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The reasons for moving to Queens are endless. Even more so in the year to come. Young professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds flock to Queens. Queens is the most diverse urban area in the world, as no major ethnic group holds a majority share of the population. Housing is more affordable than in NYC, so it’s not strange that there are Queens neighborhoods people will be moving to in 2022. Before you hire one of the moving companies Queens offers, check out our list below.

About Queens and affordable living

Now that people are mostly working from home, New Yorkers are looking for more affordable living. Queens has many options to choose from. If you are looking into moving, check out Teddy Moving and Storage list of Queens neighborhoods to move in 2024:

  • The industrial neighborhood of Long Island City
  • Forest Hills witch is perfect for starting a family
  • The flower oasis – Astoria
  • Kew Gardens, as one of the top Queens neighborhoods people will be moving to

It can be difficult to find your way around Queens. You might need a few tries to get the hang of it. New York City was a coalesce before Queens was officially incorporated. A street address system was impossible due to miles of farmland and uncultivated forests. The Villages of Queens became neighborhoods in 1898 after Queens became part of New York City. Nevertheless, if you get lost you’re certain to find someone to help. After Queens residential movers settle you in, take time to walk around and get to know the city.

City skyline and a moving train
Apartments in Queens are spacious and the proximity to parks is what attracts many to move

We recommend that you look into all the neighborhoods listed below and possibly visit every single one of them. You need the feel their vibe and get the know the community before you decide on moving. Only when you are set on the part of Queens you will move into, like Flushing, check out moving companies Flushing NY, and ask for more details on the move, cost, and a time frame when you can be settled.

Long Island City

Overlooking Newtown Creek, it is located just north of Greenpoint. Long Island City is ideal for those wanting to live minutes from Midtown Manhattan. Long Island City was an independent city in the 1870s with a mayor but became a part of New York City in the late 1890s. There are many restaurants, bars, and breweries throughout the city, so it’s perfect for young people. In today’s market, buyers looking at properties will have a choice of high-rise luxury condominiums to choose from.

Long Island as one of the Queens neighborhoods people will be moving to
Lond Island City is only 10 minutes away from Manhattan with a train, this makes it a popular neighborhood in Queens

Further inland, family people can move into brick houses, which are usually multi-family homes. If you don’t like sharing, overlooking newly-constructed parks,  you can find lofty condo units rising above the waterfront. Long Island City is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, but it is pretty expensive.

Forest Hills

New York City’s Forest Hills neighborhood is primarily residential and lies in the central portion of Queens. Forest Hills is home to over 88,000 residents, a rich historical legacy, and classic old-time restaurants. The neighborhood is beautiful from the outside, but it also hides much hidden under its surface, which is waiting to be discovered. Make sure to contact movers Forest Hills NY if this is the neighborhood that you decided on.


Public transportation is one of the best in Queens, as Forest Hills are connected to all parts of Manhattan, Elmhurst, Brooklyn via bus or the faster transit system, the New York City subway. Additionally, there are two commuter rail stations on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) in the neighborhood. You will be able to live more affordably, but also very close to the Big Apple, so you won’t feel like you are missing out.


Astoria has some of the most picturesque city blocks you can imagine. There is a thriving Greek community in this area. Like Long Island City, this is very close to Manhattan. The price of homes has skyrocketed since the early 2000s, but it’s still more affordable than other Queens neighborhoods. Most homes are built before the War and gardens blooming with roses surround single-family homes. Some of the attractions in Astoria are Beer gardens and Kaufman Movie Studios, so when you have friends or family for a visit, you will enjoy every square inch of it. So, if you feel like going for a Gyro or strolling through this flower oasis, check out potential homes and see if you can picture yourself living here.

Astoria home
With its beautiful bricked homes, Astoria is one of the Queens neighborhoods people will be moving to in 2022

Let us now forget Kew Gardes as one of Queens neighborhoods people will be moving to

Leave the best for last- Kew Gardens. Our top suggestion for the year 2024. New York City’s Kew Gardens has a population of 20,907 and is located in the borough of Manhattan. A typical Kew Gardens home is a rental, where residents enjoy a dense urban setting. So we know that you won’t have a problem with buying or renting a home here.


Many coffee shops, bars, and restaurants are located in Kew Gardens. It has an above-average public school system, so if you are moving with your family or looking to start a family here, you are in the right place. There is a sense of organic history in the neighborhood, although it is completely planned. Kew Gardens offers a sense of place, a relationship with nature, one that makes residents feel proud. It’s a fantastic experience that makes grocery shopping seem like a leisurely stroll.


If you are choosing from some of the Queens neighborhoods people will be moving to, Kew Gardens is great for families. There are many schools to choose from as we all Gifted and Talented programs, so don’t miss out.