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Living in New York City has its perks. Although it also means you will need to be ready to spend a lot of money on all kinds of expenses. This is one of the main reasons people move out of NYC in 2023. It is getting more and more expensive to live here so many people are looking for more affordable options. The high cost of living and high taxes are the main reasons for this. Buying a property here is uncommon since it is extremely expensive. Most people living here are renting their apartments. And, since the pandemic started the rents skyrocketed. This made a lot of people reconsider staying here. And it is why in the past year, more people were looking to move out than move to New York City. We will cover the main reasons people are moving out of NYC in the article below. Consider hiring our residential movers NYC team to help you with your move if you are looking to move out of New York City in 2023. Let’s dig in.

What are the main reasons people move out of NYC?

High monthly expenses and crime rates are the primary reasons for leaving New York City. Living here is also very stressful for many people. In a city as big as this one, with so much going on, you will find a difficult time enjoying your everyday life. This kind of lifestyle isn’t for everybody. And as our professional movers NYC team can tell you it is no wonder why people are looking to move somewhere else. Especially families looking for a more peaceful environment. Take a look at the detailed descriptions of reasons people move out of NYC down below.

High monthly expenses

This is certainly the primary and most common reason for leaving New York City. Over the past few years, housing prices went up extremely high. Renting is no better. It is getting harder to live here comfortably for many people. This is why people tend to move to other locations where they can live more affordably. One such option is the state of Connecticut. It is considered to be a more affordable option for living. And it is not far from New York. If you are interested in moving from NYC to CT you can get an affordable quote by hiring a moving service timely.

apartments in NYC
Unaffordable renting is the main reason people move out of NYC or give up on moving here.

The state of New York has some of the highest taxes in the nation. And New York City is the state’s biggest and most expensive city to live in. Combining the high cost of living and high taxes get most people to reevaluate living here. You need to have a high-paying and secure job to live here comfortably. This is another reason people tend to leave New York City. Underemployment is a common thing over here. We will get more into this problem in the next paragraph.

Job opportunities in New York City

One of the first things you think of when NYC is mentioned is its marketplace. The whole city is one big business that never stops. It is an economy in itself. So, why would finding a job here be something to worry about? Well, the competition is absurd here. Starting a small business is almost impossible because of it. And finding a well-paid job is also difficult. This is because there are so many people looking for better employment. Living like this can get really stressful at times. You have to constantly fight for your place in this chaotic environment.

a man reading about the reasons people move out of NYC
Finding a good job in NYC is difficult because of the competition.

This is why people moving out don’t just move to a different city within the state. The city is constantly expanding so it is just a matter of time before you will get caught up in the same place over time. People moving out are usually moving to a whole other state. Because they can find a secure and stable job there and spend less on everyday expenses. This is also what our movers suggest you do if you plan on moving out of the city. And while you are at it, hiring long distance movers NYC team might be the best way to do it. You will manage to move out of the state in no time.

The chaotic environment

This goes along with the previous reason for moving out of New York City in 2023. As the City is always expanding, it is getting more and more crowded over the years. There are people coming for work here and there are people living here on a daily basis. This means that it is constantly overcrowded.

a crowd of people on a crosswalk
Constant crowds on the streets are one of the common reasons people move out of NYC.

So traffic is already out of the question since it is almost impossible to get around this way. Everyone uses public transport to get around. And, you guessed it, it is also overcrowded. You will not find a peaceful life here since the city never sleeps. Especially if you are looking for a more calm area for your family.

Crime rates are getting higher each year

So many people and a questionable living standard for some means only one thing – higher crime rates. And over the years the crime rates just got higher. Unless you are living in a high-end neighborhood in NYC, there is a high chance you will get to witness it firsthand. All of this makes people move out of NYC and start their life somewhere else. Starting a family here is a difficult thing to do. Unless you are a student or have a secure and high-paying job, there aren’t really that many benefits of living here. That is why people are looking to hire interstate movers NYC team and move to a state without these kinds of cons.