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You have come to the right place if you decided that you are moving from Weehawken to Jersey City. If you stepped to the West Side of Manhattan and looked across the Hudson River, you would have seen Jersey City. A little-known fact is, that with a population of close to 265,000, this is the second-largest city in the state of New Jersey. It’s also reachable with a train from New York City, so you can take advantage of all that city has to offer, without having to pay the high real estate costs associated with living in the city. Once you got the help of movers Weehawken NJ, and settled, we can help you with this guide to making your life easier.

Reasons for moving from Weehawken to Jersey City

Jersey City might be a good fit for people from Weehawken for several reasons. People of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from it. A growing number of young people and small families are moving into the city as a result of gentrification and changing neighborhoods. All year long, residents can enjoy a diverse range of fun activities in this city.

Waterfront of Jersey City
Jersey City can be an affordable and safe place that you can call home

As far as safety and affordability go, Jersey City is a good choice. The safety and affordability of an area will, as with most cities, depend on the part of town you live in. The city still shares some characteristics with Brooklyn, including its tree-lined avenues, brownstones, and cafes. Some folks from Weehawken migrate to Jersey City in order to be closer to their workplace. If you found yourself by reading this, make sure to contact Teddy Moving and Storage, as we will provide the best service to make your relocation as easy as possible.

Last but not least, people could be drawn to Jersey City by the tax loophole. Those who live in New Jersey may be able to save money on their monthly taxes. Even though you live in New York City, you will not be subject to NYC taxes. One of the perks of Jersey City’s lifestyle is that you don’t have to compromise on luxury, ease, or consistency. There is a similarity between Jersey City’s facilities and those in NYC, such as the ability to walk to local grocery stores rather than drive. And one of the biggest pluses, you are just a tunnel away!

Living in Jersey city

It’s an exciting time to live in Jersey City because it’s rapidly expanding! As a resident of Jersey City, you can enjoy all that this beautiful city has to offer in a healthy and inexpensive neighborhood. Downtown Jersey City and The Heights have a lot of entertainment options for you if you plan to live there. Here are some more options if you still haven’t decided on the neighborhood:

  • The Waterfront, especially if you are moving from Weehawken to Jersey City
  • Journal Square, west of Downtown
  • residential Bergen-Lafayette
  • West Side
  • Greenville

Cost of living after moving from Weehawken to Jersey City

Jersey City is more cost-effective in all areas: rent, hotels, restaurants, and utilities. One-bedroom apartments in Jersey City are estimated to rent for around $2500 per month, while the average price of the same size apartment in Weehawken is around $3000. There are, however, a number of different options for accommodation and affordability in the city. Numerous amenities can be found in Jersey City’s high-rise apartment complexes, including man-made beaches, swimming pools, gyms, and concierge services.

Skyline that mimics Manhattan is a reason for moving from Weehawken to Jersey City
The city offers fun activities with a beautiful waterfront, so if you are moving from Weehawken to Jersey City, check it out

Ellis Island and downtown Manhattan can both be seen from these viewpoints. The residences or apartments may be beautifully decorated or recently renovated, making life very convenient. There are more accessible parts of Jersey City. There are better rates in Greenville, Jersey City’s southernmost section. One of the most popular Greenville neighborhoods is Country Village.

There are Victorian-style townhouses available to rent in Bergen-Lafayette next to Greenville. Bergen-Lafayette has many areas with views of the Liberty Statue, including Liberty State Park. Various communities in Jersey City offer better public safety than others, so pay close attention to the communities you like. Once you have decided, movers in New Jersey will help you settle in and you will call this place your new home in no time!

Transportation in the city

You can get to Jersey city quickly via the public transportation system. there’s little need to own a vehicle if you need to commute every day to Manhattan or back home to Weehawken. Get around locally using the NJ Transit Bus and Citi Bikes. You can also travel to NYC via the New York Waterway Ferry. More eco-friendly and efficient ways to transport people in Jersey City are constantly being explored, so there will always be more in the future. Jersey City offers excellent opportunities for those wishing to exercise outdoors since it is a very walkable city. Hiking and biking trails surround the waterfront, so make sure to take yourself on a tour.

Cars parked in front of a building
In Jersey City, more than a third of households do not own vehicles and transportation is very reliable

Schools in Jersey city

As more families move to the area, the city’s public school system is expanding and changing, according to a report from the New York Times several years ago. An excellent public school is located in Jersey City, New Jersey. Dr. Ronald E. McNair’s Academic High School ranks third in the province. There are many parochial schools in Jersey City that require uniforms.

Higher education is available at several public colleges. The state funds Hudson County Community College and Jersey City University, so make sure to check out both of them. If you decided to hire movers Jersey City NJ and decided that you will be moving from Weehawken to Jersey City and relocating your family, you made the right choice! Your kids won’t lack education and they will be super close to the Big Apple.