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Moving long-distance is the most stressful moving process you will experience. That’s why you need to be prepared for everything that’s to come. This doesn’t mean that you will have trouble during the move. It just means that you need to be more aware of everything and plan more in detail. Also, be prepared for unexpected delays! There are almost no ways to avoid them. Our movers NYC have decided to share some of their best long-distance moving tips and tricks to help you relocate as easily as possible!

Make a plan immediately

The reality of the situation is that you need to move everything you own hundreds or thousands of miles away. This is a huge task. That’s exactly why proper planning is the way to go about this situation. Your plan is likely to change many times during your packing and preparing process. So, you should be prepared for that. You tend to remember things you previously forgot and need to add them somewhere into your list. If you’re someone who needs their lists to be in complete order otherwise it will annoy you, we recommend an online template or an Excel sheet. This way you can always add whatever you forgot to make the ultimate list that flows as it should.

A mover carrying some items

Next, we will show you our checklist of things you need to prepare for a long-distance move. This list won’t be exhaustive in any way. So, be sure to add some things that you personally need to pay attention to or take care of. Truly, moving plans and checklists vary from person to person greatly. So, we opted for a pretty bare checklist of the absolute musts. Also, trusted long distance movers NYC are an absolute must for a long-distance relocation.

The ultimate long-distance moving preparations checklist

The next one of our long-distance moving tips and tricks is the ultimate moving checklist! Things tend to go easier and more smoothly when you have at least part of the list created for you. Creating a moving list from scratch can really be difficult. But just adding onto an already existing list? Perfection.

So, what are the things to pay close attention to when preparing a long-distance move?

  • Sort out your housing situation – This means anything from canceling your utilities to selling your current home and buying a new one. Really just place everything concerning your apartment on this list.
  • Ask for multiple moving cost estimates – You can’t be sure if you’re being overcharged if you don’t know the average price of your move! By asking a lot of people you are getting information and can form an average cost of your relocation. And don’t settle for a more expensive move, unless more services are included of course.
  • Update important documents – Your new address will need to be on all of your documents. Keep that in mind.
  • Look out for moving insurance options – Some long distance movers Queens offer them automatically when you hire the movers. But, other movers might offer it separately. So, if no one mentions insurance while you’re discussing it with your movers, you should mention it.
person creating a long-distance moving tips and tricks list
A good checklist will keep you right on the task at hand!

Tips and tricks on how to pack for long-distance moving

Packing for a long-distance move is a special kind of experience. Even if you’ve moved before and packed before, this will most likely be different. By following our packing tips and tricks you are sure to have a successful moving process, as well as protect all of your items and make sure they arrive safely. 

  • Make an inventory list – This one is quite the task. We would urge you to write down a list of all of your belongings. If you opt for packing up your home by yourself, you can write things down as you pack. This is an easier way to get things done.
  • Think up a layout of your new home – When moving long-distance it is really important to have a concept of your new home already prepared. This way you will know which items you absolutely need to take with you and which items can stay behind. Don’t throw them out though, you have many storage options, or you can donate them!
  • Try to downsize – Long-distance moves are truly complicated. So, the fewer items you have for moving, the better. A good way to downsize is to really take the time and think through if you need certain items. Chances are you’ve had the same couch for quite a while, and maybe it’s time for an upgrade?
  • Make a priority list – This list will represent the things you absolutely NEED in your home. So, from the washing machine to a cute bedside table. All of the necessities go on this list.
  • Pack your items securely – Long-distance moving usually takes a bigger toll on your belongings. So, be sure to pack everything really neatly and tight. If this is posing a problem to you, be sure to ask some of the moving companies Queens for help with packing. There is no point in you being tired and stressed out when movers can handle the packing.
  • Label and organize boxes – Unpacking will be a breeze.
A man packing a moving box
Remember – When moving long-distance your packing needs to be sturdier.

Long-distance moving tips and tricks – The move itself

By this point, you’ve prepared all you need and made plans for the move. But it’s time to move! So, what’s left?

  • Try to move during the off-season – There will be much less traffic and you’re more likely to finish your move in record time. So, if you can, always try booking for the off-season.
  • Triple check your belongings – If you forget something during a long-distance move you will need to go a very big way to get it. So, just check more times if everything is there. It could save you a headache.
  • Tip your movers – When everything is said and done, remember to tip your movers!

We hope our long-distance moving tips and tricks will prove to be useful! Good luck.