requires less planning and time than some other moves, it must be planned well. Hiring professional movers is what makes this simple, actually. You have plenty to choose from in this area, as moving companies Brooklyn offer great services and skilled movers. 

Packing before moving from Brownsville to Williamsburg
Before moving from Brownsville to Williamsburg, you should plan out the move.

If you’ve moved before, you probably know the drill. However, you’d be surprised how many people rush short distance moves and forget the most important things. Let’s talk about some important things to remember and do before moving from Brownsville to Williamsburg.

  • Before packing, remove all the items you don’t need. To make this more simple for everyone involved, it’s a very smart idea to either throw out or give away the things you think you won’t need. No matter if it’s clothes, kitchen supplies, furniture, or something else. If you don’t use an item or don’t like it anymore, don’t take it with you to your new home. Many people are sentimental and attached to items that are easily replaceable and they end up hoarding stuff they never wear or use.
  • Different rooms in different boxes. And mark it! Don’t just throw things in boxes as they come to you. Try to be organized and put things in order and sorted. You will thank yourself later. You don’t want to be set up in your new apartment and have to walk to different rooms at the same time. That’s why you should section the rooms with boxes and most importantly – mark every box so you don’t waste time discovering what is in each box.

What else should you do?

In addition to getting rid of unnecessary items and packing boxed in an organized manner, these are some more tips on what to do before moving from Brownsville to Williamsburg:

  • Cleaning after backing and before leaving. It’s very important to leave the place you’re moving from clean. If renting your apartment or house in Brownsville, make sure you leave it representable. In most cases, this also means getting your deposit back, so why not?! However, please keep in mind the first pack and move everything out of the place and then clean it. It makes it easier, quicker, and safer.
  • Canceling any subscriptions. If you had subscriptions coming to your door or registered to your Brownsville address, make sure to cancel or update that before moving from Brownsville to Williamsburg.
Girl moving boxes
Making packing and relocation easier for yourself by using simple tips can be very helpful.

What you should do when you move to Williamsburg

If you don’t feel like unpacking and setting everything up right away, that’s completely fine. It’s better that you take some time and get used to the new space and visualize where furniture and other items should go. You can do some walking around the place while residential movers Brooklyn deliver all your boxes. Since this neighborhood is a bit different from your old one, it’s a good idea to mingle around and get familiar with the area and the people. The good thing is that people in Williamsburg are relaxed and friendly, therefore this should not be an issue. You will make friends in no time.

Another thing you can do when you are done moving from Brownsville to Williamsburg and not in the mood to clean and set the thing up is shopping. Not just any shopping, though. We spoke about throwing replaceable items away. Now is the time to get new ones. Pots, pans, kitchen items, or anything else that you wanted to replace. Whatever you decide to do, you got this. Good luck with your move and enjoy your new neighborhood, it’s a cool one!