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Sometimes, you might need to move to a new apartment for so many reasons. For example, you might suddenly receive a job promotion in another city. Maybe you found a better apartment that is bigger and more affordable than the one you’re currently living in. Then, maybe your landlord wants you to move out on short notice. Whatever the case might be, you should find the last minute movers in NYC and leave your apartment. However, this can be quite stressful. Since you don’t have enough time, you might not know what to do. For this reason, here are all the tips and tricks for vacating an apartment in a hurry. 

Call your landlord 

First of all, if your landlord is not asking you to move out, you need to give them notice. Usually, when you sign the rental agreement, you can see there how much in advance you need to call your landlord. Since you might not have enough time, you still need to call your landlord and explain the new situation. on the other hand, your landlord cannot evict you from the apartment without giving a notice in advance. Generally, you should let your landlord know one month in advance. If you need to move out on short notice, you will probably have to pay the rent for the entire notice period. For this reason, you will need to think about your budget as well. If you want to hire a moving and storage NYC company, see if you can fit everything in your budget. 

person calling someone over the phone
You should call your landlord as soon as possible

Figure out your responsibilities as a tenant 

When you signed your rental agreement, you also agreed to all the responsibilities as a tenant. Usually, you need to maintain certain facilities in your rented apartment, so they will be in perfect condition once you leave. If you fail to meet this condition, your landlord can deduct the expenses incurred for repairing all the problems. For this reason, it is important to read your rental agreement again and see if you are leaving the apartment in good condition. If not, you need to find a solution for all the problems that happened during your stay. However, make sure to know what exactly your responsibilities are. There is no need to pay for something that is not your responsibility. You will need a fairly big budget to organize a relocation, hire movers in Brownsville, organize a new place, etc. 

Pay all your bills and other dues 

Even though you need to prepare for vacating an apartment in a hurry on short notice, you still need to pay all your bills and other dues that you might have. These would usually include the following. 

  • Water bills 
  • Electricity bills 
  • Maintenance charges 
  • Cleaning services 
  • Phone bill 
  • Internet service 

Why is it important to pay all this in advance? First of all, your landlord would probably check if you have some pending dues to pay. Then, this would be one of your responsibilities as a tenant that you need to respect. You should see about paying your bills first then organizing your relocation. However, since you should hire movers Brooklyn as soon as possible, it would be best if you pay all the bills and services first. Then, you can see if you can add packing services as well. Since you need to move out quickly, movers would pack everything fast. 

person calculating and holding money
Calculate how much money you need to give for bills and utilities

Clean the apartment before you leave

Now it’s time to get your old apartment ready. First of all, you need to declutter your items as soon as you can. Since you don’t have enough time, you will need to do this in one day or two maximum. The reason is quite simple. If you have fewer items to move, you will vacate your apartment faster. When you start decluttering, you should pay attention to keeping only items that you really need. You can donate or sell everything else that you don’t need any longer. If your items are in bad condition, you should simply throw them away. In addition to this, you need to clean your apartment before you move out. First of all, usually, this would be part of your rental agreement. Second of all, you should clean the apartment so new tenants will move into a cleaned place. 

Show the place to the landlord 

Once movers come and take away all of your items, you need to call your landlord so they can check the apartment. Usually, all the landlords need to do a final inspection of the apartment while their tenants are preparing for vacating an apartment in a hurry. You also need to remind your landlord that they should show up on your moving day or the day after. This way, your landlord would not be able to complain about anything after your move out. In addition to this, you should also take photos. You can show them as proof if your landlord starts to complain about the things that were not there when you moved out. After the inspection, you should hand over the house keys. Before you hand over the keys, you can take one last tour of your apartment with your landlord. This way, you can see if you missed some items. 

grey sofa
Do not forget to show the apartment to your landlord

All the things to do before moving out 

As you can see, it is not impossible to move out on short notice. Vacating an apartment in a hurry means organizing your time better. You need to complete all the moving-out preparations in much less time than you would usually have. For this reason, it is important to focus on hiring a moving company and finding a solution for your items. Declutter your items as fast as you can so you can see which one to pack, which to donate or sell, which to keep in the storage, and finally which to throw away. Lastly, do not forget to communicate with your landlord. They should know about your plan to move out and also check the place for the last time.