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In recent years, Long Island City, Queens has become one of New York City’s hottest neighborhoods. It’s a major manufacturing center just across the East River from Manhattan. Residents looking for a place to escape New York’s high rent can find refuge in this lovely town. Professional movers NYC can help you with moving from Bushwick to Long Island City. This way you will see a new side of the Big Apple. The uniqueness of this neighborhood is one of the many reasons to check it out.

Why you should be moving from Bushwick to Long Island City

Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood is one of the northernmost areas. The neighborhood is in close proximity to historic Brooklyn neighborhoods and is an excellent location. However, Long Island City is much closer to Manhattan. The N and W trains are only 20 minutes away from Midtown and 30 minutes away from Downtown, so commuters don’t have to spend their lives on the train. As a resident of LIC, you can link with New York on your own conditions, and you can get away from its pressure when you need to. In conclusion, here are our top reasons why you should hire one of the moving companies Brooklyn offers and relocate:

  • proximity to Manhattan, New York
  • Generally, Long Island City is a safer neighborhood
  • If you are about to move from Bushwick to Long Island City, you won’t have to spend more on rent
Air view of Long Island City
Long Island City is a neighborhood with the fastest growth in New York City

Difference between Bushwick and Long Island City

Living in Bushwick has its perks. Residents from all over the world are moving to Bushwick due to its lower cost of living. The neighborhood also benefits from the neighboring Williamsburg. That’s a culturally and artistically rich neighborhood that rivals Bushwick. Public transportation is well developed in the city. However, residential areas have a higher crime rate. That said, this could be one of the reasons why someone would be relocating away from Bushwick.


Long Island City is the place to move and be if you are working or planning to work in Manhattan. As a family-friendly neighborhood, it is also filled with activities that you and your children can enjoy. Enjoy the fresh air and nature at many outdoor venues like Creative Little Garden, Queensbridge Park, and Gantry Plaza State Park. You can enjoy an amazing view of Manhattan’s midtown skyline, including the Empire State Building.

Don’t worry about rent when moving from Bushwick to Long Island City

Formerly an industrial neighborhood, the area is now filled with picturesque residential blocks such as the historical 45th Ave, high-rise buildings, and converted factories. Consequently, it’s harder to find pre-war buildings in this area because most residential buildings are newer. Long Island City has an average rent of $3,500 per month while Bushwick rent is about $3,000 per month. It might seem like a big difference, but when you could it the proximity to Manhattan, especially if you are working in downtown New York, the price difference won’t bother you. Once you chose the perfect apartment and decided on relocating, call movers Bushwick to help and get you settled.

Pepsi Cola sign
If you are moving from Bushwick to Long Island City, don’t miss out on Pepsi Cola sign in Gantry Plaza State Park

What to do after the move?

If you were lucky enough to start your new life in Long Island City, you need a guide to get your first months through. It might be hard to leave your old neighborhood, but once you get to know all the beauties of LIC, you will forget all about it. There are lots of museums, art galleries, and studio spaces in the area. It is also known for its waterfront parks and arts community. To get to know the city, try visiting some of these.


One of the places that people from all over come to Long Island is The Museum of Modern Art, commonly known as MoMA. Besides cocktail bars and nightclubs, there is also plenty of nightlife to enjoy. Additionally, there are a number of famous restaurants and eateries in the area, like John Brown Smokehouse, a barbecue restaurant.

Schools and transport

If you moved with your family and kids, you will like the fact that there are fifteen schools in Long Island City. Additionally, there are many high schools offering specialized programs. If you have older children, or if you are interested in higher education, LIC is a home to LaGuardia Community College, City University of New York School of Law, and others.

Moving from Bushwick to Long Island City requires a moving company
Moving can be hard, so getting professional help is always a good idea

Midtown is also only one subway stop away in LIC, so there are plenty of transportation options available there. In the neighborhood, you will find 8 subway lines and 13 bus lines. Long Island City parks are also accessible by the East River Ferry. If needed, New York City airports are also very close.

Choosing a moving company for moving to Long Island City

If you are relocating from Bushwick to Long Island City, you will need local movers to help you relocate. Local Long Island City movers know their way around time, and this will come in handy on the day of the move. They will know the streets and where to park, so you won’t have to worry about one more thing in the whole process. When you are searching for the perfect professional help, ask around to get the best recommendations.


You can always have the movers visit your home and access how long will the moving take, what will be stored, and what will be brought directly to your new apartment. You will also get to know the crew and see who will be handling all your valuables. This is an important step and we recommend that you don’t skip it. Once you agreed on all the steps, get everything in writing. When the day comes, and you start moving from Bushwick to Long Island City, you will be all set.