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Choosing Glendale for your new residence is definitely a decision that will affect your life positively. Among many Queens neighborhoods, Glendale deserves your attention. Still, have you considered the time of the move? Is moving to Glendale during weekdays a good idea? Prior to making a decision consider a variety of factors in order to be sure whether moving during weekdays is your final decision. Hence, bear in mind the pros and cons of this proposition. While moving on weekdays allows you to find the moving companies NYC  easily and is less expensive, it also has its downsides. Thus, the best would be to check both options and reach a compromise.

Let’s start with what you can expect from life in Glendale

First of all, Glendale NY movers will take you to one of the neighborhoods that will offer a bit slower pace of life. Hence, this is a perfect place for families with kids. Everyone can enjoy shopping, especially on Myrtle Avenue. It stretches about 2 miles and there are plenty of stores. When we talk about children, we mustn’t forget to mention the possibility to get an excellent education. There are 3 public elementary schools and several private schools as well. As a matter of fact, the residents in Glendale are very proud of their schools, where Public School 113 stands out in particular.

Except for the cemeteries that provide a lot of greenery, Glendale has a few playgrounds and it practically has no park of its own. One small part of the Forest Park is nearby and The Forest Park Golf Course is quite close to Glendale residents.

Forest Park in Queens
Don’t be disappointed. There are green spaces near Glendale. Certainly, you will enjoy yourself with your kids.

Is it affordable to live in Glendale?

Well, certain data we have show us that the median household income is $46,776. Moreover, the median value of a one-family house is around $300,000. In comparison to the rest of NYC, we must state that it’s affordable living in Glendale. However, the overall costs of living and housing costs are much higher than the national average. Still, by coming to live in any part of NYC the need for a significant amount of money is inevitable. Nevertheless, Glendale is an excellent choice in terms of costs.

Transportation is not something Glendale residents can brag about

The distance from Midtown Manhattan is approximately 8 miles. Thus, many residents work in Manhattan and travel to work by car. Without too much traffic you can reach your work in less than 30 minutes. Since many homes are not within walking distance of a train, people usually rely on buses. Therefore, many people own a car here. Nevertheless, the problems with parking spots still remain the same.

Is moving to Glendale during weekdays an advantage?

Though choosing the best time for the relocation is always an individual decision, we are here to help you determine what would be the best for you. Moving on weekdays has its positive sides you can use to ease up on you.

  • availability of the movers
  • lower costs
  • less stress

First of all, it’ll be much easier to book your movers Queens since they are less busy during the weekdays. Thus, your movers will be available and the choice is much wider. You will be able to see which movers suit you best.

Also, when relocating to Glendale during the weekdays count on much lower prices. After all, we all want to save money. If this is a possibility why not use it? Moreover, ask yourself about the children. Should they be present on a moving day? Imagine the level of stress. Hence, your kids are at school on that day which facilitates the whole process for both yourself and the movers.

What day is the best option?

Two days of the week truly stand out as the best choice for making Glendale your new home during the weekdays. Those are Friday and Monday. Why is that so? Well, among the reasons previously mentioned, there are more things to take into consideration.

when moving to Glendale during weekdays observe this capnedar of September standing next to a plant
Moving on weekdays is a much better option than moving on weekends. Hence, you are left to choose a day most suitable for your needs.

When speaking of Fridays, one of the great advantages is the upcoming weekend. Firstly, it’ll be easier to get time off work. More importantly, after your Queens residential movers complete the relocation you are left with the entire weekend to unpack and sort things out. If you are to get back to work on Monday, then this weekend means a lot to you.

A similar situation goes for Monday as well. Still, the situation is vice versa. Now you have the previous weekend free to use for packing and organizing your relocation. You must admit that this is also quite significant. After thorough preparation, local movers NYC will handle the relocation meticulously. The only problem is the period after the relocation. What about the time to unpack and settle in your new home?

Traffic could present a problem

One of the disadvantages of moving to Glendale, Queens during the weekdays is definitely the traffic. Unfortunately, traffic during weekdays is huge, especially knowing the fact that residents own a car in most cases. Hence, this can create problems for your movers. Still, don’t be desperate. A true professional with an experienced and skillfully moving team knows the area and can handle the traffic without problems. Thus, to go back to the beginning, the most important thing is to find reliable movers that can handle everything.

a traffic jam
Traffic can create problems when moving to Glendale during weekdays. However, if your movers know the traffic hours and the area, they can easily evade it.

Relocate without problems with careful preparation

All in all, moving to Glendale during weekdays is an excellent solution. As already mentioned, its positive sides prevail over negative ones. The main point is to find adequate movers capable of handling every situation and that won’t be scared to deal with traffic issues during weekdays. Apart from that, moving during weekdays is beneficial when observing a variety of other factors. Therefore, experience safe relocation with the best movers, with lower prices and minimum stress. Finally, start enjoying Glendale and create your dream home in this lovely neighborhood.