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More than 8 million people live in five boroughs of NYC and all of them share some of the best ideas and work. They are also always competing with each other, in every field possible. So it will be hard to determine which borough is the best one. But once you compare them with your needs, you will see which one suits you the most. According to moving companies NYC, one of the most important things people compare is the costs of living in NYC. That is why, in order to determine which one of these boroughs is the most suitable one, we have decided to walk you through the costs of renting in NYC.

Rental Prices

Before we step into comparing the boroughs of NYC you should know that NYC is considered to be the most expensive place to live in America. That is why people choose to rent apartments or buy homes in the boroughs instead of the center of New York City.

In general, two-thirds of residentials are renters. Therefore, it is not easy to find a place that will suit you and your needs. However, most of these renters spend about 25 percent of their salary on housing costs. Which is not too much. That is why their option is to rent a home instead of buying it.

Think about prices even when you are relocating. If you have enough savings, you can pay for some packing services NYC and get your stuff relocated with no worries. On the other hand, considering this place to be the most expensive one, you should see which service you are actually in need of and which part f the relocation process you can do on your own.

Manhattan has the highest costs of renting in NYC
Compare the costs of renting

Costs of renting in NYC – Manhattan

If you want to rent an apartment in Manhattan, you should have $4.200 on your account every month to pay for it. This is the most expensive place in the New York and only people with good salaries and jobs can afford it. The price will, however, depend on the place you live in Manhattan. There are a few most famous places and areas in Manhattan.

The most affordable one is Marble Hill, where you can find a place to rent for $1.650. Considering the fact that Manhattan is very well connected and it is easy to commute from one part of it to another. So think about living in a cheaper place and traveling to Manhattan to work. It might take some time to get to work but you will still be able to save a lot of money by paying a cheaper rent price.

You can even afford to live in the more expensive part of Manhattan and get a roommate. This way you will send the costs and you will be living in your favorite part of the city. If this is something you have been searching for, contact movers Manhattan has ad get ready for the relocation to your dream home.


If you want to rent a place in Brooklyn you should know that the average size of the apartment is 654 square feet. Of course, this can vary from the type of the unit and all other stuff. But if you want to rent this big apartment, you will need around $1748 per month in Gerritsen Beach, one of the most affordable places in Brooklyn. On the other hand, if you have enough savings and you are thinking about relocating here with moving companies Brooklyn has, you can check Gowanus and Park Slope. These two neighborhoods are the most expensive ones in Brooklyn and the average rent cost is around $3930.

Brooklyn bridge
See if you can afford to rent in Brooklyn

Costs of renting in NYC – Queens

The average rent for a place of 700 square feet is about $2700. This depends on several factors, such as location and quality of the apartment. The most affordable place in Queens is Hollis, where you can rent your apartment for $1120 per month. This is not so expensive considering the fact that people here usually have a lot of great job opportunities and chances to expand their businesses. So if you are looking for a place like this, talk with some of the best moving companies Queens has to relocate your office here.


If you are thinking about moving to the Bronx, you can find an average apartment size of 643 square feet for $1650. Of course, the price of the rent will depend on the quality of the apartment, the size, and the location. For example, the cheapest rent you can find in the neighborhoods of Kingsbridge and Riverdale.

Costs of renting in NYC – Staten Island

In 2022, the average rent price on Staten Island goes from $1100 to $2700. In the last few years, the rent for an apartment has decreased by 8 percent. However, the price of the apartment is connected to its size. In Staten Island, for a studio apartment, you will have to pay $1100 for rent every month. This is a perfect chance to get to your small place and still be close to the center of NYC.

To sum up

Having a place for yourself to come after hard work is something that is priceless. If you can afford to live alone that is even better. So, to sum up, here are the costs of rent in NYC.

  • Manhattan – $4.200
  • Brooklyn – $3930
  • Queens – $2700
  • Bronx – $1650
  • Staten Island – from $1100 to $2700.
buildings with apartment for rent in NYC
Costs of renting in NYC depend on many things

Nobody says that living in NYC is cheap and easy. But with these compared costs of renting in NYC, you will be able to determine which place you will be able to afford. Of course, think about traveling from one borough to another for work or for pleasure. It might be cheaper for you. Choose wisely. And in the end, you are about to rent a place. If you figure out that some borough is just not right for you, you can always search for a place in a different one.