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You might be thinking that all the packing supplies you need for relocation to Queens are cardboard boxes and tape. These are the most essential items you need to acquire, but there are many more. We at Teddy Moving and Storage NYC have prepared a list of items you need to have that might not seem so obvious. Of course, not everything we name will be completely essential. A lot of the items on our lists are just things that make moving easier. You can pick and choose which of the supplies are of interest to you. Now, let’s get into it!

Packing basics and essentials

First off, let’s cover the basic essentials you need. There are quite a few items you need to make the packing and move possible. And even if it might seem like a lot, trust us that it isn’t. The following items are the basic packing supplies you need for relocation to Queens:

  • boxes
  • cushioning
  • materials for labeling
  • packing tape
  • cargo straps
a woman using packing supplies you need for relocation to Queens
Sort out all items before you start packing.


Boxes are the most important moving supply you need to acquire. Basically, all of your items need to fit into these boxes. So, we do urge you to get boxes of various sizes. Small boxes are amazing for smaller appliances, toiletries, or books. These items will stay safe and dry in the boxes. Medium boxes can be used for cushions, pillows, bed covers, sheets, clothes, etc. Don’t be confused by the label ‘medium’, a lot of stuff can fit into these boxes! You can even add box dividers to create room for glasses, mugs, and similar breakables. The dividers will keep them from clinking against each other and potentially breaking. Large boxes are amazing for any larger items that can’t fit anywhere else. But, keep in mind that if these items are heavy, you might need to settle for crates made out of more durable material. Consult with your local movers NYC. Often, they have a variety of boxes to choose from for a reasonable price.

If you’re trying to make your moving process as cost-effective as possible, you can find free moving boxes. You can check with a local grocery store, shop, or recycling center. The Facebook marketplace can help you out with this as well. But, the problem with this route is that you need to find durable boxes. They need to be in good shape so that your items don’t get damaged.


You can’t just throw all of your items into a box and call it a day. Use some kind of cushioning! Foam wrap sheets are amazing for items like dishes. Since they are sheets, you just place them in between your plates. And bubble wrap is also an amazing alternative. Especially for items of odd shapes, bubble wrap provides amazing cushioning. Many movers Sunnyside NY offer packing services alongside moving services. Check out this option as well.

Newspapers can provide good cushioning as well. If you’re set on making your packing as low cost as possible, collect some newspapers. You can even ask around the neighborhoods for additional papers. These shouldn’t be used for extremely fragile items, though!

A stack of newspapers
Newspapers can provide good enough cushioning. But for fragile items, it isn’t safe enough!

Materials for labeling

As you pack, label your boxes. This will come in handy when you need to unpack at your new home in Queens. You can simply write down the contents of the box with a black marker. But, if you enjoy organization, you can even color-code your boxes! Whatever you decide to do, just remember to clearly label it so you know what is inside.

Packing tape

Packing tape is the key ingredient for a successful moving process. There are many kinds you can choose from, but many moving companies Flushing NY recommend going for the more durable ones. Even if they cost a bit more! You can buy them in bulk, seeing how you will need a lot of tapes, and even save some money on this purchase. After all, you need to tape all of your boxes from every single side.

Cargo straps

When loading your items into the moving truck, cargo straps might just save them during the journey. You can use cargo straps to secure your items and stop them from shifting around. Make sure the straps you get are thick enough to hold all of your items. And be sure to secure them tightly!

What are some of the items that aren’t essential but still help out?

We’re glad you asked! Let’s look over some more packing supplies you need for relocation to Queens if you plan on making it the easiest relocation yet.

Plastic baggies

Little plastic bags are an incredible asset. You can pack tiny items in them that might get lost otherwise. These are perfect for screws when you disassemble your furniture. Your movers Forest Hills NY even recommend them for jewelry. Place all your prized jewelry in little baggies and then into a small moving box for maximum safety.

A couple with packing supplies
Be sure to get all of the packing supplies you need ahead of time!


While we’re on the topic of disassembling furniture, you will need a toolset to handle this task. You can just buy a premade toolset at your local store and it will have all of the tools you need. Basically, you need a screwdriver and wrench. But, a lot of the different tools can come in handy!


There are a few different kinds of dollies. What you might consider getting is appliance dollies, utility dollies, and furniture dollies. These will be a huge help for heavier or bulkier items.

Now that we’ve covered the packing supplies you need for relocation to Queens, it’s time for you to go and get them! And after that, you can have a comfortable time preparing for moving day.