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There are many beautiful places all around the world where gallery owners can expand their businesses and share their love for art. Among them all, especially in recent years, one giant has been influencing the currents of modern art. And that one giant is NYC! As Paris is home to some of the best art exhibits history has ever seen, NYC is becoming the center of modern art. Many young artists that are looking for opportunities have been moving to Brooklyn NYC in recent years. Along with them, there have been quite a number of people looking for locations in Brooklyn for gallery owners, inquiring about fine art movers NYC, and young artists.


In NYC wherever you look you will be able to find at least one art gallery. Brooklyn has a huge population second only to Manhattan. Amon the two there are many bridges and tunnels, making it easy for people to travel. Brooklyn is actually quite large! It is the biggest brought in NYC. Many people associate it with crime and bad conditions, failing to realize that it’s not true. Aldo yes there may be some bad neighborhoods, but that applies to every city. And for a place that makes a clear difference when dealing with neighborhoods, the number of bad ones is extremely low. What it is known for in truth is its gorgeous art scene, beautiful attractions, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the best NYC pizza. So naturally many are interested in joining the art scene and looking for locations in Brooklyn for gallery owners, as well as local movers Brooklyn can offer to help them move.

People looking for locations in Brooklyn for gallery owners
The best way to find locations in Brooklyn for gallery owners is to look at some existing galleries, and use them as inspiration.

How to find locations in Brooklyn for gallery owners

What are some of the best locations in Brooklyn for gallery owners and how can you find them? Before you even start moving all of your art pieces with the help of moving companies Brooklyn can offer you, you first need to find the location. When people think about galleries they usually envision large open spaces. You need all of your pieces to find in and have room for the crowds that will come. Along with other facilities, security, storage, and so on. Of course, depending on the nature of the art you will exhibit some of the rooms may need to fulfill special requirements.

All of this requires you to personally visit the locations and make sure everything is in order. If you are not able to personally come hiring someone to skout the properties for you is a must! The best possible answer is to hire professionals who work in the gallery field, as they already know what they need to look for. You can also research the local Galleries and use them as inspiration when looking for a location.

House of wax

If you venture out in downtown Brooklyn’s City Point center, past the Target and the Trader Joe’s you will find a beautiful “Huse of wax” sign. Decorated with the lightbulbs from the  1920’s Coney Island boardwalk this sign is the first small clue to what is waiting inside. If you are looking for locations in Brooklyn for gallery owners, then this unusual museum can be a big inspiration. Not only is it a museum but a bar as well. The dark decor of wood, reds, and browns brings you into the world of wax figures. Some are the usual sculptures of people, but that is not all there is. Here you can find over 100 anatomical models and 25 wax death masks. Don’t forget some even more controversial pieces like wax depictions of birth, syphilis, and lungs afflicted with tuberculosis…

Pictures on the wall
You don’t have to take on a classical approach when looking for gallery space. Depending on your vision even some usually unusable places can become gold.

This location is a good example of how a gallery doesn’t have to be the typical open space with bright light. It shows that if you have enough imagination any space can bend to your will and become the perfect gallery. Even if it does not have the storage you can, there are ways to work around it. With the help of moving and storage NYC you will find the option and services of storage available for all of your art. Easy to store and easy to get any time you need it. With constant security and all possible services provided(humidity storage, ac storage, and so on).

Pioneer Works

Find your inspiration in Red Hook, New York City. This is the location of Pioneer Works, a nonprofit organization where young artists come to create. A unique approach to galleries. It offers space as well as tools for artists to create to their heart’s content. If you are interested in large open spaces where commercial movers Brooklyn can help you move in your inventory, a space like this one is a nice start.

You can make space with art exhibits, as well as offer space for the young wanna-be artists in Brooklyn! This way you can discover hidden gems as well contribute to the community. Hand in hand with this comes a nice reputation and a constant crowd of people.

People in a gallery
A place is half of your gallery, so pick it wisely.

Leroy’s Palace

If you want to know more locations in Brooklyn for gallery owners then Leroy’s Palace might be the inspiration you are looking for! This is a place that looks like the set for “Alice in wonderland”. Filled with beautiful colors,  original art, giant puppets, and gifts it is a spot you can’t miss. The art pieces are all handmade by small local artists and this unusual museum also features affordable original art. It’s a prime example, of how a local home can be turned into a beautiful gallery with some little investments. Finding the type of gallery you want to make is the first step you need to take before you look for space. The style of art you want to exhibit will have specific needs.