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When you search for the best city in NJ for young professionals, Hoboken is the first city to pop up. You are now probably wondering why. Well, a city to be attractive to young professionals must have conditions. As young professionals are usually just starting their careers, they don’t have much money. For this reason, the city must be affordable. The second condition is a variety of job options and opportunities to advance in a career. Other conditions are good public transportation, proximity to bigger cities, entertainment, etc. Hoboken has most of these conditions which makes it one of the best cities for young professionals. For this reason, it doesn’t come as a surprise that so many young professionals are moving to Hoboken with Teddy Moving and Storage. Here are a few reasons why you should also be one of these young professionals who are starting their life in Hoboken.

What are the reasons why young professionals are moving to Hoboken and New Jersey?

Before you get to know Hoboken, you should first learn something about New Jersey. Among all states, New Jersey is the fifth-smallest one with a population of almost 10 million. However, New Jersey is one of the best places to live in the USA according to many sources. New Jersey has everything to deserve this title such as beautiful nature, amazing food, growing economy, location, etc. For this reason, the population in New Jersey has increased by about 6% in the last 10 years. Additionally, moving to New Jersey is not hard if you choose reliable and good professional movers such as movers in New Jersey. As Hoboken is located in New Jersey, all of these benefits of New Jersey also apply to Hoboken. Hoboken has additional advantages that make it especially attractive to young professionals.

boats in the harbor in New Jersey
Young professionals are moving to Hoboken for many reasons

A little bit of information about Hoboken

Hoboken is a mid-sized city with a population of around 60 000. The city is located in Hudson County and also it is a part of the New York metropolitan area. You can easily move to Hoboken from NYC if you hire a moving service NYC. The history of Hoboken dates from the early 17th century while Hoboken as a city is formed in 1849. The city went through many changes over the years as Hoboken was originally an island. The fun fact is that the first recorded baseball game happen in Hoboken. So, someone would consider Hoboken as the birthplace of baseball. There are many other interesting facts about Hoboken that you will learn after your relocation. As much as history is interesting, the present time is more important. Therefore, some of the reasons for moving to Hoboken are the following:

  • Location
  • Living costs
  • Public transportation
  • Safety
  • Entertainment

What is so special about the Hoboken location?

As you already know, Hoboken is a part of the New York metropolitan area. The distance between Hoboken and NYC is around 4 miles. The fastest way to travel to NYC is by car and it takes about 10 min. Also, you can take the train and bus to NYC. Hoboken is home to Hoboken Terminal which is one of the NYC major transportation hubs. This is very important for young professionals who want to work in NYC and commute daily. Also, Hoboken Terminal has lines to other parts of New Jersey and states. Most young people can’t afford a car, so they mostly use public transportation. For this reason, good public transportation is a very important factor when deciding where to move with packing service NYC. So, one of the major reasons why young professionals love Hoboken is because of its proximity and great connection to NYC.

dolly with suitcases at the train station
Hoboken Terminal will take you to a lot of different places

Living costs in Hoboken

If you are a young professional fresh out of college, you probably don’t have enough money to live in NYC. NYC is very expensive for living in. The most expensive part of living in NYC is housing. Rents are very high and buying a home is almost impossible. However, if you want to work in NYC but can’t afford it, you should then move to Hoboken with movers Hoboken NJ. While Hoboken is not the most affordable city in New Jersey, it is still less expensive than NYC. Living costs in Hoboken are about 30% less expensive than in NYC. The housing costs are about 40% less expensive which is a significant difference. Hoboken has a variety of housing options such as historic townhomes, family houses, and apartment buildings. Additionally, buildings with modern condos are built all the time.

What can you do in Hoboken for fun?

Young people like to go out, hang out with friends, and have fun. For this reason, a small town with limited entertainment options is not an ideal place for them. Luckily, Hoboken has a lot of fun things to do in its free time. Entertainment options in Hoboken are various for everyone’s taste. There are plenty of places to take a relaxing walk with your friends or a dog. One of the prettiest places for walking is the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, Pier A Park, and Hoboken Waterfront Walkway. If you want to know more about the history of Hoboken, then you should visit Hoboken Historical Museum. The food scene is amazing and you can find restaurants that serve food from different cuisines. You will have the best pizza at Tony Boloney’s, while the best sweets are located at Carlo’s Bakery.

a picture of a city and water
Take a walk along the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway

Why should you move to Hoboken?

There are many reasons why young professionals are moving to Hoboken. All these reasons also apply to you. Hoboken has everything that one young professional needs. Relatively affordable living costs and an easy commute to NYC are just a few of the benefits of living in Hoboken. Crime levels in Hoboken are low as in New Jersey. The most common crime is burglary, but still, Hoboken is a pretty safe city for living. So, moving to Hoboken sounds like a great idea. All you need to do now is to prepare for your relocation.