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In search of affordable housing and more convenient commutes, New Yorkers are leaving the city. They look for places like Hoboken on the Hudson River. With urban community and historic townhomes, it’s a perfect place to call home. If you are moving from Long Island to Hoboken, you will find that Hoboken offers a romantic setting and a place to raise your family. Movers Hoboken NJ will help you relocate, but you will still remain near Manhattan as this neighborhood has one of the best public transit access. Despite its small size, Hoboken packs a punch and has a vibrant young energy that attracts many.

Why Hoboken?

South of Weehawken, and surrounded by the Hights, and Jersey City, one would say that Hoboken is perfectly centered on the Hudson River. Looking over to Chelsea in Manhattan, Hoboken is very dense with an intensive development boom in the early 20th century. Hoboken has a mix of historic townhouses and apartment buildings with older brownstones. Hoboken has everything you need within a mile. It was chosen as one of the coolest suburbs in America in 2019, but people argue its suburb status as its more populated and considered to be a part of the metropolitan area. Teddy Moving and Storage has top 3 reasons why you should move to Hoboken, NJ:

  • the culture and the heritage
  • if you are about to move from Long Island to Hoboken, you will stay close to Manhattan
  • the public transport and great connections

Of course, there are plenty of reasons to move to Hoboken, so keep reading if you want to learn more about the charms of this lovely neighborhood. You will not be disappointed.

River view of the Clock Tower, Hoboken
You can enjoy a historic landmark above the Hudson River if you are moving from Long Island to Hoboken

Moving from Long Island to Hoboken

There are many good things about Hoboken, so it’s not strange if you decided to move here. But no matter how exciting it is to choose your new home and to move, it can be a stressful time. Even if you are moving from Long Island, it’s still a 50 miles road distance, and you need a good and reliable company to help you relocate all your belongings.


Once you pick some of the movers NYC to NJ, you need to pack, load, and unload the boxes. Make sure you use some of the great organizational tools and pack efficiently. This way, once you arrive in your new place in Hoboken, you will have no trouble unpacking and settling in.

What awaits after you move from Long Island to Hoboken?

Here are a couple of must-know tips for living in Hoboken. Parking is one of the few negatives about living in this amazing city. You’ll need a place to park your car once everything is unloaded and Hoboken is your home. Standard parking stickers are available for residents. You can also obtain a permit for your visitor and guest to park in the neighborhood.


Once you are moved in, you can update your furniture by checking out one of the many stores. West Elm is a great place to shop for furniture and décor. Also, stroll through Washington street, and you will find gems that will make your new place feel like home. On the same street, you can go grocery shopping. Whole foods and places with organic products are easily accessible and you will find yourself shopping there all the time.

Public transport as a representation of why people are moving from Long Island to Hoboken
Hoboken is easily accessible by public transit, via bus, train, or subway

For getting to know the town and its community, make sure to join social media groups where you will find lovely locals more than ready to help you get around town. Or you can find someone like you, a person that just moved in, so you can discover Hoboken together. If you want to declutter your new place, check out Hudson County Freecycle. You can post things you no longer need and make a place for new gadgets in your home.

Things to do in Hoboken, NJ

Once Long Island City movers settle you into Hoboken, it’s time to go exploring. We recommend visiting the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway. You will enjoy the view, but you can also go for a run or a bike ride. If you followed the TV show, you will be thrilled to find out that Cake Boss still operates! If you feel hungry, and you are up for waiting for lines to go into the store, you won’t regret it. For art lovers, Monroe Arts Center in the heart of Hoboken will charm you. The Barsky Gallery of Contemporary Art is also located in Hoboken- don’t miss it.

Panoramic view of Hoboken
Hoboken, now a city, was originally a small island

Hoboken’s walking tours aren’t just doable, they’re the most effective way to explore the city’s one-square-mile area. Take a stroll on cobblestoned side streets and backstreets, window shops, and eat at one of the many bodegas. The food in Hoboken will not disappoint. There are many restaurants and small cafes to choose from. The corner of 13th Street and Hudson in Hoboken is a gathering place for farmers to offer their freshest and tastiest products every Thursday from June to October, 2 to 7 pm- don’t miss out.

Fun facts about Hoboken

Here are some fun facts that you will enjoy, and for sure brag about once you move.

  • Hoboken is the birthplace of Frank Sinatra
  • The city was formerly an island
  • It was purchased for $90,000 dollars in the 18th century
  • Hoboken was a seaport during World War I

You can consider yourself lucky if you are moving from Long Island to Hoboken. A new and wonderful place to call home, filled with history and culture. Famous as the birthplace of baseball, Oreo cookie, and the zipper, it will never stop to amaze you. Often called “the most walkable” city, it provides its residents with a beautiful waterfront. We hope that you will enjoy living in Hoboken as much as we enjoyed gathering a quick guide for your move.