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Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs of New York City and makes up Kings County. Its length is about 200 km. Therefore, the borough of Brooklyn had more free development space than Manhattan. Here it is much freer because Brooklyn did not grow in height, but in width – today it resembles an average American city in which it is pleasant to live. You will not go wrong if you decide to relocate with the help of one of the best moving companies NYC has on offer. Modern Brooklyn is characterized by original architecture, the presence of museums, and interesting neighborhoods, each of which has its own life. If you are planning a trip, we will suggest places to visit in Brooklyn. The best time for it is spring, especially the month of May, or autumn from September to November.

A suggestion of must-see places in Brooklyn

A couple of our suggestions – places that you must visit if you are going to Brooklyn, for tourism or moving. Once you finish your move swiftly using the services of movers Dumbo NY, you can start the sightseeing:

  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Botanical Garden
  • Coney Island
  • Brooklyn Heights

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the must-see places in Brooklyn

This imposing bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn and belongs to a long list of world-famous New York attractions. The bridge was completed in 1883 and is one of the oldest bridges of its type in the United States. It has a wide and well-arranged pedestrian level above the road, where pedestrians and cyclists can easily cross from one part of the city to another. The walk takes about 40 minutes and provides beautiful views of the skyline of Manhattan’s skyscrapers.

Brooklyn Bridge, one of the places you should visit in Brooklyn
The Brooklyn Bridge is a must-see in Brooklyn

It is one of the many symbols of New York, it has been seen on postcards, in movies and series, and the place from where visitors take the most beautiful photos of the city is the Brooklyn Bridge. With the help of moving companies Brooklyn residents recommend, even when you are moving, you will be able to enjoy walking across the bridge, knowing that the move is in the right and safe hands.

The bridge is also popular for hanging love padlocks on every meter. In addition to being useful, because it connects two New York municipalities, the bridge is a miracle and a masterpiece of architecture. It is the first bridge in the world that is entirely made of steel.

Botanical Garden

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden was built back in 1910, and it looks like an unusual museum in which the exhibits are constantly changing. There are always new shapes and colors in the garden. In big cities, such as New York, the concrete jungle leaves no room for plants, so botanical gardens are small oases and the only connection with nature. Hiring movers Bushwick to make your move as easy as possible, you can start exploring the gardens as well as the rest of Brooklyn.

In this garden, diverse landscapes, gardens, rose gardens, as well as an alley of Japanese cherry blossoms, which during the flowering in spring, paint the entire area with shades of pink. The garden covers an area of ​​20 hectares and more than ten thousand different plant species are in it. The garden is great for numerous activities, including yoga, as a form of relaxation in nature. It has thirteen gardens, many flower collections, and a conservatory.

On winter days, visitors prefer to walk through the desert pavilion. Within the garden, there is also an aromatic garden, which was planted specifically for people with impaired vision because visitors can feel them with their sense of smell. The Visitor Center building, built in an unusual curved style, has a special place. The center’s roof is green and has a rainwater collection system, so water consumption is minimal. The heating of the entire building is using thermal mass, which is one of the conditions of sustainability. The walls of the building are glass, so the light inside the building is natural.

Botanical gardens in Brooklyn
Botanical gardens, one of the best places to visit in Brooklyn

Coney Island – an attraction that lasts for decades

Popular for its amusement parks and thrill rides, Coney Island is also known for its refreshing sea breeze and famous hot dogs. Definitely, one of the places to visit in Brooklyn. For more than a hundred years, tourists and New Yorkers have flocked to Coney Island, a peninsula in the Atlantic Ocean south of Brooklyn. Coney Island is only half a kilometer wide, but this “seaside amusement park” has been offering huge entertainment since the early 19th century.

Coney Island’s most famous and biggest attraction is the giant Cyclone Rollercoaster, built in 1927, which has become a national treasure. At a speed of about 100 km/h and in 110 seconds, the train covers a distance of 800 meters. While the Ferris Wheel is Coney Island’s most recognizable landmark, it has been family-owned since it opened in 1920.

In addition to the fun, there is an ocean beach that is almost five kilometers long. Tourists and New Yorkers love to escape the summer heat here. For many New Yorkers, Coney Island, especially Nathan’s, has a nostalgic streak. Nathan’s Hot Dog opened in 1916 and has been serving hot dogs and fries year-round since then. Coney Island, with its unique blend of nostalgia and excitement. It will be in full swing in September when the leaves begin to turn golden.

roller coaster
Visit Coney Island with your family.

Brooklyn Heights

The boardwalk, which towers over the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, looks more like the deck of a cruise ship sailing off the shores of Manhattan than a man-made esplanade. It offers the best view of lower Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and the Brooklyn Bridge, which is the easiest to get to. Old houses with front gardens facing the river are something that will certainly not leave you indifferent. The western part of Brooklyn Heights is located on the banks of the East River. Brooklyn Heights is a beautiful and expensive house. Brooklyn Heights is the most European and luxurious area of ​​Brooklyn. West of Brooklyn Heights is the boardwalk, a favorite place to walk. It is a kind of “top”, which is located above two levels of the road.

People who work in Manhattan live here – financiers, brokers, economists, and bankers. Brooklyn Heights is popular with tourists for its cafes, restaurants, and pubs (the best Irish pubs in Brooklyn). With its evening and nightlife, this area is reminiscent of Greenwich Village. If you come as a tourist, come to Brooklyn Heights early in the morning and stay until late at night. Then you will have the opportunity to see the amazing sunrise and sunset over Manhattan with your own eyes. If you have decided to move to a place like this, in addition to the money you will spend on movers Williamsburg NY, prepare yourself for a larger amount of money that you have to allocate for this area. Brooklyn Heights is one of the most expensive and most comfortable places in New York.

We hope to have given you an idea of some of the places to visit in Brooklyn. There are of course plenty of other attractions for you to see. But you will do your research according to your preference.