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People from all over the world dream of living in Manhattan. They want to experience a movie-like lifestyle, jogging in Central Park, sitting on the steps of the MET, and walking past Times Square on a daily basis. However, there’s nothing easy about planning a move here. Especially if you are moving between neighborhoods in New York City. Apartments are not easy to find and the streets are busy. Therefore, if you are moving from Flushing to Manhattan, we recommend that you rely on one of the best moving companies NYC has to offer and leave your relocation to professionals.

Reasons for moving from Flushing to Manhattan

New York City is the hub of the world. Many are moving to Manhattan as it provides opportunities. The legendary City of New York is located on this island between the Hudson and East Rivers. There’s no doubt about it, you should experience Manhattan at least once in your lifetime.

Times Square, NYC
Times Square is a very popular site in NYC, when you complete moving from Flushing to Manhattan, you can enjoy it every day!

People from around the globe come here to see what America is all about here. If you are still deciding if you should relocate here, movers Manhattan has a few reasons you should consider before the move:

  • everything on the island of Manhattan is close. You won’t need a car as everything is within a 1-mile radius;
  • the city’s culture will amaze you. You can catch a play or a movie at any time, and the neighborhood is filled with museums and shows;
  • it’s a great place to get an education. Universities like NYU, Columbia, and Rockefeller are in the top 50 in the world;
  • moving from Flushing to Manhattan is easy, as we have the experience you need and packing service NYC so that your relocation can go smoothly.

Planning a move to Manhattan

If you are planning a move from Flushing to Manhattan, you probably already visited the Island. You should ask yourself some basic questions like, how well do you know the neighborhood? Once you figure out where in Manhattan you want to move, you should consider your budget. NYC is an expensive place to live and rent. Use a calculator to determine what amount you can afford to pay in rent. Your salary must be at least 40 times your monthly rent to qualify for a rental.


Next up, you need some advice from New Yorkers. A New Yorker can tell you all about the best and worst things about living here. Get in touch with someone you know who moved to NYC recently and ask them for any information or resources they can provide. Finally, prepare, pack and book the movers. Prepare as far in advance as possible for your move and pack early to avoid last-minute stress. You should choose moving companies Flushing NY offers that are professional and that can meet your demands.


Rent storage space for your belongings once you reach NYC if you are moving there before finding an apartment. It is becoming an increasingly popular option for city dwellers who simply want more space and less clutter. Be sure to arrange the rental in advance, since storage is currently in short supply. Store spaces can be found all over New York City, so you can even rent or keep one (if you had any) in Queens, and that way you will be able to visit your friend every time you need something from your unit.

Yellow cab in NYC
If you decided to relocate to Manhattan, be prepared for crowded street

What to expect after the move

After your relocation, you will find out that this neighborhood has a lot to offer. There are a lot of companies that have their headquarters in Manhattan, so the career options are really endless. Also, over 900 fashion companies are located here, so if you are a fan, you will find everything you need in one place. There are over 1,700 parks, playgrounds, and recreation areas in New York City, despite it appearing like a concrete jungle. One of the most well-known and largest parks in Manhattan is Central Park, so you will be able to enjoy this pictures area on a daily basis.


One of the most restaurant-dense cities in the United States is New York City, home to over 23,000 restaurants. You can also make monthly visits to the Zoo with your children. If you are single or coming here as a couple, you will be happy to find out that NYC really never sleeps. No matter what kind of nightlife you’re looking for, there is no shortage of options here. Manhattan is fun, and you will enjoy exploring it.

Differences you will encounter when moving from Flushing to Manhattan

Flushing, Queens, and Manhattan have a lot of differences. The one that might concern you the most is the traffic in Manhattan. Traffic congestions are common. The amount of time spent in traffic and commuting is considerable. This is something to keep in mind when moving here. Also, Flushing is a safer neighborhood. However, this doesn’t mean that Manhattan is not for families and kids. New York City has a lot to offer to families, whether you believe it or not. There are several museums in New York City that are perfect for kids’ activities and fun for the whole family.

Luxury apartments are a reason for moving from Flushing to Manhattan
Apartments in NYC are expensive but worth it

Another important difference is the apartment prices. The average rent for an apartment in Manhattan is $4,000, while the price of an apartment in Flushing is around $1500 for a 1 bedroom flat. With all considered, yes, it’s expensive to move here, but definitely worth it if you count on the career and education possibilities. If you are moving from Flushing to Manhattan, contact movers Queens and get a quote for your relocation. You will be amazed by their expertise and the knowledge of both neighborhoods. Your move will be smooth and easy, and you will be able to enjoy your new place in no time.