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Do you ever want to be able to walk around everywhere? While many cities are like that abroad, a lot aren’t in the United States. However, there are exceptions! Some cities are just perfect for long walks, either just for fun or to even do shopping. There are a number of them in New Jersey. If you’re looking to relocate there, you’re going to appreciate this list of the most pedestrian friendly places in NJ. That will help you make a better decision about your move, and help you select your city of choice. Moving can be exhausting, and pinpointing the exact place you want to relocate to can be hard. There are so many to choose from! Luckily, moving companies NYC offers can help you make the right decisions for you and your family. Moving was never so prevalent and easier, so use that to your advantage.

Jersey City makes the list of the top pedestrian places in NJ for a reason

With just a little bit less than 300,000 residents, Jersey City is a well-known metropolis coming out of New Jersey. Manufacturing, shipping, and distribution hub for the ports of New Jersey and New York, it’s well known for the fact it’s part of the New York metropolitan area. In Jersey City, you may have greater space, parking, upscale amenities, and breathtaking vistas for less money than in New York City. You’re going to be able to enjoy great walking opportunities in the city, but also in Manhattan. Thanks to the proximity, you’re going to be able to enjoy both places and take the advantage of each one. A pedestrian mall has been installed on Newark Avenue in Jersey City between Grove Street and Erie Street.

People walking near a building in NJ
It’s a great habit to walk everywhere and it’s super healthy.

The Heights, Journal Square, the Jersey City Waterfront, and Historic Downtown frequently receive excellent reviews when it comes to the best neighborhoods in the city. If you’re looking to relocate there, try researching the local prices to see if it’s a good fit for you. Moreover, you can always contact one of the movers Jersey City NJ offers, and ask about moving quotes. A great thing about Jersey City is its transportation system. If you need to travel every day, you actually don’t need to buy a car. Over fifty percent of the city uses it each day to go to work – which is one of the highest numbers in the entire US.

Weehawken is totally different – but that is why you’re going to like it

Weehawken is radically different from Jersey City. It has only about 17,000 people, which makes it a really small community. These tend to be much closer together when it comes to neighbors and so on. That’s why one of the most pedestrian friendly places in NJ is exactly here. Larger cities tend to be overcrowded and polluted with traffic – something which isn’t true for the smaller towns. Another factor that makes Weehawken appealing is its proximity to Manhattan. By bus, it’s a direct path to the Lincoln Tunnel, and buses run continuously through it. Commuters can alternatively take a boat or the Light Rail to the Hoboken PATH station.

A couple walking and talking about pedestrian friendly places in NJ
Some of the most pedestrian friendly places in NJ are the smaller communities – they’re just perfect and small enough that you have everything a walk away.

There are plenty of opportunities for walking within the city, and there’s also Lincoln Harbor Park. Many people are leaving the expensive New York City and moving here because of its proximity to NYC and its great friendly pedestrian areas for walking. With the current crisis and inflation, it’s no wonder movers Wehawkeen NJ offers are working around the clock to relocate a lot of people. And thanks to the fact it’s super close to NYC, the relocation costs are going to be really low. If you book in advance, you can probably move for a silly amount. Don’t miss this opportunity if you like smaller laid-back places that still offer great cities nearby for work and education. Start researching online to see if it’s a good fit.

A middle-ground choice – Hoboken is one of the most pedestrian friendly places in NJ

If you like a small community, but not as small as Wehawkeen is – you’re going to like this one. It’s also super close to NYC and part of New York’s metropolitan area – but it has around 60,000 residents. It’s one of the most densely populated areas in the US – so expect a lot of people, and not so much space. That can seem contradictory – how can it be a great place for walking if there’s not enough space in the first place? It’s actually the other way! Since everything is so densely located, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do your day-to-day activities within a walking distance. That’s why people simply love this city. The local market prices are great, and you can always find work in NYC which is a good plus. That’s been really popular during the past few years.

A car with the English Queen Elizabeth II on it parked
Even though parking here can be a mess, you can walk everywhere.

And just as with other places on this list, many people are choosing to relocate here. Leaving the larger cities is somewhat of a big trend right now, and people simply low how nice Hoboken is. Just remember to research the local parking laws and rules! For moving trucks, deliveries, and unloading your car, you’ll need temporary no-parking signs. They’ve prohibited double parking, as well. Lots of people who hire movers Hoboken NJ complain about this. But there’s nothing to worry about. Just prepare in advance and you’re going to be in a really good position. Lots of people park in Hoboken each day – how confusing can it be? And think about it this way – you’re looking for pedestrian friendly places in NJ, not those with great parking options!