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If you have decided to move to New York City, you have done well, because it offers you a lot of different opportunities. However, that is just the first step, and you need to decide which NYC borough to move to. It depends on your preferences and the reasons for your move. Nevertheless, if you are moving with your family, Queens is the place to be, because it has some of the most wonderful neighborhoods. So, you shouldn’t wait any longer and you should contact some of the moving companies NYC to start your relocation. But, that is not all. You have to make another decision and choose between some of the best neighborhoods in Queens. Having in mind that you are moving with your family, we will introduce you to two of the most family-friendly neighborhoods. Keep reading and you will be able to decide – Astoria vs Sunnyside.

Why is living in Queens good for families with kids?

Queens is one of the New York City boroughs and it is the largest one. Having that in mind, it means that it offers a lot of different possibilities, as we already said. You can live in a great neighborhood and have a very good job, while at the same time your kids can go to an excellent school and be well-educated. In addition to that, every area in Queens offers amazing family-friendly activities, so you will never run out of things to do. Also, you will easily find reliable movers Queens, so you won’t have to be worried about that part of the relocation. We have mentioned that Astoria and Sunnyside are the best neighborhoods for families in Queens. We will compare:

  • the cost of living,
  • education,
  • safety,
  • family-friendly activities.
A family arriving into a new house
Astoria vs Sunnyside-both neighborhoods are great for families

The cost of living in Astoria vs Sunnyside

Well, we have to be honest. Living in Astoria isn’t quite affordable. Most people in this neighborhood rent houses, because buying is too expensive. For example, if you want to rent a house in Astoria, you will have to spend 1 113 $ a month. The USA’s average is lower by almost half. On the other hand, if you want to buy a property, you will have to spend 40 000 $.

The overall index of costs of living in Astoria is 196.4, while the state average is only 99.5. However, we have to have in mind that Astoria is in NYC. That is one of the most expensive cities in the USA. But, it also has it all, and living there is worth every dollar. So, compared to other NYC boroughs, Queens is among the most affordable ones, and so is Astoria. If you are ready to get used to these costs of living, call Astoria NY movers, and you won’t regret it. It is still one of the best neighborhoods for families with kids.

a family packing for the move and thinking of Astoria vs Sunnyside neighborhoods
Houses in Astoria are slightly more affordable

When it comes to costs of living in Sunnyside, the situation is similar. However, you will have many opportunities to choose among different condos, while it will be difficult to rent a house. House rent is almost 4 000$ while renting a condo goes from 1 200$. When it comes to other costs of living, they are almost the same as in Astoria, since they are both comparable to Queens’ costs of living.

Education in Astoria and Sunnyside

When it comes to the educational system, we know that there are great institutions in NYC for kids of all ages and college and university students. If we speak of Astoria, some of the schools located there are among the top-rated schools in New York. Such schools are  30th Avenue School (G & T Citywide), Baccalaureate School For Global Education, and Energy Tech High School. Astoria is famous for its public schools, which are among 30% of the best schools in NYC. Schools in Sunnyside are only one step below the schools in Astoria. For example, if we compare reading proficiency scores in Astoria vs Sunnyside, the latter would have a score of 59 %, while in Astoria the score would be 66%. However, the overall educational system is great. You can contact movers Sunnyside NY without any worry because your kids will receive a good education in any way.

Are Astoria and Sunnyside safe neighborhoods?

Generally speaking, Queens is one of the safest boroughs in New York City. So are Astoria and Sunnyside. The crime rate in both of these neighborhoods is significantly lower than New York City’s average. There are around 203 000 residents in Astoria and the crime rate is 9.4 per 1 000 residents. The most common are burglaries and grand larcenies. On the other hand, Sunnyside isn’t as safe as Astoria. There are 52.94 crimes per 1,000 residents, which is more than 5 times higher than in Astoria. Assaults and robberies are the most common in Sunnyside, while violent crimes don’t happen so often. However, since you are moving with children, if you decide to live in Sunnyside, choose the north part of it, and avoid the central area.

Two girls with school bags
Education in Astoria and Sunnyside is great

What to do in your free time in Astoria and Sunnyside

One of the most famous family activities in Sunnyside recently has been the Escape Room. It first became popular among the youngsters, but the adults grew fond of it also. In addition to that, you can visit Thalia Hispanic Theatre, or visit some of the best thrift shops or enjoy nature. You can find all of the outdoor activities in GoWild NYC, because that place has it all, from winter to summer sports. If you are interested in history and art, Astoria is the neighborhood for you. Some of the best and the most interesting museums are located there. Your kids will probably love the Museum of the Moving Image.

In conclusion, which is better?

As you can see, there are not many differences when it comes to living in Astoria vs Sunnyside with your kids. They are both great and interesting neighborhoods to raise kids because there are many activities and some of the best schools. Whichever area you choose, get packing service NYC to save up some time on the moving process and start exploring your new neighborhood. Your family will enjoy it either way.