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Queens is one of the most beautiful parts of New York City. It’s well-known for its rich history, interesting architecture, it’s vibes, and for its community. It was founded as New Netherland by the Dutch and became part of the local history of colonization and emancipation. Nowadays, it’s the second biggest (in terms of size) and most populated borough in the entirety of the city. It’s also hugely diverse, with no ethnic group forming a clear majority in the city. That’s why it has become one of the most attractive parts for newcomers from all over looking to relocate to NYC.  According to moving and storage NYC there are many places to visit after moving to Queens, too, and for a good reason! Thanks to its history and diversity, anyone can find a part of their roots and ancestry there.

Check out the Meadows Corona Park in Flushing!

This one took the world stage during the 1964 world fair in New York. One of the best-known parts of Flushing, it attracts a lot of visitors each year. Also in the same park, you can find the Museum of Art which features a scale model of the City of New York, the Queens Theater and Zoo, and more! It’s a perfect place to spend an entire day at. Thanks to its size and diversity of content and activities, you can bring your whole family or friends. There is a lot to see, and do, and quite a few places to sit down for a good meal or a few drinks. It even hosts the US Open Grand Slam tennis tournament!

two man by the lake, one of the best places to visit after moving to Queens
Try out new hobbies, such as fishing at the local Meadows Corona Park!

Next to it is Meadow Lake, the largest fishable freshwater body in New York City. So, if you’re a fan of fishing this might be your future favorite spot, with everything combined. These are all great opportunities for a family picnic, or even just for a quick run next to the late. There are lots of people wanting to relocate to Flushing or Queens in general. That’s why a lot of moving companies Flushing NY offers are receiving lots of calls for this particular part of the city. It’s a great idea to move exactly into this neighborhood, but visiting is also a great idea. Spending an entire day at the park will feel easy when considering all the things you can do.

The Church-in-the-Gardens is a great spot to visit in Forest Hills, Queens

For all those loving a good trip back into the past, this one is going to be a great opportunity for sightseeing. Dated back to the early 1900s, the Church-in-the-Gardens belongs to the Congregational church branch of Christianity. The Church is still active and has many believers attending its services. While that means it’s not really something like a historical museum, it is still a beautiful place worth seeing in Forest Hills. It’s certainly one of the better places to visit after moving to Queens. The Church is also not too far away from Meadow and Willow Lakes, making it a great chance to see a lot in a single day. You can also visit the nearby Forest Park, with lots of trails for walking.

Forest Hills is also one of the most sought parts of Queens. Lots of people move here each year, thanks to its beautiful architecture, great housing options, and low crime rates. Our professional movers Forest Hills NY based offer professional relocation services to this area. The area mostly consists of single-family houses, but it is also decorated with many Tudor-era-style housing options. There are many chances to rent, making it even more perfect for everyone seeking to relocate to Queens.

A group of people walking in the forest trail.
Try out walking in the nearby Forest Park, which is close to the Church-in-the-Gardens.

Sunnyside is a great place to visit after moving to Queens for its unique historical aspects

Sunnyside is one of the best places to visit in Queens. Thanks to its rich history, it used to be known for its Irish residents who populated the area. Nowadays, you’re also likely to find a ton of different nationalities and ethnicities living together in this little part of Queens. It also boasts a small historical district that resembles the style of old-English villages, making it a great one-day visit. Finding such a spot in New York City is pretty hard, with all the skyscrapers, buildings, and everything else!

Not only does the neighborhood offer a lot for sightseeing, but there are also numerous reasons why you might want to live exactly there when thinking about moving to Queens. A lot of movers Sunnyside NY based receive a lot of calls for this place. While the neighborhood is particularly attractive to foreigners, it’s experiencing a boom when it comes to domestic movers, too. That’s because of its interesting location in comparison to the rest of Queens and NYC, but also its architecture, loveable community, and good housing options.

Two friends spending time together.
Go out and meet new friends and people in Sunnyside, as it’s one of the most diverse places to visit after moving to Queens!

Conclusion: what places to visit after moving to Queens

As Queens is one of the most popular parts of New York City, there’s definitely a lot to see and do. If you just moved here, try visiting stuff you haven’t had back in your old town or city. That way, you’re going to experience something new and unique. Also, try out new things in NYC! The city has a really diverse set of options for you. No matter if you like future-looking buildings or some that remind you of the 19th century – you can probably find them in NYC. Even more important, you can probably find those in Queens, as well! And thanks to the sheer size, NYC cannot be boring. If you ever end up visiting all the cool places in Queens, just hop on and see what, for example, Brooklyn has to offer.

Queens is the most ethnically diverse urban area in the entire world. Therefore, you should create a list of Places to visit after moving to Queens. Not only will you experience the unique touch of NYC, but also of many other world cultures and traditions. There, in the heart of NYC and the US, you will find people from all continents around the globe. It’s no wonder that almost all movers Queens are super busy with all the calls for potential relocations. Many people see the great opportunity this borough offers and decide to take it.