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So you’ve decided to move to a city that never sleeps. Welcome to Brooklyn, the home to some of the best music in the world and the place the tootsies rolls were invented.  In this article, we’ll focus on the top neighborhoods in Brooklyn for singles and young professionals. Teddy Moving and Storage would like to give you a free tour of these top neighborhoods. So stick until the end and enjoy the ride, let’s dive in.

Bushwick, one of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn for singles and young professionals

As of October, the median price of one bedroom apartment is $2,675 which is great for New York in general.  We picked this one because more and more people are pouring in from the rest of New York since rents in Manhattan and other “popular” parts are growing astronomically.  As you may already know, the post-pandemic inflation and the fossil fuel crisis are swirling out of control. Thus increasing the prices of rents and essential things like food and drinks.  Since living in Bushwick is more affordable, we predict that more and more people are going to use the services that professional movers Bushwick offers. In fact, many young singles and professionals are already moving in since February 2022. This is mostly due to the high costs of living as we’ve already talked about, but this way it’s creating a new place where young singles and professionals can meet and hang around.

Man and woman packing and thinking of neighborhoods in Brooklyn for singles and young professionals
Moving because of high rents is common in New York.

Bushwick is also great for commuting. So if you’re a commuter there is a subway and there are plenty of buses, so commuting is great. Now if you have to commute to somewhere like Manhattan it takes you about an hour or so. But that’s New York it’s always rush hour and it’s usually crowded all the time. You should also know that Bushwick doesn’t have a lot of tourists as Manhattan and the rest of the Brookly. Now if you’re a young single professional and you want to have a good time, visit the House of Yes. This is one of the most famous attractions in all of Brooklyn and it’s nearby.  You can also visit  Maria Hernandez Park which is known as the Central Part of Bushwick. Yet another good thing about Bushwick is The Buswich Collection, which is made of different street art.

Williamsburg is another great neighborhood in Brooklyn for singles and young professionals

Compared to the Bushwick the average rent for one bedroom apartment is $4,500/month. This is a high-end neighborhood if you ask any moving companies Brooklyn. Now, why is this place so attractive to your people? The first thing is that the whole of Williamsburg has that hip vibe around it. It’s filled with places where young people like to hang around. One of the places like this is the renowned Nitehawk Cinema, where you can see the latest indie movies. Also, you can enjoy truffle-flavored popcorn or duck tacos, which are both incredible. Spectacle Theater is yet another popular thing among young professionals and singles. It is a microcinema, so if you’ve never felt something like this you have to try it it’s super cool. Here you can watch a lot of B-rated movies from across the globe which is hard to find.

A vintage bike and an open suitcase;
Williamsburg is vintage heaven;

Like most movers Williamsburg NY, we can see young people coming in for shopping. Young professionals and singles like shopping and if you’re one of them stick till the end. So the first thing about shopping in Williamsburg is that it adds a new layer to the shopping experience.  If you’re up for vintage things you should move to Williamsburg. There is the famous Awoke Village, Narnia Village, and Monk Village, just to name a few. If you’re a fan of good beer then Skinny Dennis is one of the places to visit. Now there are plenty of restaurants in Williamsburg that you should visit as well. So visit places such as:

  • Radegast Hall & Biergarten restaurant
  • Go on some Ghost Tours (Halloween)
  • The Four Horseman, Night of Joy, and Fresh Kills (bars)
  • The Brooklyn Bridge

Last but not least is Boerum Hill

Boerum Hill is a Brooklyn neighborhood filled with singles and young professionals. As the median rent goes it’s $3,500 for a one-bedroom apartment. This is good because it’s somewhere between Williamsburg and Bushwick when it comes to rent prices. But for two-bedroom apartments, the price is $5,290 which 11% decrease since 2021. Local movers Brooklyn will tell you that more people of all ages are moving here, but mostly young professionals. One thing that is particularly popular here is art, so if you’re into galleries then this is your part of Brooklyn. If you’re into spas one of the best-ranked is the Tres Belle Spa and it has 4.8 stars on Google reviews.

An apartment building;
Boerum Hill is one of the top three neighborhoods in Brooklyn for singles and young professionals.

For young pros who are into interior design and in particular industrial design check out the cityFoundry. It has a lot of chick ideas and it’s based on 20th-century culture and design. So if you’re up for a challenge you can start your career here as well. If you are up for some drawing classes or performances please visit the Invisible Dog Art Center this is an art space for all kinds of artists. Previously this was a Walt Disney factory that produced belts for the invisible dog trick. On the ground floor, you can see all kinds of performances, a store, public events, and exhibitions.

Thank you for reading this article and we hope that you found it useful. These were our top neighborhoods in Brooklyn for singles and young professionals. If you need any moving tips our reliable residential movers Brooklyn are at your disposal. So contact us through the website or call us! Also, there are a lot of free tips in our blog section. Have a safe and smooth move!