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When you take the time to create a proper moving checklist before moving, even the somewhat complicated process of relocating can become a problem-free and stress-free experience. Being well prepared in terms of what to anticipate from the move and what to do to maintain the move as easy as possible can help you make this move the simplest one yet. If you have decided that moving back to Englewood NJ is the right choice then getting in touch with one of the best movers in New Jersey is the first thing you should think of!

Englewood, New Jersey

What made you think that moving back to Englewood NJ is the right choice? At the time of the 2020 Census, Englewood, a city in Bergen County, New Jersey, had a population of 29,308. On March 17, 1899, the New Jersey Legislature passed an act creating the city of Englewood from parts of Ridgefield Township as well as the remaining parts of Englewood Township. Since then the population slowly started growing. As witnesses to that many moving companies including Teddy Moving and Storage have developed their moving business as well.

waterfront look on the city
When the weather is nice it’s the perfect time to go and explore the city.

Residents in Englewood enjoy an urban-suburban mix and the majority own their homes. There are numerous eateries, cafés, and parks in Englewood. The population of Englewood is liberal and includes a lot of families and young professionals. In Englewood, the public schools perform above average. So moving back to Englewood is not a bad idea.

Cost of  living

The cost of living in Englewood, New Jersey is 37% higher than the national median. The typical pay in the area, your career, and the local real estate market can all affect how much it costs to live there. You can learn more about how your particular demands will be taken into consideration and you can determine how much it will cost you using a living calculator. Moving back to Englewood NJ will start after you have bought a home.

Moving and relocating into your new house can be expensive due to utilities and maintenance expenses, property taxes, and home insurance. There are numerous benefits to living in New Jersey, however, the high cost of property ownership is not one of them. But at least movers Englewood NJ, are there to provide you with excellent services along with a safe move.

Woman and dauther packing before moving back to Englewood
Moving back to Englewood NJ is a hard decision to make. But it’s not bad at all!

What can Englewood offer?

People don’t decide that moving back to Englewood NJ is a good idea without a reason. New York City is 10 minutes from the City of Englewood. So many New Yorkers call last minute movers NYC has to offer, to help them move to Englewood. The Bergen Performing Arts Center, premium diners, boutiques, beauty salons, thrift stores, more than a handful of banks, dealerships, ethnic restaurants, and specialty stores can all be found in Englewood’s bustling downtown. Early in 2013, the BergenPAC will inaugurate a school for performing arts at One Depot Square. This will be a driving force for the economy and improvement of the standard of living in our Englewood neighborhood.

The town center has developed into a significant dining and retail destination for the neighboring areas in the northern valley. About 29,000 people from various cultural backgrounds live in Englewood. There are more than 50 religious institutions and 14 public and private schools spread across the city’s 5 square kilometers. The Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, a regional hospital with a distinguished history, provides care to people in northern New Jersey and the neighboring counties of New York.


Before you start moving back to Englewood NJ, you should know some of the basic demographics. 10,057 homes, 6,788 families, and 27,147 people were recorded in the city during the 2010 United States Census. There were 5,524.6 people per square mile. In terms of race, there were 9.73% from other races, 45.28% White, 32.58% Black / African American, 0.54% Native American, 8.10% Asian, 0.04% Pacific Islander, and 9.73% from two or more races. The population was made up of 27.48% Hispanic or Latino people of any race.

A woman taking a picture
When you come here mix in with the locals, and go explore the city.

So it is no lie to say that this city is quite diverse. That means that here you will be exposed to many cultures.  This will especially be so in the form of restaurants and shops. Many of these people will want to celebrate their culture and share its beauty with their neighbors. So don’t miss out on it! Enjoy the beauty of others’ beliefs and cultures as much as you can. You never know how those new outlooks on life will help you shape your future.


A swimming pool, ice hockey rink, walking trail, and sports grounds are all located in MacKay Park, which is on North Van Brunt Street. The Palisades Forest is still present at the Flat Rock Brook Nature Center, which can be found at 433 Van Nostrand Avenue. The 1973-founded center is a 150-acre park and educational facility with 3.6 miles of hiking paths, a number of gardens, and a recently refurbished butterfly garden. Through year-round exhibits and excursions, Flat Rock enables guests to understand the natural ecology protected in the park.

After moving back to Englewood NJ you will have plenty of time to explore. Not only the parks and city attractions but the surroundings as well.

Modern-day Englewood

Many history lovers decide that moving back to Englewood NJ is the right choice. But what is modern-day Englewood like? Currently, Englewood is a smart city that successfully combines a significant amount of its historic beauty and charm with a vibrant, international vibe. There are various contrasts in it, such as between ornate Victorian mansions and contemporary low-rise condominiums. Tranquil residential districts with mature trees and the busy central business district. And between expensive homes and modest apartments. Its closeness to New York City remains a key characteristic, but it also has a strong and unique personality of its own, shaped by the incredibly diverse backgrounds, interests, and skills of its residents.