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Relocating home can be an unpleasant experience from time to time. Not only that you must meddle with packing, legalities, budget, and movers NYC to NJ, but sometimes, you can have unpleasant situations. Those can be rogue movers, scams, frauds, damages, and even injuries. But today we will focus on fraudulent movers and how to avoid them. You can easily shield yourself from such unpleasantries with a few tips and tricks. So, let us together avoid fraudulent movers in New Jersey. Let’s go!

License and permit is the key to avoid fraudulent movers in New Jersey

The first thing you must check when searching for movers is if they have licenses and permits. You will avoid fraudulent New Jersey movers easily if the answer is negative or if they fail to provide an answer. You can even dig through moving-related websites or read reviews just to confirm this information. If you are struggling to confirm it within 10 minutes, then something is wrong. This is the very basic thing and all movers must have it to work within the moving industry. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any problems confirming this in a matter of seconds.

movers in a van
A moving company must be licensed to work. Confirm yours have all the requirements to perform before you hire them.

Find referrals to avoid fraudulent movers in NJ

Another way to avoid fraudulent movers in New Jersey is to obtain referrals. You can do it over the agency, friends, relatives, family members, coworkers, you name it. Then, you can find referrals through social media groups by connecting with people who already moved with the company you want to hire. Exchange words and confirm the legitimacy of your movers in New Jersey. If you manage to obtain referrals, you shouldn’t think twice that something shady is going on behind the scenes. Although, there are always chances for individuals to act on their own and scam you without the company leaders knowing about it. But that is an entirely different story and it is an unlikely scenario. Although, because there is a chance of it, you shouldn’t lower your guard too much.

Inspect your movers inside out

Now, you search for legit movers Weehawken NJ should be a serious one. While searching for movers you should implement the basic criteria and your preset requisites. Once you narrow it down, you should start inspecting them further and ensure they cover the following:

  • Licenses and permits.
  • Tools and equipment.
  • Knowledge and experience.
  • Adequate moving services and insurance.
  • Safety standards and protocols.
  • An official website, physical address, and contact info.
man searching online for topic on avoid fraudulent movers in New Jersey
Sit down and dig through the moving industry. Inspect your movers inside out and you will successfully avoid fraudulent movers in New Jersey

Without this, you shouldn’t even consider talking to this moving company. This is a very basic requirement. And once you confirm they have the following, you can give them a call. You can confirm everything via the moving reviews and their website.

Moving services you can count on

There are many moving services that can save your life while moving. We at Teddy Moving and Storage know well that many moving services are situational and very specific. Therefore, you should check what your movers offer before you choose the moving package. For example, if you own a piano, a piano moving service is exactly what you need right there. Movers have the knowledge, expertise, and tools to move such an object. Not to mention all the manpower and the responsibility they are taking for it.


Another good service is the packing service. Movers can bring all the materials and pack your entire home in a matter of hours. Then they will load, transport, and unload everything upon demand. Just imagine how easy your relocation can be with this service. Yes, it does cost a bit but it is there for those who can afford to exchange valuable time for money. Although, it is not too expensive. It is still affordable to anyone.

Do not buy what you do not need

Let’s say you are taking the long-distance package with a few workers and a moving truck. Yes, your movers will provide moving estimates and offer the package. But it should stop there. If you see that moving representative is throwing a bunch of services at you and pushing to sell more, it should raise a red flag. Fraudulent moving companies can run a legit business but sell unnecessary moving services or overcharge for them.

woman calculating budget
You must be careful when calculating budget and purchasing services. Do not spend too much or purchase what you do not need.

They pose as legit but they charge you twice as much through the services you do not need at all. And you do not even realize this until you settle in and think about everything that happened. Or until you receive your final bill. But then it is too late. Therefore, be cautious when negotiating with movers and do not hold your tongue but ask questions and tell them what you want. Do not let them drag you into the endless vortex of unnecessary moving services.

Be careful when handling the legal part of this story

Assembling the moving contract can be the trickiest part when handling fraudulent movers. Assuming that you haven’t realized your movers are sketchy, this is the moment to do so. So, when you agree on the service, moving price, and the date, you will assemble a moving contract. But before you sign it, you should read it at least three times. Yes, we know it sounds boring and time-consuming but it is something it must be done. We are not talking here about a couple of hundreds of bucks. Your relocation can cost around $5000 or more.


Do you want to put a sign on it without reading your contract? You well know that the fine print at the bottom can get you easily and you can end up without all your belongings. Therefore, read it thoroughly and do not sign anything until you seek legal counsel. Make sure you understand what the document holds. And one more thing. The payment method must be via a credit card. If your movers ask for cash on hand, do not do any business with them at all. You do not need a lawsuit on your hands. And if you want to reward them for the job well done, include a bit extra on your moving budget so you can buy them food, beverages, and toss them a $20 for each worker once the job is done.


Now you know how to avoid fraudulent movers in New Jersey. Follow our guide and do not hesitate to come back to it if you need a reminder. Be patient when searching for movers and you won’t make any mistakes. Good luck and stay safe.