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Finding a new home for dog owners can be challenging. Not all places are suited for dogs. Additionally, many landlords don’t want to rent an apartment to dog owners. Unfortunately, not all pet owners are responsible and dogs can cause some serious damage. Now, you are probably wondering how you are ever going to find a good place for yourself and your pet. Well, every city has a couple of neighborhoods that could be considered as good for pet owners. If you have a dog, you would want a neighborhood that has a lot of green space, not a lot of traffic, pet stores, general practice veterinarians, etc. New Jersey has over 1,7 million dogs, so you are bound to find a couple of good places for dog owners. Therefore, here are some of the best New Jersey neighborhoods for dog-owners to move to with professional movers NYC

What are the best New Jersey neighborhoods for dog-owners? 

As a state with a dog population of over 1,7 million, there will be places that are better for dog owners than others. Additionally, New Jersey is a great place for young professionals, families, singles, and seniors. So, if you also belong in one of these categories besides a dog-owner one, you will find your perfect place in New Jersey. Now, you can live in every neighborhood with your dog. However, you and mostly your dog won’t be completely comfortable in some places as in others. When you are looking for a neighborhood to move into with movers in New Jersey and your dog, you should pay attention to factors such as parks, sidewalks, dog-friendly restaurants, public transport, etc. Some of the best places in New Jersey for you and your dog are the following: 

  • Hoboken 
  • Englewood 
  • Newark 
  • Jersey City 
Group of people sitting with a dog
New Jersey has many good places for dog owners

Why is Newark a good place for dog owners? 

Newark is the seat of Essex County, the most populous city in New Jersey, and also part of the New York metropolitan area. The city is pretty big with a population of more than 300 000. Now, there are many reasons why you should move to Newark and hire adequate moving services NYC before the move. Some of the benefits of living in Newark are the good location, beaches, natural beauty, etc. Additionally, you can find an easy pet-friendly apartment. You can take your dog to the first ever opened dog park in Newark called Branch Brook Park Dog Park. The park is divided into two sections: one for small and the other for big dogs. Also, there are stations all over the park where dogs can climb and run. In the small-dog part, there are 9 stations, while there are 12 stations in the big-dog part of the park.  

Is Hoboken dog-friendly? 

Another city on this list is Hoboken and its neighborhoods. Hoboken is a middle-sized city in Hudson County and it’s also part of the New York metropolitan area as Newark. Unlike Newark, Hoboken has a smaller population of about 60 000. Many people who lived in Hoboken for many years or their whole life claim that Hoboken is an extremely dog-friendly city. You can easily find a pet-friendly apartment in Hoboken to move into with movers Hoboken NJ. However, most pet-friendly apartments cost a little bit more than non-friendly ones. Some landlords allow certain breeds of dogs and ask for an additional $20-30 on monthly rent. As for dog parks in Hoboken, there are many options in almost every part of the city. The more popular ones are Viaduct Park Dog Park, Church Square Park, Stevens Park, Maxwell Dog Park, etc.  

a couple is running with dog
Hoboken is of the best New Jersey neighborhoods for dog-owners

How much is Englewood dog-friendly? 

Englewood is an interesting combination of urban lifestyle with a small-town feel. The city is located about 10 miles from Manhattan which makes it a hot spot for property investments. Additionally, Englewood is one of the richest places in New Jersey. The city is located in Bergen County with a population of almost 30 000. The situation for pet-friendly apartments is the same as in Hoboken. The usual policy is that you will have to pay about a $500 non-refundable fee and $50 per dog on rent. As you can’t spend all day with your dog in your new apartment, you should take your dog for a walk at Crystal Lake Park. If you get hungry during your walk, you should head to one of the pet-friendly restaurants such as Baumgart’s Café, or Bennies. So, Englewood is a good option to move to with your dog with movers Englewood NJ

Why should you consider Jersey City? 

Jersey City is one of the biggest dog-friendly cities in New Jersey. Jersey City is located in Hudson County and it’s the second-most populous city in New Jersey with a population of almost 300 000. As a pet-friendly city, there are a lot of dog-friendly places and activities in Jersey City. You can take your dog to many parks, beaches, restaurants, etc. One of the parks you should definitely visit is Liberty State Park where you have a great view of New York City and the Statue of Liberty. Just keep in mind that your dog must be on the leash all the time. Aside from many great dog-friendly parks, there are also good pet services in Jersey City. If you can’t leave your dog alone at home when you are at work, you can take it to K9dergarten. K9dergarten also offers grooming and training services.  

person grooming a dog in one of the New Jersey neighborhoods for dog-owners
Jersey City offers many dog services such as grooming, dog care, etc

How to choose your new city? 

As you can see, there are many good New Jersey neighborhoods for dog-owners to move to. Which one you will choose will depend on many factors. Aside from all the dog-friendly aspects of a certain neighborhood, you should also consider the cost of living, job options, transportation, etc. Additionally, don’t be surprised to pay more for pet-friendly apartments. All in all, it’s not hard to find pet-friendly places. You also need to prepare for a relocation that will include your dog. For this reason, you should start moving preparations in advance, so that you have enough time to finish all required tasks.