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Long Island City has the largest concentration of art in NYC besides Manhattan. There are many famous places for art lovers to enjoy here as well as a large number of art galleries. Some of the best places for art lovers in Long Island City include MoMA PS1, SculptureCenter, and the Noguchi Museum. Additionally, the area is home to numerous galleries such as Burning in Water, Fisher Parrish, and The Plaxall Gallery. You can also check out the annual LIC Arts Open event which features exhibitions, artist talks, and tours showcasing the work of local artists. Long Island City is known for its art scene, and many artists looking to move to NYC choose it as their new home. They do so with the help of the fine art movers NYC team and their services. The places in Long Island City for art lovers are many, and we will describe them for you in great detail, in the article below. Let’s dig in.

Places in Long Island City for art lovers and all about them

Whether it is an art museum, an art gallery, or an art event – Long Island  City has it all. We recommend visiting all of these places if you are an art lover. Getting to experience the annual LIC Arts Open event, if you get the chance to do so, is a must. See what the LIC art scene is all about, down below.


MoMA PS1 is a contemporary art museum located in Long Island City, New York, and is affiliated with the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in Manhattan. You will find emerging and experimental art in this museum. And you will be happy to hear that it has an annual “Greater New York” exhibition, which you can attend. The exhibition features work by artists from the New York City area. MoMA PS1 occupies a former public school building, which gives the museum its name: P.S.1 stands for “Public School 1.” The building’s architecture and large exhibition spaces provide a unique backdrop for the museum’s exhibitions and programs. Hiring the local movers NYC offers to help you move here, means that you will get to visit this art museum anytime you want.


SculptureCenter is a nonprofit contemporary art museum and exhibition space located in Long Island City, New York. Founded in 1928, it is one of the oldest institutions of its kind in the United States. Specifically, the museum focuses on sculpture, with a particular emphasis on emerging and under-recognized artists. SculptureCenter occupies a former trolley repair shop, which provides the museum with ample space for large-scale installations and site-specific works.

a sculpture museum representing one of the best places in Long Island City for art lovers
Visiting an art museum like this one is a one-of-a-kind experience.

The museum’s exhibitions and programs provide visitors with a deeper understanding of contemporary sculpture and its role in the art world. For instance, SculptureCenter also has a program for emerging artists to show their work through exhibitions. It holds artist talks, and workshops, giving them a platform to showcase their talent and gain visibility. It also runs an Education and Public Program which offers tours, lectures, and workshops for visitors of all ages. In case you wish to live nearby SculptureCenter in the future, make sure to hire the Long Island City movers to help you bring this plan to reality.

The Plaxall Gallery

The Plaxall Gallery is a contemporary art gallery located in Long Island City, New York. It is a private gallery set up by the Plaxall family. The family is famous for their involvement in the plastic industry. The gallery focuses on emerging artists and curatorial projects, and it is famous for its commitment to fostering the local art community. It hosts solo and group shows, with a focus on emerging and under-recognized artists.

people in an art gallery
The unique exhibitions here make your every visit a different experience.

The Plaxall Gallery occupies a large industrial space that serves as a backdrop for its exhibitions. These exhibitions provide visitors with a unique and immersive experience. This gallery also hosts events and talks with artists and curators. In fact, they give the visitors an opportunity to learn more about the works on display and the art world in general. Living in LIC means getting to visit all of these interesting places on an everyday basis. If you choose to do so, the movers NYC team is here to help you out.

The Noguchi Museum

The Noguchi Museum is a museum in Long Island City and is dedicated to the work of the Japanese-American sculptor Isamu Noguchi (1904-1988). The museum was founded by Noguchi himself and opened to the public in 1985, a year after his death. The museum’s collection includes over 250 of Noguchi’s sculptures. This collection is mostly made up of his designs for stage sets and gardens.

a man painting portraits
First-hand experience is what makes the Noguchi Museum one of the best places in Long Island City for art lovers.

The museum is in a former factory building. A serene and contemplative garden surrounds it. Correspondingly the designer of this garden is Noguchi himself. This garden serves as an outdoor extension of the museum and provides visitors with a unique environment to experience Noguchi’s work. Similarly to other museums on this list, it also hosts a variety of public programs. Moreover, these programs include tours, lectures, and workshops. The museum also has an education program. In general, this includes hands-on art-making workshops, lectures, and tours. Although, note that the museum isn’t open on Mondays and on major holidays.

LIC Arts Open is definitely worth a visit

A group of artists, curators, and art enthusiasts organizes the event. They aim to promote the work of local artists and to create a sense of community among the artists and art lovers in Long Island City. Besides the best places in Long Island City for art lovers this event is a must-visit thing. The event is free and open to the public. The exhibitions and events happen all over various venues throughout LIC, including galleries, studios, and alternative spaces, giving visitors the opportunity to discover new artists and explore the neighborhood. It’s a great opportunity to discover the vibrant art scene of Long Island City and to support local artists. If you decide to purchase anything while attending this event and bring it home with you safely, we recommend hiring a packing service NYC team to make your art collection safe and sound.