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Divorce, alongside moving, is one of the most stressful events a person can go through. So, not only are you feeling the stress of the divorce, but you also need to move out. Even though this is likely what both you and your partner agreed on, that doesn’t make it any easier. It’s important to remember that emotional turmoil often has physical symptoms. You will feel tired, irritated, sad, and a bunch of other things. Be sure to pay attention to your needs during this time, even at the cost of moving a bit later. Teddy Moving and Storage NYC have prepared a guide on moving out of NYC after divorce, and we hope it can come in handy.

Finalize the divorce before you move out

It’s generally a good idea to wait until your divorce is finalized before you move out. But, as we all know, in reality, this isn’t always possible. In instances of domestic abuse or emotional abuse, people feel like they have no other choice. Unfortunately, even in these situations, you need to wait until everything is finalized. We would recommend going to a friend’s home, or your parents’ home until the divorce is finalized, but do not move out before then! The law is there to protect us, but sometimes it goes against us. According to certain laws, if you move out before the divorce is finalized, you are abandoning your family. Obviously, you need to stay safe, don’t forget that! But, unless you want your partner to sue and obtain the house and the children, you need to be patient.

Two women hugging looking at NYC
Turn to loved ones for some compassion and help with the moving process.

If the divorce is a mutual agreement, perhaps such instances won’t even occur. But, if you’re in a hurry to move out after the finalization of the divorce, you can look into last minute movers NYC. These movers can organize a move in less than 24 hours. Also, if you’re dealing with an abusive ex, it’s best to arrive at your previously shared home with a bunch of strong men to take all of your belongings.

Make an inventory of what belongs to you

Moving out of NYC after divorce is hard as is, but you need to make sure you can take your belongings with you. If you’re in the position to take inventory even before the divorce, that’s the perfect time to do it. If your spouse and you have decided to share everything 50-50 before the marriage, you need to make arrangements on how to handle this. Usually, this would entail one partner paying off half the value of the home to the other.

We would warmly recommend hiring a lawyer for these instances. No matter how well you know someone, they could still try to steal or cheat you out of your half. People become desperate when huge changes such as divorce happen. Fine art movers NYC are trained professionals who can help you with transporting your invaluable artworks. If these pieces get damaged, they could lose their value. This is why we recommend exclusively hiring professionals.

A woman writing a list in order to prepare for moving out of NYC after divorce
Take inventory of everything in the shared home that belongs to you.

Remove all sentimental items

Decluttering is generally recommended before any kind of moving process. First off, you can get rid of items you simply don’t use. Be they sentimental, or not. But, the key here is to remove any fond memories of your marriage, not because you hated your marriage, but to make things easier for yourself. If you’re the sentimental type, you can keep some important memories hidden away somewhere. Just make sure not to keep them near where you can look at them and feel sad.

Usually, what you’d benefit from getting rid of are pictures, letters, and gifts. This will make it much easier for you to have a fresh start and get over your divorce. It will still be a long process, but why not make it easier for yourself? A packing service NYC can also help make things easier. Hire people to pack up your belongings and don’t worry about seeing your ex again when you come to collect your stuff. Moving out of NYC after divorce will become a bit easier.

Hire movers

There are many local movers NYC to choose from. The sooner you can book your movers, the better. Considering the circumstances, booking movers in advance may not be feasible. What you need to keep in mind is that when you’re hiring movers last-minute, they tend to be pricier. They have less time to prepare for your move, and they might even need to reschedule with some other client. So, it does make sense, but higher prices can leave a dent in your wallet.

If you don’t have the budget to hire movers, moving out by yourself is also an option. You can ask family and friends to help out with relocating your items. And if you ask enough people, the move can easily be finalized in a day. If you’re moving from NYC to CT though, for example, you may need professional help. Consider it an investment into your new future.

A moving company van
Movers you can trust can make your relocation tenfold easier.

Start fresh

When moving out of NYC after divorce is finalized, it’s time to start fresh. The world is your oyster. You can begin unpacking slowly and reimagining your life. Even though huge changes tend to be hard to take, just remind yourself why you got the divorce in the first place. Something wasn’t working and you deserve to meet someone who can fulfill all of your needs. Get some new furniture, and try out a new clothing style or home aesthetic. Do something just for yourself and you will see just how quickly you can get back into contact with yourself and your needs.