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When moving to a Long Island City, you will have to spend a lot of time preparing for your move. This is where you will spend most of your energy and get more stressed up about it. Furthermore, it will make the post-moving period harder. That is why you need to know how you can enjoy Long Island City after you are done moving. One of the best moving and storage NYC company is here to help you with your move by presenting you with a good guide you can follow. With this, you can rest assured that your after move period is a breeze.

Learn what to expect to fully enjoy Long Island City

This is a wonderful neighborhood in New York City. Over 57,000 people live here and they consider Long Island City one of the best places to live. That is why many young professionals and families tend to move here and start their life. With a dense urban feel of life, you won’t miss out on anything here. And what you need to know is that most of the people living here rent their places. You can enjoy a lot of nice bars, restaurants, other parks, and coffee shops. This is a good thing because you can enjoy a relaxing day off there.

a restaurant you can visit if you want to enjoy Long Island City
You can enjoy Long Island City by visiting restaurants

All these things here will help you relax after your move and spend quality time in Long Island City. But, one of the best ways to relax fully is to know that Long Island City movers are handling your relocation. You might stress out too much over your move, and that will only cause many moving mistakes. If you hire professionals, you will be able to avoid any potential mistakes and move without any problems at all.

Enjoy Long Island City by visiting Gantry Plaza State Park

There are about 12 acres of this beautiful park right of the East River. Here you can see some of the most incredible views you can get of the Manhattan skyline. As well as look at the Empire State Building. Did you know that this was formerly a dockyard? Furthermore, there are a great number of restored gantries collections that people used for loading rail cars in the past. Also, you can enjoy planting other new and modern things as well. With playgrounds for children, basketball courts, and even a fishing pier.

bench in the park
Enjoy a beautiful day at the park

There are many things that you can enjoy here, but you will have to think about it later if you are preparing for the move. It can be really hard to organize everything properly, so what you need to do is look for professional help when relocating. And the best way you can do this is if you contact moving companies Queens to help you move. While they are packing you for the move, you can focus on finding out all the interesting things you can do in Long Island City after you are done moving. You will have more than enough time to research and enjoy it.

You can always visit Noguchi Museum

This beautiful museum was established and open to the public eye in 1985. Famous artist Isamu Noguchi designed and built it as a place where he can display some of his best work. There are 12 indoor galleries where you can look at some of his creations. Also, you can enjoy a time off in a small café that serves drinks and food while the museum is open. It is located within a small outdoor garden filled with sculptures. There is also a gift shop, where you can get furniture and other items that can make your home prettier.


If you are looking to buy new furniture, or to transport your old one to your new home, you will have to make certain arrangements first. One small mistake could damage your furniture beyond repair, and that is something that you wouldn’t want to have to deal with. The best way to move your furniture is if you hire Queens residential movers. That will ensure that your furniture is moved safely so you won’t have to worry about anything.

Socrates Sculpture Park is wonderful

This was once an abandoned landfill turned into a five-acre beautiful space along the riverside. There are many creations on display here made by other emerging sculptors. There is a large billboard that is hanging a the entrance explaining the exhibition inside. And it changes based on the exhibition.  There are many public events here like yoga, movie screenings, and other things that you can enjoy. Here you will surely find a lot of peace and relaxation after the move.

image of a sculpture
You can see interesting sculptures here

The best thing you can do for yourself when moving is to take it easy and relax after the move for a bit. It is important to deal with stress most efficiently, just so you can approach your unpacking with ease. Furthermore, you can use those steps for any future stressful situations. This can mean a lot for both your mental and physical health.


Once you are done moving, you can read this article and find out how you can enjoy Long Island City to the fullest. It is a place that can offer you a lot of opportunities and we are certain that you will make use of them. If you are still planning to move here make sure to visit our website and read our blog. We got tons and tons of useful guidelines you can follow to make your relocation easier. It is the best way to move without stress and avoid any possible moving mistakes.