Things to know before moving to NYC

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      If you plan on relocating to New York City in the days to come, then you definitely need to be ready for what’s in store. NYC is a city like no other, and it can be particularly overwhelming for people who have lived in small towns. At Teddy Moving and Storage NYC, we believe that you can become a true New Yorker if that’s what you want. However, it always pays off to read up on some things to know before moving to NYC. You definitely don’t want to be caught off-guard and find yourself in a tough spot – both financially and emotionally.

      moving trucks parked on the street
      Moving across New York City isn’t going to be a big problem if you have skilled NYC movers by your side

      1. You will have to rely on the subway to get places

      There’s no doubt about the fact that the subway is the easiest and the fastest way to get around New York City. In the bygone times, the subway was a dirty, dangerous, and graffiti-filled place. Luckily, a lot has changed since then. Nowadays, the subway is cheap, clean, comfortable, and pretty reliable. Did you know that there are even apps that can help you track the subway so that you can arrive at the platform at just the right time? It’s definitely something to look into after you say goodbye to your residential movers NYC and lock the door of your new place for the first time.

      2. You might have to get a roommate or two

      One of the main things we hear about New York City is this one. The Big Apple is a pretty expensive place. As such, it’s not exactly perfectly suited for young people with a modest budget who are just starting out in life. There are many people who find life with roommates hard and complicated. Of course, whether you have problems or fun depends on a couple of things, such as:

      • The people you choose for your roommates.
      • How motivated you are to keep up with your chores.
      • How much you can tolerate other people.

      Some people are simply better suited for a roommate-free life. If that’s you, then you have to prepare yourself for the fact that you will have to spend a lot of money on rent. Make sure you can withstand it financially.

      3. FOMO – one of the main things to know before moving to NYC

      Do you know what FOMO stands for? FOMO or the fear of missing out is a widespread phenomenon in New York City. The Big Apple is a place with so much to do at any given point of the day or night that there is no way that you are going to do it all. And if you do try, you will only end up with no fun at all. So be prepared to experience this feeling and find some ways of coping with it. What good would it be to go through an out of state relocation with interstate movers NYC and not allow yourself to have the fun that you deserve? Even if you do miss out on going to a particular concert of a particular singer/band, don’t worry – they’ll be back soon enough.

      People on a concert, enjoying their time after reading on the things to know before moving to NYC.
      Appreciate every moment that you get to spend in NYC – there are many people who would like to be in your shoes.

      4. Focus on your surroundings

      As previously mentioned, New York City is too big with too many things to do. And while life here seems glamourous, the truth is that 90% of your experience will be focused on the ten-block radius around your apartment. You should learn how to admire your immediate surroundings. There are many different cultural traditions, cuisines, and experiences in every corner of this city.

      Of course, explore the different neighborhoods and boroughs from time to time. In fact, we’ll even go as far as to say that you should learn as much as you can about the city and its neighborhoods. Moving locally in NYC is quite a common thing. So you might find yourself moving before you know it. You better be prepared for calling your preferred local movers NYC for when it becomes a sure thing.

      5. Invest in some good walking shoes and ditch your car

      While your shoes in your old place of living might not have been made for walking, that’s going to change after moving to New York City. NYC is one of the most walkable places in the world. In fact, there’s going to be so much walking that you might notice that those extra pounds are melting off without any effort. Why do people rely on their own feet after moving to New York City? Well, traffic jams in NYC are a nightmare. Getting stuck in one will quickly make you ditch your car and invest in a good pair of shoes. Besides, finding parking can be a long and complicated process, and garage prices are just another expense that you don’t want to pay.

      6. Save, save, save

      We know that saying that you should save money in a city as expensive as NYC might be infuriating. Especially if you are trying to make ends meet. But that’s precisely why you should be more careful about the things you spend your money on. Try to dedicate at least 10% of your monthly paycheck to your savings account. Once you accumulate enough money, you can use the funds for a big purchase or leave it as your fund for rainy days. Either way, you’ll definitely find a good use for the money.

      Coins spilling out of a piggy bank.
      One of the things to know before moving to NYC is how hard it can be to save money while enjoying The City

      There are many other things to know before moving to New York City

      The truth is that you can never be too prepared for life in a new city. With so many things to know before moving to NYC, it might be difficult to read up on all of them. And there’s no reason to stress out about it. You are going to learn everything there’s to know. It will just take some time. Feel free to walk around New York City and explore your surroundings. That’s the best way to get to know the city.


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