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When deciding where to move, many people take New Jersey into consideration. When you give it a second thought, New Jersey has a lot to offer, from fantastic weather to numerous attractions. However, a summer relocation in New Jersey can have a few drawbacks as well. The most famous con of living in New Jersey is the unusually high living cost. However, with careful planning and smart decisions, and with the help of moving and storage NYC, you can move to NJ without any major troubles. To help you decide whether a summer relocation in NJ is for you, here’s a list of pros and cons.

A summer relocation in NJ will offer you a glimpse of many diverse lifestyles

Many people come to New Jersey solely for the range of lifestyles it offers. For those looking for a fancy villa in which to spend their hard-earned retirement, NJ has you covered. For others, who want to live a bit more isolated life and get in touch with nature, New Jersey offers a lot of options. On the other hand, if you’re coming from NYC and looking for a more relaxed life, NJ might be for you. With the help of movers NYC to NJ, you will be enjoying your new peaceful life in New Jersey in no time.

A cityscape photo, with a Ferris wheel
New Jersey offers diverse lifestyles, perfect for a summer relocation in NJ

A benefit of living in NJ is the closeness to everything

New Jersey is overpacked with all kinds of interesting attractions, fun activities, and lush resorts. And the best thing, thanks to NJ being a relatively small state, you can easily reach all of them. Another benefit is the proximity of major attractions in neighboring states as well. With a few stops at gas stations, your summer relocation in NJ can effortlessly be enriched with experiences. So, while movers Englewood NJ are preparing your new home for you, feel free to take a break and relax in one of many close attractions.

A summer relocation in NJ will fill your summertime with culture

When saying ‘New Jersey’ many people immediately think about the dreamy beaches and fun activities. However, NJ offers nothing short then top-notch culture and art. Some of the most popular museums are:

  • Cape May Lighthouse – A restored lighthouse offers you a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean
  • Silverball Museum Arcade – A mesmerizing collection of retro arcade games
  • The Newark Museum of Art – Has one of the best collections of Native American Art
  • Ripley’s Believe It or Not! – A popular interactive museum

As you can see, New Jersey has a lot of art and culture to show. All this will certainly make that relocation to New Jersey more desirable.

The inside of a museum
NJ has a lot of museums

If you are moving with a family, a summer relocation in NJ perfect for you

During the last few years, the crime rate in New Jersey has been plummeting. This has made NJ a target for families, making this place even safer. A lot of people from NYC do a summer relocation in NJ, looking for a better place for their children. With the help of movers in New Jersey, you too can enjoy a much more comfortable life with your kids.

Furthermore, New Jersey offers very respectable school choices, which is another advantage for family life. Apart from great educational institutes, there are also a lot of family-friendly activities, which will enrich the childhood of your kids. NJ also has one of the best health care systems. Going through a summer relocation in New Jersey will grant you access to one of the best medical facilities in all of the USA.

On the other hand, NJ has a lot of traffic jams

We’ve already said how NJ is relatively small and how you can reach everything easily. Well, when you place such a high number of people in such a small space, transportation problems will happen. Traffic jams occur daily, so if you aren’t used to them, give a second thought to your summer relocation in NJ. Especially if you’re commuting to NYC or Philadelphia. The thing that makes these traffic jams even worse is the constant road construction.

A traffic jam, which is a turn-off for a summer relocation in NJ
Traffic jams are a daily occurrence in New Jersey

When doing a summer relocation in New Jersey, be prepared to meet a lot of people

New Jersey has the biggest population density of all the states. While this heavily contributes to constant traffic jams and road congestion, you’ll be encountering crowds almost every time you head out. If being around so many people isn’t your thing, try to find a place to live in the suburbs. Movers Weehawken NJ will help you on that front. However, sometimes even the suburbs won’t offer you peace of mind. Most NJ cities are merged together. Doing a summer relocation will leave you confused at the start. Usually, you can’t even tell when you’ve left one town and entered the other.

New Jersey has one of the highest living costs

NJ has among the highest living costs in the country. Sometimes, living in New Jersey can be 50% more expensive than in the other parts of the country. This means that renting a place to live can reach sky-high prices. Groceries and tickets to attractions are also expensive. All this can negatively impact your summer relocation in NJ, so think in advance. It doesn’t help that the taxes in NJ are higher than those of any other state in the region.


Living in New Jersey might seem desirable, especially when you think of all the fun activities and diverse lifestyles this state offers. However, when doing a summer relocation in NJ, there are a lot more factors that need to be taken into consideration. NJ has unusually high taxes and living costs, and such a high population density is a turn-off for many people.