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Global warming is a very important topic that’s not talked about enough. Now, you are probably wondering what moving and global warming have in common. During moving preparation, the importance of quality packing supplies is well known. However, most packing supplies are not properly recycled after relocation. Many people don’t know what to do with packing supplies and waste is unfortunately created in the process. But you simply can’t move to Queens with local movers NYC without packing supplies. You will have to get packing supplies and use them for your relocation. Luckily, there are ways to reduce waste when moving to Queens. You just need to find and use them. It’s nothing hard or challenging, so you don’t really have an excuse to not do it.

How you can reduce waste when moving to Queens?

Preparing for a move is hard. For this reason, you are mostly focusing on finding a good moving company that fits your moving budget. Organizing everything is stressful enough that you don’t really have time to think about what you are going to do after relocation. Also, waste for the relocation is the least of your problems. You certainly heard that you should get new packing supplies from moving companies NYC. Additionally, using old packing supplies is not the best solution as they don’t offer the same protection as the new ones. But if you constantly keep buying new packing supplies, you will only create waste. If you want to reduce waste during relocation, buying new packing supplies is not the option. Also, there are other ways to cut down waste during relocation such as the following:

  • Recycle
  • Declutter
  • Reuse packing supplies
  • Rent
picture of garbage lot
Don’t create waste during relocation

What else can you use as packing supplies during relocation?

The most used packing supplies are cardboard boxes. The bigger your home is, the more cardboard boxes you will need. Sure, you can repurpose a few cardboard boxes later on, but hardly twenty of them. For this reason, you should use some items in your home as packing supplies when moving with movers Queens. For example, you can pack your clothes in suitcases instead of cardboard boxes. Also, you certainly have shoe boxes somewhere in your home. You can pack smaller items in them such as decorations, documents, toys, etc. The best option would be to get plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes. They are sturdier than cardboard boxes, so they offer better protection to your items. Additionally, plastic bins are the perfect storage solution for your home or storage unit. You can keep them in your bedroom under the bed, attic or garage, etc.

Be creative with packing

Packing supplies are not only made from cardboard boxes. You also need to use bubble wrapping, packing paper, tape, marker, and many more. You can hardly reuse bubble wrapping or packing paper. For this reason, they often end up in a trash bin or scatter somewhere on the street. So, you should find other materials that will perform the same as these two. For example, you can wrap furniture with blankets or newspapers. While they are not the perfect solution, it’s the best ones if you want to reduce waste. Also, as you won’t have to buy packing paper or bubble wrapping, you will save some money in the process. If you don’t know what to do, you can always ask for advice from Queens residential movers. Additionally, some moving companies offer green packing supplies that don’t contribute to global warming.

person reading article in newspaper on how to reduce waste when moving to Queens
You can use blankets or newspaper for wrapping

Decluttering is something you shouldn’t forget

Well, you probably already heard about the importance of decluttering. Now, what could possible connection declutter and reducing waste have. It’s actually a quite simple matter. If you have more items in your home, the more packing supplies you will need. The more packing supplies you get, the bigger chance is to create waste after your relocation with Astoria NY moving companies. So, you should start decluttering your belongings. Declutter items that you don’t need or use. Also, old, broken, and damaged items should be on the chopping block. Deciding which items to declutter is not your only task. You should also find out what to do with them. The best options would be to sell or donate them. If you simply throw decluttered items away, you will be also creating waste. So, you should be careful when deciding what to do with these items.

Recycle everything that you can

If you do decide to get new packing supplies from moving companies, you are not automatically creating waste. Luckily, you can recycle most of the packing supplies. It’s possible to recycle cardboard boxes, you only need to know the right way. When you want to recycle cardboard boxes, your first step is to flatten them. You can cut the tape that is holding the box with a box cutter, knife, or scissors. Wet cardboard boxes can’t be recycled. For this reason, you should first inspect your boxes and set aside damaged and wet ones. You can take cardboard boxes to your local recycling center. If you want to keep your cardboard boxes, you can reuse them. The most common way to reuse cardboard boxes after the relocation is to use them for storage.

Corrugated paper with red string
Recycle everything when you want to reduce waste when moving to Queens

You don’t have to buy packing supplies

Buying packing supplies from a moving company is the only way how you can get them. Many moving companies also offer an option to rent packing supplies instead of buying. This is a much better option when you want to reduce waste when moving to Queens. As you can see, it’s not hard to cut down waste from moving. You need to be interested in how to do it. The best way would be to recycle as much as you can. Also, you can reuse old packing supplies or borrow from your family and friends. There are many other ways, you only need to do it. Global warming is a real problem and everyone should contribute to stopping it or slowing it down.