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How to know which neighborhood in NYC is the best for you? NYC is a very big city and it has over 300 neighborhoods. It’s easy to make a mistake with so many choices and NYC certainly has them. For this reason, you should first choose one borough out of five that NYC has. NYC has five official boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island. It’s hard to know which one is the best. While Manhattan is still the most popular borough in NYC, Brooklyn’s popularity is slowly raising. You certainly experienced all charms of Brooklyn while you lived in Greenpoint. However, things change in life and you find that you again need services from Teddy moving and Storage NYC to move to Brownsville. Additionally, here are a few reasons why moving from Greenpoint to Brownsville might be good for you.

Is moving from Greenpoint to Brownsville a good decision?

Brooklyn is the most populated borough in NYC and it has a population of over 2,5 million. The borough is one of the best places to live in NYC. However, it’s known that Brooklyn has 77 neighborhoods and all of them are not equally good for living. Some are bound to be better than others. When looking for a neighborhood to move to with moving companies Brooklyn, you should pay attention to affordability, safety, transportation, job options, etc. Greenpoint is often described as a nice place for living with low crime rates, a residential feel, many restaurants, bars, galleries, etc. When you hear of all these, someone would wonder why even move to another neighborhood. Brownsville is not exactly the first neighborhood that comes to mind when thinking about a good neighborhood in Brooklyn. But who knows, Brownsville might be the perfect match for you.

woman thinking about moving from Greenpoint to Brownsville
Think carefully before you decide to move

Should you stay in Greenpoint?

Moving is usually hard and stressful. So, when you already moved once before to Greenpoint with movers Greenpoint, you should think carefully about your next relocation. Greenpoint is one of the nicer neighborhoods in Brooklyn. The neighborhood has almost 35 residents and it has a large number of Polish immigrants. For this reason, Greenpoint is sometimes called Little Poland. In the past, Greenpoint was a mostly working-class neighborhood. However, over the years, a lot has changed in Greenpoint and now it has a thriving nightlife, luxury buildings, businesses, etc. The food is absolutely amazing and you were able to try traditional Polish dishes. The cost of living in Greenpoint is similar to average living costs in Brooklyn. The median rent is around $3500 while Brooklyn’s average is around $4000. The only real downside of Greenpoint is the lack of green spaces.

Why should you move to Brownsville?

Brownsville had a bad reputation for the longest time. The reputation is slowly changing, but it can’t be done overnight. There are many reasons why you would move to Brownsville with movers in Brownsville. The neighborhood has almost 60 000 residents which makes it twice as big as Greenpoint. At the beginning of Brownsville, the neighborhood was mostly populated by Jewish until the 1950s. In the 1960s, the population in Brownsville changed as Jewish people moved out and African-Americans started moving in. African-American residents are still predominant in Brownsville with over 70% of the population while Hispanic residents are in second place with 20%. As you can see, it’s a diverse neighborhood with people from many different backgrounds and races. Safety was a huge problem in the past, but now the crime rates are dropping.

people walking on sidewalk
There are a few reasons for moving from Greenpoint to Brownsville

What are the benefits of living in Brownsville?

A neighborhood with almost 60 000 residents must have a few benefits which make them stay. The affordability is one of the biggest reasons why people move to Brownsville with residential movers Brooklyn. The median rent for a one-room apartment is around $970 which is much more affordable than Brooklyn’s average of $2500. This is a great neighborhood if you found yourself in a temporary financial crisis. The next benefit is a good connection to other parts of NYC and Manhattan. There are direct train and bus lines from Brownsville to Manhattan. The bus departs every two hours and the drive takes about an hour and a half. The train departs every 15 min the whole week and you will need only 45 min to Manhattan. There are a couple of great parks and the neighborhood has the Brownsville Recreation Center with an indoor swimming pool, parks, and sports fields.

Where else should you live in Brooklyn?

Greenpoint and Brownsville are not your only options in Brooklyn. The best neighborhoods in Brooklyn will depend on what you are looking for. Usually, a certain neighborhood to be considered a good one should fill out a couple of requirements. First is safety. Low crime rates are very important for families with kids and senior citizens. The next requirement is job options and salary. If you have a great salary, you will be able to afford a larger rent and a better home. Some other factors are many green spaces, parks, good public transportation, good public schools, entertainment options, etc. Brooklyn has many good options. Among 77 neighborhoods, you are bound to find one that you like. Some of the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn are the following ones:

  • Williamsburg
  • Clinton Hill
  • Downtown Brooklyn
  • Bay Ridge
  • Bushwick
a photo of a bridge in the night
Brooklyn has many good neighborhoods

How to make a decision?

Moving from Greenpoint to Brownsville will be a challenge. Before you start preparing for a relocation, you should first consider a couple of things. Think carefully if you really need to move to another neighborhood and what other options you have. Additionally, if you move to Brownsville, it doesn’t mean you will have to live there for the rest of your life. You can see if Brownsville is a good place for you and then make a final decision. Every neighborhood can be a good place if you have a good job, a nice home, and your family with you. Therefore, moving to Brownsville might be a good change for you.