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One of the crucial aspects of the relocation is definitely finding a new home. Of course, the best would be to find it prior to the relocation in order to remain peaceful knowing your new home is waiting for you. Believe us, this isn’t an easy task. You must consider a variety of factors to determine which apartment suits you best. Thus, we offer you a kind of NJ apartment hunting guide for beginners. Take our advice and start your search on time. Also, you can rely on the help of moving and storage NYC. If possible visit the new place and look for an apartment in person.

Why is NJ apartment hunting for beginners a difficult endeavor?

Searching for a new apartment can be quite frustrating. It often happens that the current tenants are still living in the apartment. Also, landlords may not be available when is most convenient for you. The prices and neighborhoods may not suit you. Thus, your search can prolong for quite a while. However, don’t get disappointed. Using our tips and the help of movers in New Jersey, you can become a successful renter.

When looking for an apartment there are numerous things to consider that will affect your final decision.

  • the characteristics of the neighborhood
  • commuting convenience
  • parking options
  • apartment amenities and pet policies
  • budget
  • apartment security
city skyline of New Jersey
Go through a variety of amazing neighborhoods in New Jersey and find what is adequate for the whole family.

Inspect the neighborhoods thoroughly following the tips of the NJ apartment hunting guide for beginners

First of all, you should know there’s a possibility to have an online apartment tour, made to facilitate the beginner’s search for an apartment in NJ. This is an excellent alternative if you’re living far away. Also, you can rely on the help of movers Hoboken NJ. Still, the best would be to experience the neighborhood and the apartment first-hand. Thus, walk through the neighborhood, talk to the local residents and ask what you are interested in. Remember, different people search for different things.

Thus, compare the neighborhoods and their characteristics. There are differences since many neighborhoods are family-oriented and some are more designed for the young. Also, consider certain characteristics that may help you make up your mind.

  • popularity
  • costs of living
  • schools
  • grocery stores
  • restaurants
  • coffee shops
  • shopping
  • cultural institutions
  • entertainment opportunities
  • ease of navigation

Commuting time is quite important as well as the parking spots

People are interested in knowing the time they need to get to work or from work. What places are within the walking distance? Also, check the public transport. See what areas are great for those who like to go for a walk or take a bike ride. Moreover, people who own a car think of having a parking spot. However, this is a frequent problem that can create problems for the movers Weehawken NJ when transporting your items. Most neighborhoods have a limited number of parking spots. On the other hand, there are situations where you are obliged to pay additional fees for a parking spot. A better solution is large complex buildings where you have your parking space or a garage. As for others, they can use street parking where space is limited.

cars parked in the street
NJ apartment hunting guide for beginners reminds you to check available parking spots in your new neighborhood.

Extra amenities are always welcomed

In some cases, these extra amenities are sometimes a deciding factor. For instance, neighborhoods that have a swimming pool, internet availability, a larger number of parking spaces, excellent stores, restaurants, etc. are definitely more attractive for beginners looking for an apartment in NJ. Furthermore, maintenance and security factors are the amenities that strongly influence decisions concerning renting an apartment.

What about pets? Will landlords allow pets? Well, most of the apartments have strict pet regulations. Thus, many won’t allow you to have a pet, while others may allow pets with an additional deposit. Also, some complexes can have restrictions based on age, breed, or size. Also, some requirements may refer to the need of having your pets spayed. Therefore, if you’re a pet owner, be thorough in analyzing all the regulations when searching for an apartment.

Be reasonable concerning your budget

The basic rule is to be careful not to spend more than you can afford. With this in mind, you shouldn’t spend more than 30% of your gross income on renting an apartment. Also, make sure to include all the necessary monthly expenses and be aware of the unexpected costs when creating your budget. Due to the crisis, the rents have gone up in New Jersey recently. For instance, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in 2022 is $3,300. Moreover, you need to save money when hiring interstate movers NYC to handle your relocation.

money, calculator, notebook and a pen you need when using NJ apartment hunting guide for beginners
Do your calculations. Find a suitable apartment. Bear in mind your budget.

Furthermore, consider getting renters insurance. As a result, your belongings will be protected from theft and fire. What does a renters insurance policy include?

  • property coverage
  • personal liability coverage
  • temporary housing 

Safety is important for all the renters

One of the top concerns when renting an apartment in New Jersey is safety. You should avoid renting apartments in a neighborhood with high crime rates. Affordability shouldn’t be the main concern. In order to check the crime statistics contact local police and check the safety level. This is especially important when relocating with your children.

Following our tips, you will find a perfect apartment for your new beginning

All in all, our NJ apartment hunting guide for beginners will help you determine the best way to find a suitable apartment. Therefore, you should choose the most appropriate neighborhood and find out its basic characteristics. Also, bear in mind to fit your budget. Most importantly, find the balance between the price and the quality. We can’t say it is easy. Especially not for beginners. Nevertheless, with our help and the assistance of your movers you are doomed to succeed. Hence, be brave and start looking on time. If possible check the apartments and neighborhoods first-hand to get the overall impression. Your apartment is somewhere waiting for you.