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Moving to Sunnyside can be a great opportunity for you! It is a place that can offer a lot of different things you can really enjoy. And today, we will tell you about the 10 secrets of Sunnyside Queens to explore after moving here. With this article, you will know what to expect from such a lovely place and how you can move with the help of movers NYC. Here is our list of things you should know.

1. Among 10 secrets of Sunnyside Queens to explore after moving is Sunnyside Gardens Historic District

Did you know that this is one of the first planned communities here? Well, this lovely place offers you an insight into Victorian architecture. Sunnyside Gardens are one of the nicest places you can visit have a wonderful day. The idea was to capture the mixture of the countryside, mixed with the elements of the city. That way you would have a lot of nice things to see and a nice place to live in.

Moving here can be a really good idea. And that is why you should consult with the movers Sunnyside NY to help you out. With their assistance, you will be able to relocate with ease and you will avoid any potential damages or mistakes. And that is something that can mean a lot when moving

people at the park
Parks are beautiful here

2 . Sunnyside Park is a private park

With its three and a half acres size, it is the city of two only private residential places. The other one is called Gramercy park. This lovely park can offer a lot of interesting activities and a place where you can rest after a stressful relocation. The best way you can move here fast and have tons of fun is if you are relocated by Queens residential movers. They can plan your move and relocate you fairly easily.

3. Did you know that there was once a Madison Square Garden Bowl here?

There are 5 different Madison Square Gardens in New York City. And Queen has its own here as well. It is an outdoor arena called Madison Square Garden Bowl.  Although it is not a regular venue, it was a place where you can enjoy some summer events. Today, it is just an attraction you can visit once you are done moving with the help of movers Queens. Make sure to have a great time and relax after the move. You should always think about getting professional help from movers when relocating.

4. Once upon a time the elephants escaped from Ruhe Wild Animal Farm

This is something that happened in early 1905. But, a dozen of elephants escaped this animal farm and it did terrify the locals because they were afraid of going out at night. They didn’t know what they could find. It was both a terrifying and funny thing that happened here.

a cow at animal farm as one of the 10 Secrets of Sunnyside Queens to explore after moving
One of the 10 Secrets of Sunnyside Queens to explore after moving is the Ruhe wild animal farm you can visit

5. You can visit some of the most amazing restaurants

Did you know that you can experience some of the tastiest dishes in Sunnyside? There are some restaurants that you can visit after the move that you can only find here. And it is one of the best ways you can relax after a hard move. There is one good way you can avoid any mistakes when moving. And that is to move with the help of long distance movers Queens. While they are helping you move, you can plan which restaurant you want to visit.

6. The Bliss theater

This was once a historic building that housed the Bliss Theatre. Named after Neziah Bliss, who is one of the people who helped found the Long Island City area. The theater itself was constructed in 1930. And it was done by Thomas Short and William Rau. They built many Century Theaters across other locations as well.

7. One of the residents here was Hitler’s nephew

Did you know that Hitler’s nephew used to live briefly in Sunnyside? And he was drafted into the army as a pharmacist to fight against his half-uncle. He even made a special requires to President Roosevelt for doing this.

8. Wendy’s was once a great boxing arena

Located on Queens Boulevard, this place was the center of Sunnyside. It was a popular boxing arena, and it was open from 1945 to 1977. Here many famous matches took place. And it attracted people from all over the city. And if you are interested in Sunnyside boxing history, then this is the place you should visit. You can feel the boxing spirit once you settle in here.

men boxing
Once there was a great boxing arena here

9. Explore the Johnston Mausoleum

It is located in the largest cemetery in the U.S. And it is divided into 4 different sections. However, it is the biggest mausoleum, and although it can be attractive to come and see it, the best thing is to visit it quietly and not make too much noise, since it is located in a cemetery.

10. Some parks are named after veterans

Some main public parks got their names from the veterans. Sabba Park, and Torsney Playground for example. These were the World War 2 and World War 1 veterans. You can visit them and have a peaceful and lovely day. These parks can provide you with some of the nicest activities you can try out here.

Now that you know what are the 10 Secrets of Sunnyside Queens to explore after moving, you can easily make your plan and visit them once you are done moving. If you are looking for more interesting guidelines on what to do to make your move easier, then feel free to read our blog. We are happy to help you out with your move however we can.