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Are you facing the task of renting an apartment in a city you don’t live in yet? Renting a home without actually seeing it before you move in is not ideal, but it’s not impossible either. It just requires detailed planning, the partnership of a good agent, and a willingness to trust photos and FaceTime video. Movers NYC will show you how to find an apartment after moving to Bayside with ease.

The list of steps needed to find an apartment after moving to Bayside

Here are some guidelines as to what to do when looking for an apartment:

  • Research the local market
  • Consider your commute
  • Find a reliable agent
  • Get all your documents in order
  • Research the building and landlord
  • Be realistic about your apartment hunt
  • Find a reliable moving company

Research the local market

Get acquainted with the market you’ll be renting in. The first thing that’s crucial is thinking about what area you want to move to and focusing on that. Talk to people who already live in the city of your desire and ask what neighborhoods they recommend. Then find out what the rental process looks like there. Does listing become available months in advance? Or do landlords wait to release them until the last second? What standard things should you expect, and what might you expect to pay a premium for?

an apartment
Follow the steps to find an apartment after moving to Bayside

Agents suggest that you look up local blogs and real estate websites (like Curbed) for up-to-date intel on the market. And, of course, scour online listings in the areas you are considering. By understanding the layout of the land as well as pricing in specific neighborhoods, you can rule out places where people are asking for rents above your budget.

Consider your commute

If you’re moving to a new city with a job lined up, you should consider your commute from the start. Ask the following questions: “What will the commute time be from any given neighborhood? Besides miles and distances, what are the traffic dynamics during rush hour?” Agents tend to always make it a point to ask renters about their commute expectations because knowing what they’re comfortable with can almost narrow the search. Map the route from different neighborhoods to your future office space using a service like Google Maps, which will take into account walking, biking, driving, and public transit options.

Find a reliable agent

If you can’t be there in person for the apartment hunt, you’ll want to make sure you have a reliable real estate agent to stand in your place. Referrals are always a safe bet, but we also recommend finding agents with consistent listings in neighborhoods you’re interested in—because those will be the neighborhood experts. A neighborhood-focused agent will be on top of their game when it comes to available rentals in an area. They can also provide precise information regarding pricing, neighborhood amenities, and commute times.

a family with an real estate agent looking to find an apartment after moving to Bayside
A real estate agent can help you with the search

Once you’ve found an agent you feel comfortable with, make sure that they’re willing to work for a client remotely. For remote clients, agents send them photos of prospective apartments and also take them on video chat tours inside the apartment, through the building, and around the block. They can also steer you to find good packing services NYC, you will need it.

Get all your documents needed for renting an apartment in Bayside

Once you’ve found an agent, you’ll want to find out what information landlords expect from potential tenants. In competitive rental markets, that list might be long, so get these documents ready in advance and give them over to your agent as soon as you kick off your hunt. A complete renter’s profile may be about pay stubs, credit checks, bank statements, and the like.

Research the building and your future landlord

Let’s say your agent has found a promising rental. There’s still research you can follow up with online to make sure you’re as informed as possible. Lookup details about the building. Such as when it was built, how many units it holds, and such. And if a large management company owns the building, you can usually find online reviews about the company. You may find smaller landlords in review sites like Rate My Landlord, Review My Landlord and such.

Be realistic about your apartment hunt

At the end of the day, when you can’t be present for your apartment hunt, there’s no guarantee that the search will go off smoothly. So, prepare to be flexible and put a lot of trust in your agent’s judgment. And if a long-term rental solution isn’t working out, think about a short-term lease. Then once you’re in the new city, you can personally start the search again. This arrangement can be the safest best when you arrive without a job—and don’t yet know what your commute will be like. But of course, moving twice isn’t fun nor easy.

a moving van and a mover
Researches moving company services

Find a reliable moving company

Finding a reliable moving company is also an important part of the process. You need to know you can rely on the service they offer. Look up moving companies Queens, and choose the right one. They will be of great help when the moving day comes.


When trying to find an apartment after moving to Bayside, be ready to take a lot of risks. You may not find what you like on the first try, but don’t give up. And our movers Bayside will be there to support you on your journey. Good luck with your move!