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Moving is never an easy process. No matter how much stuff you have, it is usually a struggle to pack and prepare everything for moving. Especially, if you have some fragile or valuable things to transport to your new home. As an artist or a collector, your artwork is one of the most valuable things you own. Therefore, you will want to make sure that everything arrives safely and in one piece. Follow this guide to find out how to prepare your art collection for moving. When you are ready to start packing, call the best moving companies NYC and let them help you through this journey.

Things to know before you prepare your art collection for moving

Yes, it is hard and stressful, but don’t get discouraged yet! There are many ways to make this process much easier. You first need to be aware of certain tips and tricks that will get you the best results. Follow the next few tips detailing the things to you need to do to prepare your art collection for a move. You just need a bit of time, patience, some materials, and a positive attitude. And after that, fine art movers NYC will take care of the rest.

painted canvases on the floor ready to be packed for moving
Prepare your art collection for moving by following our tips and calling professional movers.

Good preparation is key to the process

Exactly as it sounds. This is the first step for transporting your art collection. You need to make sure it is prepared for the trip, especially if it’s a long-distance move. Movers Queens who do long-distance or other types of relocation know how important your belongings are. Here are some ways how you can prepare for moving your art collection.

Before the packing

  •  If you have paintings, make sure nothing leans of the canvas. Canvases are really fragile, and you might see a scratch or two even if you pay attention. With moving, there will be a lot of this piled up in one place, so make sure your canvases are separated.
  • Moving requires a lot of lifting, carrying, walking around, in and out, etc. That’s why a lot of dust will naturally build up in your home. Even some other pollutants, like cigarette smoke, cooking smoke, etc. can bring damage to your art piece and create a thin layer of dust over it. Make sure your art objects are covered, and that you regularly dust them with a clean and, most importantly, dry rag.
  • Do not expose your art collection to some drastic temperature changes. Extreme heat, coldness, dryness, etc. are never a good option.
art collection on a wall before moving
Do not expose your valuable art pieces to extreme temperatures before packing.

The packing process

  • Never cover your art collection with plastic for a long time. The art piece needs to breathe, especially canvases. The same thing goes for glass. Cardboard boxes with a few holes in them are a perfect solution to keep everything safe and breathable.
  • Do not expose your art pieces to too much sunlight. During moving, it will be chaos both inside and outside the house. Some of the stuff will be packed and ready to be transported to your new home, but they will have to wait for other things to be prepared. That’s why it is very important not to leave your art collection outside, exposed to sunlight for long periods of time. It can lead to fading, if it’s a painting, or even cracking.
  • If you see that you somehow damaged your art piece during the packing process, never fix the problem by yourself. Always call professionals, or wait until you go to your new home, so you can think with a clear head.

Get the packing materials you need to prepare your art collection for moving

The second step is that you need to think of what type of boxes or other packing materials you need. Of course, every art piece is different. Different shapes and sizes can make finding the right materials a bit tricky. That’s why you need to prepare everything ahead, do not leave anything for the last minute.


Certain pieces will not need a box for packing. You can use blankets, clothes, newspapers, or some other materials to secure it. You can also easily find affordable packing paper. But, it’s best to use something you already have and what you can reuse, in order for your relocation to be as sustainable as possible. You can even ask workers from a local shop to give you some materials they don’t need, like cardboard, paper, etc.

a box labelled as fragile to prepare your art collection for moving
Your most fragile art possessions need to be safe and secure.

However, some art pieces will require a box of their own. If you cannot find a box that has the specific shape of your art piece, try to disassemble a box and then wrap the object with it. Always be careful of how fragile and delicate the object is. When tightening the box, make sure to pay special attention to the most fragile art pieces. After you have handled this, residential movers NYC will make sure everything arrives safely at your new home.

Get reliable movers

Now that you learned how to prepare your art collection for moving, your job is done. Professional and reliable movers will do the rest. It takes skill and experience to move art pieces in a safe way. Therefore, make sure you contact a trustworthy moving company that will help you settle into your new home in no time. Do thorough research on the Internet, ask for recommendations from friends, or even ask some art galleries. Follow our guide, the tips on how to move antiques and valuables, and call your reliable movers. Your relocation will be a piece of cake.