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There are many beautiful places that people tend to overlook. One such place in NYC is Long Island. Although many have heard of it, not a lot of people actually go and explore it. And that is in fact a huge waste! This beautiful place has many attractions and locations worth seeing, places for families, singles, couples, and so on. Not only is it worth seeing, but there are also in fact many people who hire professional movers NYC in order to make this area their new home! There are many things here you can see and do no matter the time of the year. That’s why we have prepared a list of fun things to do in Long Island City this fall! Let’s dive in!

Long Island NYC

The number of people that think Long Island is only a simple suburb of New York City is huge. Many don’t even know about the many fascinating things they can do and see here. Actually, it is a whole destination on its own. No matter what type of traveler you are here you can definitely find something you will like. It is a destination easily accessible via train or car. And that means that you don’t have a reason not to go! With a long shining history, tasty food and drinks, luxurious accommodations, and gorgeous scenic landscapes Long Island have many things to offer. Many become enchanted here and actually decide to contact Long Island City movers and move here from other parts of NYC or even from other states! Here are some things to do in Long Island City this fall!

New Jork skyline
If you go to NYC don’t just explore the most famous places. There are many hidden gems!

Walk the Queensboro Bridge

If you look at the East River you will notice various bridges connecting Manhattan and other areas. Among them is also the Queensboro Bridge. Also known as the 59th Street Bridge or Ed Koch Bridge. For people that are looking for things to do in Long Island City then this is something to consider. If you look at the northern side of the bridge, you will notice a pedestrian walkway and bicycle lane. This is for those that wish to cross the bridge without using a car. Why would someone go without a car? Well, naturally it is to enjoy the views of the East River, Roosevelt Island, and many beautiful buildings that make up the NYC skyline. You will also notice many tour buses, taxis, movers Queens, and other types of people and vehicles moving along the bridge.

Gantry Plaza State Park

What is Gantry Plaza State Park? This beautiful 12-acre riverside oasis is one of the best things to do in Long Island City this fall. Here you can see spectacular views of the midtown Manhattan skyline, as well as the Empire State Building and the United Nations. Go on a walk and see beautiful greenery as well as fountains, dyed in reds, oranges, and yellows. And you don’t have to go alone! This park is pet friendly, but the pets have to be leashed. It is also a nice place for family walks as well as long romantic ones. This is also one of the places where things like proposals would be made special along with the city skyline and beautiful sunsets.  According to local movers Queens NY, there are also many recreational facilities like basketball courts, playgrounds, handball courts, and a fishing pier!

A walk in the park is one of the best things to do in Long Island City this fall
If you are looking for things to do in Long Island City this fall, then a nice park picnic is a good choice.

A bike ride

When fall comes to NYC the usually gray city becomes full of color. Everything becomes dyed in scarlet, orange, and gold colors, and the residents trade their summer clothes for fall ones as well. A long relaxing bike ride in the streets of Long Island is a perfect opportunity to sightsee and enjoy those wonderful colors. You will also be able to see many things, the waterfront, people living their everyday lives, Queens residential movers doing their job, beautiful cafes and restaurants, and so on.

The Cliffs at LIC

This beautiful place offers people the opportunity to try climbing in a safe and secure environment. During the rainy fall days when you lack entertainment and inspiration, coming here will be a nice exercise! The Cliffs have many professional employees and curses in climbing for all people that are here for the first time! It is a nice way to exercise and as such it’s one of the many things to do in Long Island City this fall.

A boy climbing with gear
Having fun and exercising at the same time is possible if you come to The Cliffs

Long Island City Breweries

For the fans of Breweries, there are many things to do in Long Island City this fall! LIC is known for having many great breweries that craft local beers! Many of them are actually close to each other! And if you are staying there for some time you can make time and visit a new one every night! Or you can find one among them and visit it when you have time. This is a nice way to relax and meet new friends. Of course, this is something you can enjoy only if you are 21 and older. Because of that, this might not be a good option for people with kids. But Long Island is big and there are also places where your kids and you can sit together.

LIC Restaurants

Can you really say you explored a place if you don’t try local food? And Long Island is one of those places that has many delicious spots to check out. There is something for everyone! From pizza shops and big chain restaurants all the way to small family-owned places! So things to do in Long Island City during fall are not only a few! You will have a lot of fun activities at your disposal!