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If you are a proud owner of a hair salon, we have great news: moving can be a fun and smooth process. It only takes a couple of things for the relocation to go smoothly: a good plan, a trusted moving company’s help, and solid advice from professionals. Teddy Moving and Storage NYC offer commercial moving services to anyone interested in moving a hair salon to Astoria (and beyond). There are also packing options to consider before your move. Without delay, let us look into the tips on moving a hair salon with efficiency and expertise!

What to consider first when moving a hair salon to Astoria?

Relocating your hair salon can seem overwhelming at first. It is a good idea to find trusted and reputable Astoria NY movers if you are relocating to the area. This step can make you feel much safer. Knowing your personal belongings will be taken care of in the best possible manner can take the stress away.

shampoo bottles and hair products aligned on shelves
Choosing the right packaging solutions for all your hair products can make a big difference in the relocation.

You might start wondering about many things as you take on your moving preparations. Where to begin? How to get all those things packed and transferred to the new location? What will the new salon look like? Questions such as these can make the preparation process seem like a big obstacle. Thus, it is very important to do your best to stay calm. Making a plan is going to be one of your first steps of moving a hair salon to Astoria. You can write down all your worries, tasks you can think of, or even make a list of your professional equipment. You are going to feel better instantly. If your business relocation seems like an insurmountable obstacle at first, breaking it down into smaller steps will make it seem easier.

Begin with the paperwork

This might seem counterintuitive, but doing the paperwork you need first can be the best moving decision you make. This can be especially true when doing business with a moving company. Make sure to reach out to them via phone or in person. That way you will avoid scammers more easily. Instead, try to do your research and get the best commercial movers NYC possible. It is well known that documentation and legal business is often the hardest (and most arduous) part of any job. If you make it your priority to get this finished first, it might kickstart your entire moving process. Not to mention not running late with deadlines and paperwork collecting. But don’t forget to check everything before signing. So, give this advice a try – you might just surprise yourself with how easy it gets from here!

a woman taking a haircut in a salon
Letting your customers know you are moving a hair salon to Astoria is crucial to your future success.

Let others know you are moving a hair salon to Astoria

We are sure you have already told your staff and your coworkers about the upcoming decision. However, it is equally important to let your trusted customers know about the move. After all, they have been with you for such a long time, that you all probably wouldn’t like to part ways. Most of the time old customers do reach out in your next location. This is, of course, true when you are not moving very far away. If you need moving companies Queens, Teddy Moving and Storage can help with even the most tedious relocations in the area. Doing business with companies that have experience with local moving is a safe way to ensure your relocation goes smoothly. So, how to let your customers know you are moving your salon? These are some of the proven ways to do this:

  • Use social media to your advantage – make public announcements about your move
  • Have honest conversations – let your customers know about relocating when they come for appointments
  • Make and hand out new visit cards – you can hand these out at any time!
  • Leave a note on your salon door (or in the neighborhood) after you leave – in case anybody is left wondering where you are, you can make sure they reach you in this way.
  • Make a special offer – professionals say that you might make offers such as free first haircuts for your old customers or coupons for use in your new hair salon. This can also attract new clients along the way, and make your regular clients happier.

This step will help you feel more secure about the upcoming change, and your customers happy because they don’t have to look for another salon. It is a well-known fact among professionals that trust is an essential ingredient in doing any business. This is why it is important not to fail the trust that you have built with your clients.

Think about your new hair salon as much as your old one

It is easy to get carried away with worry. Leaving your old hair salon can be as hard as any other move. You have become attached to the space, the people, the habits, the neighbors. On top of it all, you might worry about whether your business move is going to work out. This is where it becomes equally important to be more hopeful and proactive about the future. Think about your decision in terms of change and new beginnings. You can’t see it all now, but with proper preparations and clear thinking, why shouldn’t your plan work?

a woman dressed in red writing on a laptop about moving a hair salon to Astoria
Consulting an interior designer is always worth a shot when relocating a salon.

Plan out the interior design of your salon and order the new equipment if needed. Use this opportunity to learn from your previous experience – if you made some mistakes in your first salon, now you can fix that. Now is the time to be creative and enthusiastic. Don’t forget to consult your team and perhaps an interior designer if needed, as they can help you make the best decisions possible.

In case you are moving a hair salon to Astoria – congratulations!

Moving any business to Astoria is almost certainly a reason for celebration. It is both a wonderful neighborhood and a popular one for that matter. You will have a chance to get more customers and high-quality products. At the same time, you and your team will enjoy the benefits of working in Astoria: many bars, luxurious shops, and especially restaurants with delicious food are on the block. You are in for a vibrant business change that might potentially upgrade the quality of your life. Getting to know Astoria is going to be a process that you will enjoy. Therefore, don’t doubt your decision on moving a hair salon to Astoria – there are so many good times to look forward to!