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People usually move to improve the quality of their life, or if their new job requires them to move from one state to another. In both circumstances, you need a good moving company to relocate your belongings. Transferring your things from one point to another is not as simple as you might think, and everyone who has lived through such an experience is well aware of it. A move must be planned before being carried out, especially if you are in the need of interstate moving services. Luckily, Teddy Moving and Storage NYC can help you plan and relocate. Today we will cover the most important services that you should use when moving interstate. 

What services do you need for an interstate move?

Interstate moving means that you will be moving to a different state. This is much different than a local move, and you will for sure need the assistance that interstate movers NYC offers and their services.

  • packing services to help you move to another state
  • storage services if you need to leave something behind
  • fine art moving as a part of interstate moving services

When you don’t have much moving experience, it can take too long to plan your relocating process. As a result, you may have to deal with many issues that you might find challenging to resolve. Every move is different, so based on what you are transferring, you can choose amongst different sorts of services for your specific case. But by choosing to relocate with a good moving company, you will guarantee a successful and safe transfer of your belongings.

Interstate moving services include packing
Packing is one of the most important interstate moving services, as you want to be packed most efficiently

 Interstate moving services – start packing!

Packaging is the first step to take before moving. It takes a lot of planning and organization to move from one state to another, whether you are moving a small apartment or a multistory house. Put together all the supplies and materials before you begin packing your personal belongings.

You should make an inventory of what you plan on packing. The idea of making an inventory by room can help organize things and make unpacking more seamless. Make a list of the items in the room that could be donated or thrown out if they are no longer needed or have lost value.

Packing supplies used for interstate moving services

Don’t rely on supplies you already have at home for packing your belongings. Create a list and buy everything you think you might need at once. This reduces the need for additional trips to the store, which can delay the packing process and increase the cost of moving. You can save money if you decide to borrow or pack in used boxes. Ask your neighbors, they might have boxes from their previous move. To protect breakable items, you will also need packing tape, markers for labeling boxes or containers, and newspapers or grocery bags to protect breakable items.

Two cardboard boxes
Pack and store your items with care, so that you can pick them up in pristine condition

If you have delicate items or clothes on hangers, look for wardrobe boxes or specialty glassware or dishware boxes. You’ll know exactly how much of each type of material you have if you keep them all in one location. Moving heavier boxes or furniture may also require the use of a dolly, hand truck, or moving straps. If you don’t want to go through the hassle on your own, you can always contact our packing service NYC and get assistance with packing and moving.

Do you need storage for an interstate move?

Yes! Definitely. Moving to another state means that you will be moving far, for example, if you are moving from NYC to CT, you might think about leaving some things behind. Even before you move into your new home, secure storage facilities are the ideal location to temporarily store your items. Before you can actually begin putting your things in a storage facility, there are several steps you need to take. To begin, choose the storage type that will suit your needs.

The second step is to pack your items and label them so you can find them easier once you come back to pick them up. If you are packing and storing items, an excellent rule is to take apart all items that can easily be disassembled. Pack them categorically so that they are more accessible. And that’s it! You are ready to move to another state while knowing your belongings are safe.

Fine art moving with Teddy Moving and Storage

When moving to a different state, don’t leave your valuables behind, and don’t be scared to transfer them. If you have framed artwork, you need to pack both canvas and the frame. You can wrap framed art pieces in bubble wrap and secure the frame with foamy material. Make sure the piece is protected by putting it into a cardboard box and marking it as fragile.

Canvas and a chair
Don’t be afraid to move your artwork interstate, with Teddy Moving and Storage you can count on the safety of your valuables

In order to transport canvas paintings, wrap them in bubble wrap first. Put the artwork in a cardboard box that is a little bigger than the artwork and tape all sides together. Mark the box where the paintings will be stored with a permanent stamp or marker to indicate that it is fragile. Labeling moving boxes is very important for moving fine art.

Move your delicate items with Tedy Moving and Storage

Your most valuable items should always be transferred to professionals. You don’t want to end us spending more money than you wished if you damage your belongings in the transfer. This is especially important for items that are oddly shaped, where Teddy Moving and Storage can create a customized crate for you. This is a big part of our interstate moving services, as we will use the same team to pick up and deliver your items. Your most delicate and valuable items will be safe in our hands.