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For a complex process such as moving, you need to give yourself enough time to pack and prepare. Just remember how it looks like when you and your entire family need to pack for a ten-day vacation. Creating lists, buying additional necessary stuff, and preparing some food. Now imagine packing all that you have in a short period so your movers NYC cancan transport it safely to your new home. It certainly needs careful planning and a cool head to finalize everything. Therefore, as soon as you decide to move, it would be nice to start with moving preparations. Since this includes lots of different activities, we recommend that you start by writing things down. Create a sheet on your computer or write things down on a piece of paper. Also, read this article to discover which items to pack before your movers arrive.

Start from the basics

Packing for moving can create a pretty hectic atmosphere in your home. Therefore, sit down and discuss with your family when and where to start. If you start taking things randomly out of closets and drawers you can easily create a huge mess. Therefore, write down from which room you will start first and which items to pack before your movers arrive. The best option would be to start from the room which has the most items. Long distance movers NYC say that the most effective way of packing is downsizing everything first. If you are about to move long-distance, try to pack only those items which will be really necessary. There is no need to pack tones of clothes, shoes, tools, or any other items which you will not use in your future home. Also, these will unnecessarily take up space which you can use for something you really need.

two people writing something on paper
Write down all the items you plan to pack before the movers arrive

Crucial items to pack before your movers arrive

Packing is a process that can determine how smooth your relocation experience is. The better you pack, the smoother your relocation process will be. In addition, the unpacking process would be easier as well. Also, a helping hand from professional packers will speed up your relocation process. They will ensure safe packing and proper handling of your items. However, there are certain things that you need to let your movers know before you hire their packing service NYC. For example, if you have some highly valuable pieces that need special care, you should inform your packers. Some items are more important than the others and you will need them before, during, and after the relocation process:

  • pack your medication and all the necessary supplements in a separate bag
  • toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, wet wipes, deodorants, disinfectants
  • documents: contracts, passports, medical records, insurance policies
  • Drivers license, car, and home keys, chargers

In case you need to move last-minute

People say that you never have enough time to pack everything for your move. Certain items take longer to prepare. For example, most of your furniture needs disassembling and packing these parts separately. But what in the case when you need to move last-minute? You will have to be extra quick and extra careful. As soon as you book last minute movers NYC, start packing items that need special care. Pack your electronics in enough protective material. Your TV, PC, or laptop should have enough protection during packing and transportation.

a man holding a box
Pack your electronics safely and label them as fragile

Styrofoam or packing peanuts are some of the best packing materials that you can use for different purposes. In addition, it would be great if you still keep the original boxes of all your devices. For last-minute moves, let professional movers handle large furniture. This will prevent both damages and injuries that may happen in a rush.

Pack your books and artworks safely

When it comes to packing books, paintings, antiques, porcelain, and other works of art, the most important part is to preserve their original condition. All of these items are pretty sensitive and can suffer damage easily, which you certainly wish to prevent. Therefore, apply proper protection for these items before movers come to pick them up. When packing books, you will need to put some cushioning in between to prevent them from bumping into a moving box. In addition, you will need to label all those boxes with fragile belongings. Once interstate movers NYC start loading them on the truck, they will know exactly where to place them in the truck. Such items should not be close to heavy furniture by all means. When it comes to artwork – you should find materials to cover them before you transport them.

Other items to pack before your movers arrive

When packing clothes, you will certainly need to apply some downsizing. In addition, you will need to pack a separate essential bag where you will need to put some of the most important clothes. No matter if it is warm spring, always pack a sweatshirt or a jacket.

a woman packing clothes in a suitcase
make sure to pack the bag of essentials for your move

Then, think about the underwear since you should pack it for at least ten days. Make sure to have spare T-shirts, sweatpants, a pair of jeans, socks, etc. Apart from clothing, you will also need to pack some food for the moving day. Make some tasty sandwiches both for your family and your movers. They will be really grateful if you prepare a meal for them for a moving day. Remember that it would be best to cook all the meat and perishables before you pack your fridge.

When moving there are many items to pack before your movers arrive. Since there is no point that you randomly pack these items, create a list and follow the packing order you created there. The best option would be to put boxes in each room and not go to another before you finish one. This way you will prevent missing packing some important items which you will need either during or after the relocation. Also, by labeling boxes, you will not only make it easier for movers to load boxes, but also you will make the unpacking process much easier. So, start on time with this packing activity so you can be soon in your new home and decorate it.