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It is impossible to find a person that has not heard of New York City. It is one of the biggest and most famous cities in the entire world. For this reason, many people would like to live in the Big Apple. However, the city is huge. You need to find one place in NYC where you want to settle down. As you might know, New York City has five boroughs. Manhattan would be the most popular among them but that doesn’t mean it is the best for living. You should consider Queens as it has many benefits. It is no wonder that many people are hiring moving companies Queens to live in this part of NYC. If you are interested or intrigued by the idea, here are several benefits of living in Queens. 

General information about Queens 

Since you want to move here with movers Sunnyside NY, you should know some general information about Queens. There are more than 2.3 million people living in Queens. It is the second-most populous borough in NYC. If Queens were a city on its own, it would be the fourth most populous in the entire country. In addition to this, it covers 108.5 square miles which makes it the biggest in NYC. Now, a little bit about the home value and sale prices. The median home value is around $650,000. It has increased by almost 7% from 2017. The median list price per square foot is a little bit over $500. In addition to this, the median listing price is $600,000. If you plan to rent, then the median rental price would be $2300. As you can see, it is a little bit more expensive to live in Queens. 

a bridge during the sunset
Queens is the second-most populous borough in NYC

The population in Queens is very diverse 

One thing to know about Queens would be its diversity. It is truly a melting pot for various cultures. There are over 160 languages officially spoken in Queens. Unlike the rest of New York, Queens is trying to embrace all the cultural differences and celebrate its multiculturalism. For example, Astoria is quite popular with European people. In the past, the Greek minority was quite dominant but now you can find Maltese, Balkan, and Spanish people. In addition to this, there is a large area of Astoria populated by people coming from South America. Breezy Point is almost entirely Irish, Howard Beach and Ozone Park are Italian, while South Ozone Park has a new Guyanese enclave. You can also hire movers Flushing NY if you plan to live in this part of Queens. You can find the biggest Chinese population in New York here apart from Chinatown. 

Queens has one of the best neighborhoods in the entire city 

Since it is quite large, you can find everything and anything when it comes to neighborhoods. The highest density is in Western Queens which can be almost compared to hyperdensity in Manhattan. Here are a couple of suggestions for you. 

  • Long Island City – for the last two decades, this neighborhood added so many residential units. Among them, luxury apartments are quite dominant. You can easily move into one of these apartments with Long Island City movers. 
  • Astoria – already mentioned Astoria it’s quite popular for young professionals. Many locals would describe this neighborhood as trendy, cool, and budget-friendly. 
  • Corona – the densest place would be Corona. It has over 200,000 residents per square mile. Still, it is a surprisingly very walkable neighborhood with interesting stores and other places. 
  • Forest Hills – you can find a lot of cozy apartments and spacious co-ops together with the high rises. 
high rise buildings
Queens has a lot of great neighborhoods

Authenticity is one of the benefits of living in Queens 

Many neighborhoods are slowly using their character and links to the past because of urbanization. However, this is not the case with Queens. It still retains the same old character while embracing the new changes. This is one of the many reasons why people are hiring movers Bayside NY and moving to Queens. If you want to feel the real spirit of NYC, this would be the place for you. This would be the most noticeable in Maspeth and Douglaston. Families have been living here for generations. Everyone knows each other and most importantly, they are willing to welcome new residents. In addition to this, Bayside has a lot of shops and bars owned by one family for generations. All the owners know each other along Bell Boulevard. Buying a house in Queens is a perfect long-term investment.  

A lot of green spaces and parks 

It can be quite hard to live in a large city such as NYC since it is densely populated. With a large population, the demand for housing grows each day. This can lead to using green spaces and parks for building new apartment complexes. However, this is not the case. There are many beautiful places with breathtaking views of the water. For example, Long Island City has one of the best views of Manhattan. There are countless rooftop bars and restaurants with the most amazing view that you can possibly imagine. Then, you can also visit Hunters Point South Park which is perfect for bicycles, picnic places, voting seating areas, fitness equipment, a playground, and so on. Queensbridge Park also offers plenty of picnic areas, playgrounds, views, and so on. Francis Lewis Park is a hidden gem and the best for sunset and bocce. 

aerial view of the city
One of the benefits of living in Queens would be a lot of green spaces and parks

Public transport 

You can even consider public transport as one of the benefits of living in Queens. Why is this important? Not everyone can own a car. For this reason, you need to have excellent public transport access in order to reach all the points you need throughout your day. Luckily, the entire borough is covered by buses, subway stations, and taxis. You can virtually reach all the places in New York City by bus. In addition to this, Queens has two airports. La Guardia will take you everywhere around the US while JFK will take you anywhere around the world.